Facundo Pieres: Family, Championships & Net Worth

Are you an avid Polo watcher? If you are, then you probably have heard about Facundo Pieres.

Facundo Pieres is one of the best Polo players from Argentina who has a ten-goal handicap.

Facundo Pieres in between his match. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Facundo was also honored by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth with the “Most Valuable Player Award.”

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Quick Facts

Here are a few interesting facts about Facundo Pieres:

Full Name Facundo Pieres
Nick Name Facu
Date of Birth May 19, 1986
Age [calculate_years datestring= “05/19/1986”] years old
Birth Place Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Residence Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Male
Father Name Gonzalo Pieres Sr
Mother Name Cecilia Rodríguez Piola
Siblings Name Gonzalo Pieres Jr., Nicolas Pieres, Tatiana Pieres, and Cecilia Pieres
Marital Status Married
Wife Agustina Wernicke (m.2014)
Children’s Name Renata Pieres
Height 6 Feet or 1.8 m
Weight 68 kg or 149 lb
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A
Body Type Athletic
Education N/A
Occupation Polo Player
Language  Spanish, English
Debut 1997
Sports Team Argentina
Honors ‘Most Valuable Player Award
Victory Grand Slams Titles, Master Series, World Polo Tour Cup, Challenge Cup, World Polo Tour Championship Cup
Net Worth $4 million- $6 million 
Website facupieres.com
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Polo Merch Shirts, Knee Guards, Saddles
Last Update [current-month] [current-year]

Facundo Pieres: Family, Education, and Early Life

Facundo Pieres, one of the best Polo players, had an adventurous life and subsequent experiences.


Born in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, on May 19, 1986, Facundo Pieres was born to a Polo-playing family.


Further, his father was Gonzalo Pieres Sr, a legendary Polo payer, and his mother’s name was Cecilia Rodríguez Piola.

In addition, former 10-goal handicap polo player Gonzalo Pieres is one of the sport’s most successful players.

Additionally, he was a nine-time Argentine Open winner and a seven-time United States Polo Association Gold Cup winner.

The polo player was a member of the winning teams in the Queen’s Cup, the British Open, and the US Open.

Finally, Gonzalo won the Argentine triple title in 1994 with Adolfo Cambiaso, Mariano Aguerre, and Carlos Gracida.


Talking about his siblings, Facundo has four siblings. He has two brothers Gonzalo Pieres Jr. and Nicolas Pieres, both professional Polo players.

Furthermore, Gonzalo Pieres Jr. is a professional Argentine polo player with a 10-goal handicap.

In addition, he has worked as a professional Polo player for teams such as Audi, Loro Piana, Outback, Ellerston, Tonkawa, and Black Watch.

Facundo Pieres when he reached the finale. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, he has won tournaments at Sotogrande, Deauville, and England, and he won the Abierto Argentino de Polo for the first time.

Finally, in 2008, he won the Abierto Argentino de Polo with Ellerstina Etiqueta Negra and the Queen’s Cup with Ellerston.

Nicolas Pieres is a Polo player with 9 Argentinian, 8 American, and 9 United Kingdom handicaps.

Nicolas has 1276 points in the World Polo Tour ranking, which he has secured by winning many Polo championships.

In addition, these championships are the World Polo Tour Cup, World Polo Tour Championship Cup, World Polo Tour Challenge Cup, and Snow Tournaments.

Finally, Nicolas is married to Angie Pedreira and is living his best life.


Facundo Pieres is an excellent Polo player.

However, the whereabouts of his educational feats are knot known.

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Early Life

Pieres’s professional career began in 1997 when he won the Copa Potrillos with the Ellerstina Jr. team, a subsidiary of his father, and Kerry Packer, an Australian media billionaire.

Since then, he has performed in Argentina, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Facundo Pieres: Age, Height, and Weight

A man with an athletic body and a gorgeous face, Facundo was born on May 19, 1986, making him [calculate_years datestring= “05/19/1986”] years old.

A Pisces man, he is known to be the “Emperor of the Polo World.”

Further, Pisces males are also known for being flirty, charming, romantic, introverted, and emotional due to their water signs.

In addition, he is 6 feet or 1.8 m tall, which is very advantageous for sports like Polo. Even though he is so tall, he is only 68 kgs or 149 lbs.

Facundo Pieres: Career

At just [calculate_years datestring= “05/19/1986”] years old, Facundo has made quite a name in the professional polo world.

The Beginning

Facundo’s career started in 1997 when he won the Copa Potrillos with the Ellerstina Jr. team.

Also, he has won several tournaments, including the Hurlingham Open, Tortugas Open, and Jockey Club Open, all in Argentina.

The Journey

Despite being unable to compete in the final owing to injuries, he won the Queen’s Cup (England) in 2008.

In 2013, the Zacara team included Lydon Lea, Hilario Ulloa, and Matias Gonzalez.

In addition, Facundo has won several notable tournaments on the ‘World Polo Tour,’ including the Spanish Grand Slam, Gold Cup, and Sotogrande 2018 (American Team ‘La Indiana’).

The polo player also won 2017 (Spanish Team ‘Ayala’) and Torneo International de Polo Sotogrande.

Rise to Fame

Facundo first competed in the Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo (Argentine Open) in 2003, and he reached the finals twice with Ellerstina (in 2005 and 2007).

Then, Facundo Pieres 10, Gonzalo Pieres (h) 10, Mariano Aguerre 9 and Nicolas Pieres 9 make up the new Ellerstina team for 2014.

Additionally, they won the Tortugas Open in 2008 and lost in extra time only.

As a result, he was promoted to handicap number 10 at the age of eighteen.

The Royal Protocol

Pieres defied royal tradition while accepting the winner’s trophy at the Cartier Polo Cup in Windsor Great Park, Berkshire, in June 2019.

Facundo Pieres with the Royal Family. (Source: Instagram)

Further, as Her Majesty presented Pieres with the most valuable player trophy, he placed his hand on the top of the Queen’s back and then on her shoulder.

Facundo Pieres: Achievements

In his career as a professional Polo player, Facundo Pieres has had various achievements.

Grand Slams Titles

In 2017, Pieres won the prestigious Grand Slams Title, Sotogrande Gold Cup 2, which is considered the most important trophy of the 46th International Polo Tournament.

Master Series

Facundo has won the Argentine Open, the US Open, the British Open, the Hurlingham Open, the Tortugas Open, and the Queen’s Cup 3 times.

Further, he has won the Tortugas Open seven times and the CV Whitney Cup three times.

World Polo Tour Cup

Facundo has achieved victory in the Deauville Gold Cup once. Additionally, he has also won the Jockey Club Open once before.

Challenge Cup

Pieres won the Mercedes Benz Challenge Cup. In addition, he has also won the Gold Cup (Ellerstina) once before.

Facundo has been able to win the Joe Barry Memorial once too.

World Polo Tour Championship Cup

A fantastic Polo player, Facundo has won the Sotogrande Silver Cup once.

Facundo Pieres: Girlfriend, Wife, and Children

A married man Facundo’s external marital affairs or the presence of any girlfriends is not known.

Further, he was married to the beautiful Agustina Wernicke in 2014 and is still in a loving marital relationship.

Facundo Pieres with her wife

In addition, he has one daughter, whose Name is Renata Pieres. However, much information about the daughter is not available.

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Facundo Pieres: Net Worth

Argentinian Polo player Facundo Pieres’s net worth ranges from $4 million- $6 million.

Further, his net worth was accumulated from his excellent career as a professional Polo player.

However, a royal award winner Facundo’s monthly and or yearly salary remains unknown.

Facundo Pieres: Social Media

The Argentinian Polo sensation is active on various social media platforms.

Further, trendy and always eager to keep up with the trend, Facundo is an active social media user.

In addition, Pieres usually posts his photographs, selfies, pictures with friends and family, his Polo playing endeavors, and achievements.

He also posts exciting videos showing his impeccable Polo playing style and can be pretty resourceful and educational to many people.

Moreover, Facundo’s social media presence can be summarised as follows:

Facebook: Over 23 Thousand Followers

Instagram: Over 60 Thousand Followers

Twitter: Over 8 Thousand Followers


Why are Polo players so tall?

Like basketball, Polo also has a massive demand for tall and lean individuals.

Additionally, it is advantageous for players to be tall, have long arm reach, and be physically equipped to play water polo.

Also, a tiny bit of body fat is not a problem because it helps with buoyancy in the water.

Finally, weight, sitting height, arm span, hand span, and body fat using skinfold measurements are the most common anthropometric measurements used in polo.

Which country ranks top in Polo?

Argentina ranks top on the list of best Polo playing countries in the world.

Additionally, according to the World Polo Championship, Argentina has won 5 times in 1987, 1992, 1998, 2011, and 2017.

Finally, Facundo Pieres is also an excellent Polo player from Argentina.

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