Chris Moyles Then And Now

Chris Moyles Then And Now: Weight Loss Diet And Workout Plan

Chris Moyles’ then and now photos have gained popularity because he appears fantastic after losing six stone.

After disclosing the key to his slimmer appearance, Chris Moyles has demonstrated his sixth weight loss.

The 46-year-old worried he might pass away by the time he turned 50 after consuming an excessive 2,000 calories per day, mostly from takeaways.

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After revealing he had lost six stone, going from 18 stone at his heaviest to 12 stone, Chris Moyles shocked fans with his slimmer figure.

Chris Moyles Then And Now: His Weight Loss

Chris Moyles’ then and now photos have left fans wondering how he lost weight.

The Radio X DJ put a lot of effort into his weight loss, telling TV personality Ross Kemp in 2020 that he frequently works out up to five days a week and adheres to an intermittent fasting diet.

Chris Moyles Then And Now
Chris Moyles before weight loss. (Source: hellomagazine)

He left the London location where he worked at Global Studios, where Radio X was being recorded. When Chris left his BBC breakfast show in 2012, he completely changed his lifestyle and debuted a five-stone weight loss two years later.

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Chris admits to having trouble with his metabolism after reaching his target weight, and he weighs himself six days a week to “learn about how his body works.”

Chris Moyles Diet And Workout Plan Revealed

Chris Moyles revealed to Ross Kemp’s podcast Kempcast that he would exercise on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and watch his diet. He also mentioned that he fasts intermittently, eats at half six or seven, and would be fine.

Chris claims he still consumes 2,000 calories daily, but they now come from quinoa, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

Chris Moyles credits a personal trainer, regular exercise, and a healthy diet for his new, trim physique. The radio DJ used to enjoy fast food but now substitutes vegetables, fruit, grains, and protein for his calorie-dense diet. His current diet only provides him with 2,000 calories per day, which is 500 fewer than what is advised. He reportedly used free weights, ran, and did cardio three times per week.

Chris Moyles Then And Now
Chris Moyles after weight loss. (Source:

By avoiding alcohol and bread, Moyles claimed to have also lost weight. He claimed that because of his shift schedule, he frequently chose fast and convenient junk food over preparing a wholesome meal.

He also told Ross about his body dysmorphia, which may contribute to his strict monitoring. He acknowledged that he is fascinated by body dysmorphia because he suffers from it personally and believes that most people do as well.

According to the NHS, body dysmorphia is a mental health condition characterized by excessive worrying about one’s physical flaws. Others frequently overlook these flaws.

Did Chris Moyles Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Chris battled rumors that he used weight loss supplements or had weight loss surgery despite his commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

In 2017, the host addressed rumors on social media, claiming he had never even heard of the product, much less used it. Furthermore, he doesn’t want readers to conclude that this is how he lost weight. So he stopped buying bread, drastically reduced his beer consumption, began eating better, and started exercising frequently.

Additionally, he admitted that he didn’t take any supplements. Chris admitted that in the past, he had consistently declined invitations to participate before deciding to enter the jungle. But this year, he held off on saying no and ended up attending a meeting. 

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He’s not sure why he said yes anymore. But he is a die-hard fan of the program and is aware of the risks he is taking.

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