Alexander van Tulleken Wife

Alexander van Tulleken Wife: Is He Married To Dolly? Weight Loss Before And After

After they announce their engagement, Dolly, Xand van Tulleken’s girlfriend, becomes his future wife.

Presenter for CBBC Alexander Van Tulleken, also known as Dr. Xand, has declared his engagement. Gethin Jones and the BBC Morning Live team officially broke the news.

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Operation Ouch first announced the news! Presenter, who co-hosts the program with his identical twin, Chris.

Alexander van Tulleken Wife: Is He Married To Dolly?

Alexander van Tulleken is not yet married to Dolly, but she is ready to be his wife.

Dr. Xand Van Tulleken, the host of Operation Ouch, declares that he and his longtime girlfriend, Dolly, are now engaged, so love is in the air. The couple shared their love on social media after the official announcement on BBC Morning Live.

Alexander van Tulleken Wife
Alexander van Tulleken’s engagement announcement. (Source: Twitter)

In his tweet, the doctor declared that he “couldn’t be happier” and invited his followers to share their proposal tales and his advice that we “travel everywhere by tandem.”

The moment Xand announced his engagement, a video clip from BBC Morning Live was first tweeted. 

Xand retweeted the article and expressed gratitude and joy over his recent engagement with Dolly. It’s safe to say that some of the proposals that fans revealed in the comment section were shocking but hilarious.

As soon as Xand tweeted the breaking news, the comment section erupted in encouragement and joy. Adorably, one person said it was delightful news, and both appeared to be having a  great time together. One of the best things in life is finding someone with whom you can be a complete dork. 

Alexander van Tulleken Weight Loss: Before And After

Chris and Xand, the TV doctors, discuss their extreme differences in weight and health. Even though the TV doctors are identical twins, the Van Tulleken brothers’ new podcast explores why Xand is obese while Chris isn’t. 

They both contracted Covid, and Xand got sick with a heart condition, which is when things got out of hand. Before discussing the effects of Xand’s stressful year in America, they begin by remembering their meals as children.


Dr Tulleken weight gain 1
Dr Tulleken before weight loss. (Source:

There was a time when Xand gained so much weight that his feet would ache from all the excess weight he was carrying. When Dr. Tulleken immigrated to America in 2009, he gained six and a half stone.

Despite having a medical background and real-world nutrition experience, he was just as lost in the world of weight loss as anyone else and was just as susceptible to being duped by a fad diet.

Therefore, he decided to use his medical training to investigate the science behind almost every diet in existence, from the Dukan to the bone broth diet, and to experiment with a good number of them.

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That is when he came up with his diet, which he based on the best elements of all the other diets but made straightforward, healthy, and efficient. Thanks to this strategy, he has lost six stone in excess weight and hasn’t fallen lower than 13th for the past four years.

Alexander van Tulleken’s New Diet

A new diet plan called How To Lose Weight Well has been introduced by Dr. Xand van Tulleken. The first 800 calories users consume each day are from a healthy meal. 

Then they consume three well-balanced meals daily for about 1,500 calories. He created the diet after gaining weight after immigrating to the United States in 2009.

His diet is based on straightforward principles. Eat just one delicious, healthy meal a day (he suggests eating at dinner time) and limit your daily calorie intake to no more than 800 if you want to lose weight quickly.

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This method can result in weight loss of up to a stone in two weeks and all the health advantages of intermittent fasting.  This variation of his plan is a great way to jump-start rapid weight loss because it resembles a more concentrated version of the 5:2 diet, where one normally eats for five days a week and fasts for two.

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