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Chris Kamara Net Worth: Lifestyle & Career

Christopher Kamara, famous as Chris Kamara, is a popular former football player having an astounding net worth of around $20 Million.

Christopher Kamara, famous as Chris Kamara, was born on 25 December 1957 in Middlesbrough, England.

Meanwhile, Chris debuted playing football at the early age of sixteen and was signed to Portsmouth at such a young age.

Chris Kamara is Smiling at the Camera.
Chris Kamara is Smiling at the Camera.

And, he has played for the clubs like Portsmouth, Swindon Town, Brentford, Stoke City, and Leeds United.

Also, Kamara has been a coach for Bradford City and was their manager for three years.

Despite having a disturbed childhood, Kamara is a broadcaster at Sky Sports, appears for various television shows, and earned his impressive net worth.

Quick Facts

Meanwhile, here are the quick facts of Chris Kamara before getting to know about his net worth in more detail.

Full name Christopher Kamara
Date of birth 25 December 1957
Age [calculate_years datestring=”12/25/1957″] Years Old
Birthplace Middlesbrough, England
Religion Christianity
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Skin Tone Tan
Father’s name Alimamy Kindo Kamara
Mother’s name Irene Kamara
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Height 6 Feet and 1 Inch
Weight 80 Kg
Shoe Size N/A
Marital Status Married
Spouse Anne Kamara
Children Jack Kamara and Ben Kamara
Hair color Greyish Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Net Worth $20 Million
Siblings Chris Kamara and Maria Kamara
Sexual Orientation Straight
Profession Presenter, Former Football Player, Coach, and Manager
Build Athletic
Social Media Twitter
Merch Mr. Unbelievable, And A Happy New Year
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Chris Kamara: Net Worth and Income

Meanwhile, Chris grabs his income from various sources, including his previous football career and coach, manager, and presenter.

And he grabs around $250,701 monthly from presenting in different television shows.

Meanwhile, Kamara was sold to Swindon Town for £14K by Portsmouth. Likewise, in 1991, Luton Town bought back Kamara for around £150K.

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Net Worth of Chris Kamara in Different Currencies

Meanwhile, here is the net worth of Chris Kamara in various currencies around the globe.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €17,621,100
Pound Sterling £14,838,900
Australian Dollar A$27,528,300
Canadian Dollar C$25,268,700
Indian Rupee ₹1,485,169,000
BitCoin ฿342.43

Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, Chris believes in hard work, and his lifestyle is inclined towards it.

And Chris likes to keep himself busy with various works ranging from analyzing football matches to hosting shows. Also, Kamara loves listening to opera in his free time.

Further, Kamara is very fond of pets and loves his pet dog, Ted, a lot. He usually takes his pet for a walk on the beach on the weekends.

Also, Chris loves to hike to maintain his healthy figure. And, he visits farms quite often and posts pictures of his trips on social media platforms.


Meanwhile, Chris doesn’t reveal much about his vacation destination.

However, he is seen mainly on various beaches and loves traveling to different places with his family in his leisure moments.

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Houses and Cars

Meanwhile, there is no information about his houses and cars as he likes to keep them secret.

Earnings, Media, and Investments


Meanwhile, it is estimated that the earning of Chris Kamara from various shows and performances is over $3 Million.

In 1997, Kamara used to earn around £14,000 while in Swindon Town.

His earning, however, increased to around £50,000 when he was sold back to Portsmouth in 1981.

Surprisingly, his salary further decreased to mere 12,500 Pounds in 1985.

However, Kamara’s value increased to around £150,000 when Luton Town bought him from Leeds.

As of now, his salary is expected to be around $250,071  per month.

Outside Football Career

Meanwhile, Chris’s managing career started when Bradford City Chairman Geoffrey Richmond promoted him from assistant manager to manager in 1995.

However, he left the club in January 1988, along with the chairman, being involved heavily in the club’s transfer policy.

And, then he recommended his then assisting Paul Jewell to continue being the manager for the team, who would go on to be a successful manager.

Further, he was appointed manager in 1988 for Stoke City but was dismissed after three months due to poor management.

And, the Kamara dived into being the pundit for various television and radio shows. Also, he was on Soccer Extra with Brain Woolnough in 1999 and on Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports with Rob McCaffrey.

Here the player used to earn over $100,000 monthly.

He became popular among the audience due to his jolly nature, comical comments, and tendency to come out with unusual sayings.

And, his salary in 2019 was around $303,045. Further, his salary rose to around $333,349 in 2020.

Also, he hosts the Soccer AM, where he interviews several football players and managers.


Meanwhile, Chris also earns a hefty amount of sum from his merchandise.

He sells his official merch on his website, which has various merch ranging from £2 to £12.


Meanwhile, his debut started in 1974, when the Portsmouth manager spotted Kamara playing football and included him in the team.

He then debuted in 1975 as he played for Portsmouth against Luton Town.

Following this, the player was sold to Third Divison rivals Swindon Town in 1977. However, he was frequently left out of the starting eleven.

Further, Chris was sold back to Portsmouth again in 1981 and was only to be swapped again for David Crown.

Chris Kamara in his young age.
Chris Kamara at a young age.

Meanwhile, Chris scored his career-best of 11 goals in the 1982-83 season.

And, he again left Portsmouth back to rejoin Swindon Town in 1985. Further, he played for Leeds United.

Apart from his, Kamara also served as a manager of Bradford City, Stoke City. In addition, he also served as the pundit for various television and radio shows.

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Meanwhile, Chris has a big heart when it comes to noble causes. 

And, during the recent Corona Virus Outbreak, Chris worked with the local charity Community Foundation, Wakefield.

He helped Wakefield raise around £500,000 to support the volunteers and staff on the frontline.

Further, as Chris had faced numerous problems due to racism throughout his football career, he joined the ‘Show Racism the Red Card Hall of Fame’ in 2004.

Chris Kamara is advocating against racism.
Chris Kamara is advocating against racism.

Moreover, Kamara received ‘The Above and Beyond in Memory of Sir Bill Cotton award’ for his contribution to helping the Marie Curie Charity.

Additionally, Kamara, along with his footballer friends, managed to raise a total of £385,000 for the said charity and climb to Mount Kilimanjaro’s peak.

Also, Chris took part in the Special Olympics Unity Cup in 2011 as the celebrity partner and later became an ambassador of the Special Olympics Great Britain Organisation and has been working actively since then.

3 Facts about Chris Kamara

  • Meanwhile, at the age of 16, Kamara joined the Royal Navy, where his father was a former naval mariner.
  • Also, Kamara has reported him being forgetful on several occasions, and he worries about it being dementia.
  • And Chris is also a bit of a singer apart from his outstanding football career.

Social Media

Meanwhile, Chris is active in his social platform and posts about his day-to-day activities frequently over it.

Twitter: 1.7 Million

Quotes of Chris Kamara

“This country was fine in my opinion before Brexit, so let’s all settle down.”

“Football’s about winning, and I’m a winner, but you also have to set standards and entertain people.”

“It’s a privilege to be a football manager, even when you’ve been beaten, or you’re bottom of the table.”


Who does Chris Kamara Support?

Being a presenter for an inclusive television show, Chris cannot support a particular team freely.

Are Chris Kamara Children also into football?

Yes, One of his sons, Jack Kamara, followed his father’s footsteps and is a professional football player.

Is Chris Kamara un-well?

As of April 2021, Chris noticed his slowed speech in an interview and found out about his underactive thyroid and his swollen tongue causing the slurring of words.

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