Cheyenne Jackson Gay

Yes, Cheyenne Jackson Gay: Meet His Partner Jason Landau & Children

Yes, Cheyenne Jackson, an American actor and singer, is gay by sexuality. He happily married his partner Jason Landau and has welcomed twin children accordingly.

Jackson is well known for his leading roles in Boardway musicals and other stage roles, television performances, music recordings, and concert singing. 

Cheyenne Jackson Gay: Meet His Partner Jason Landau

Cheyenne Jackson’s sexuality is gay, and his current partner is Jason Landau. This was his second marriage before marrying Monte Lakpa, a physicist.

Similarly, Cheyenne and Jason married in a private event after being engaged in Encino, California, with two hundred guests gathering. The duo exchanged wedding rings and vowed accordingly.

Cheyenne Jackson And His Husband Reveal BIG News Via Instagram about being a father!!
Cheyenne Jackson And His Husband Reveal BIG News Via Instagram about being a Father!! [Source- Huff Post]
As Landau follows the Jewish faith, there was a mix-up in the ceremony. It is surprising to know that they both met in a rehab center to come over their addiction to alcoholic products.

It has been around nine years since they have been together, and now they live happily and keep sharing their pictures on social media sites.

The couple serves as a reference for many pairs; they are together with each other both in highs and lows.

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Cheyenne Jackson & Partner Jason Landau Children

Cheyenne Jackson and his partner Jason Landau welcomed children through a fraternal twins’ birth in 2016. They have named their children Ethan and Willow.

“Best day of our lives. We will never recover. Welcome to the world, our beautiful Willow and Ethan,” Jackson captioned an Instagram post after the twins were born.

Jackson pointed out that he and his partner were wholly into parenting from the start, and he even took half a year’s leave to be a stay-at-home dad. Both of the dads have been like a superhero in their lives.

The duo then became a family of four for seven years now. People can search for their lovely pictures at @mrcheyennejackson and @jasonrlandau

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Who Is Cheyenne Jackson’s Ex-Husband?

Before meeting Jason Landau, Cheyenne was married to Monte Lakpa. However, the couple sadly announced their divorce in July 2013 and filed in September 2013.

The duo fell in love in 2000 and married each other on September 3, 2011, in New York City. Likewise, Lakpa was a physicist by profession. The Hollywood Reporter said they were married on the beach in the Hamptons, near New York. 

Cheyenne Jackson Gets Personal With 'Eyes Wide Open' Show At New York's Cafe Carlyle
Cheyenne Jackson Gets Personal With ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Show At New York’s Cafe Carlyle [Source- Huff Post]
Their dog Zora had accompanied them while it was their wedding then. Before the wedding, to announce it, Jackson had posted by captioning as “the best man I’ve ever known” in 2011. But sadly, their pair-up did not work.

Not only that, just a year before their wedding, the government legalized same-sex marriage in New York after the state government passed the bill in favor. 

However, the well-being of Jackson’s ex-husband Monte is not known currently, as he is not seen in media or headlines after the breakup.

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