Chrissie Swan Weight Loss Surgery

Did Chrissie Swan Had Weight Loss Surgery? Before And After

Fans wonder if Chrissie Swan had weight loss surgery after flaunting her impressive weight loss.

Radio and television host Chrissie Swan has lost an amazing 90 kg in the past two years.

And on Monday, the mother of three flaunted her impressive weight loss in a stylish floral dress. She looked stunning with a floral pattern on the skirt and sleeves of her long, navy shirt dress from Moss and Spy.

Did Chrissie Swan Have Weight Loss Surgery? 

No, Chrissie Swan did not have weight loss surgery.

It follows Chrissie’s response to the rumors about her 90 kg weight loss, as she clarified that media reports claiming she had attributed her weight loss to giving up alcohol were false. She made this clarification on the Weekend Briefing podcast.

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In April, she clarified that media reports claiming she had attributed her weight loss to giving up alcohol were false. The Nova host had previously mentioned quitting drinking and taking daily 10-kilometer walks, which she claimed helped with her physical and mental well-being during the lockdown.

Chrissie continued by saying that her remarks had been “misinterpreted” as meaning that she had lost weight by quitting drinking.

Chrissie revealed to The Australian Women’s Weekly in February that she had stopped drinking alcohol and had started going for daily walks as soon as the Covid lockdowns began.

How Did Chrissie Swan Lose Weight? Before And After Photos

The radio host talked openly about her health makeover and explained how she lost weight by committing to a specific exercise.

Chrissie initially only walked short distances, but she gradually got more fit and now walks for two hours daily. When the Covid lockdowns began, Chrissie told The Australian Women’s Weekly that she had stopped drinking and had instead started going for daily walks.

Chrissie Swan Weight Loss Surgery
Chrissie Swan before and after weight loss. (Source:

The radio host disclosed that she had overhauled her lifestyle last year after making “enormous” changes. Swan said that the only thing they could do was walk; she followed her advice because they couldn’t go out to dinner or a friend’s house.

She readily acknowledged her love of walking but shied away from discussing other aspects of her weight loss strategy. She said she’d read those stories, and they make her feel bad about herself, so she’s not going to talk about the size of her hips or what she eats in a day.

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Swan frequently posts pictures of her walks on Instagram, and in August, she took part in Fred’s Big Run, a program of the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Swan completed the 150 km pledge in just two weeks. Participants in the fundraiser make the same commitment over a month.

Chrissie Swan Vows To Walk For Charity

Chrissie has set a new goal for herself: 300 kilometers in a month to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Chrissie Swan Weight Loss Surgery
Chrissie Swan walks for charity. (Source:

On Monday, Chrissie announced that she would be “pounding the pavement” every day of August to raise money for the charity for the blind. She announced on Instagram that she was doing it once more by walking 300 km to give sight to people who had become avoidably blind.

She went on to say how amazing it was that someone could have their sight restored for just $25. They raised more than $80,000 the previous year, and this year she wants to raise $100,000. Last year at this time, Chrissie participated in the challenge, setting a 150 km initial goal and later increasing it to 300 km.

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Chrissie clocked more than 310 kilometers, according to an Instagram post from last year, and informed her followers that a business had agreed to match their donations up to the next $15,000.

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