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Anne Garrels Husband And Children: Illness – What Happened To Her?

Anne Garrels husband J. Vinton Lawrence was one of two CIA paramilitary personnel from the Special Activities Department in Laos in the early 1960s. Until his passing in April 2016, he operated with the Hmong tribe members and the CIA-owned airline Air America.

Anne Garrels, whose full name is Anne Longworth Garrels, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, on July 2, 1951. Her father used to work in London, where she spent part of her formative years. She completed her elementary schooling at St Catherine’s School in Bramley.

Garrels moved back to the country and joined Middlebury College. She then went to Radcliffe College at Harvard University, where she completed her studies.

Anne Garrels Husband And Children

Anne Garrels was married to a proud military man named J. Vinton Lawrence.

In addition to serving as a paramilitary officer for the elite Specific Actions Division of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, J. Vinton Lawrence, popularly known as “vint,” was an accomplished artist. Vinton was born on June 25, 1939.

Anne Garrels
Anne Garrels (Source: mediad)

Under the identity “James Vinton,” he worked in Laos from 1962 to 1966 for a shorter period.

He maintained a close relationship with the Hmong warlord, Vang Pao, during the American war in Southeast Asia. Lawerence collaborated with a coworker, Anthony Poshepny, a CIA paramilitary specialist in Laos.

Her husband died in 2016. According to the source ‘Princeton Alumni weekly,‘ the cause of his death was a disease named complications of acute myeloid leukemia. He died at the age of 76.

The couple didn’t have any children. Also, Garrels didn’t mention and talk about her kids. The coupled lived distant most of the time due to their professional lives. 

Anne Garrels Illness – What Happened To Her?

Anne Garrels had lung cancer and had been battling it. However, it returned in 2021.

She had lung cancer that caused a tumor that was impossible to cure. However, Anne had done several treatments and underwent different medical procedures.

Anna reportedly said that when cancer started showing its hazardous effects, she knew it had returned, causing her suffocation and pointing her body. She couldn’t go over the radiation of the disease.

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The famous reporter had reported live in Bagdad during wartime in Iraq. So probably caused her exposure to the radiation of chemicals that added to her disease.

Finally, on 2021 September 7, she died battling lung cancer at age 71.

Anne Garrels Net Worth and Career

Anne Garrels is thought to have a net worth of $5 million, which she acquired from her career as a Journalist.

Anne was The NBC News Journalist at the US State Department. Since 1988, when she started working for NPR, she has covered wars in Chechnya, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, and the Western Land. At the Council on Foreign Relations, she held the Edward R. Murrow Fellow position in 1996.

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The International Women’s Media Foundation presented Garrels with a Courage in Journalism Award in 2003. She received the George Polk Award for Radio Reporting in 2004 for her journalism on the Iraq War.

In 2004, when Marines attacked Fallujah, Garrels was stationed alongside the American Forces. She recorded the national elections for an interim government in Iraq in January 2005. She kept reporting from Baghdad, Najaf, and Basra as sectarian violence overtook most of middle Iraq.

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