Adrian Richardson Wife

Adrian Richardson Wife Michelle: Net Worth Parents And Instagram

Adrian Richardson, a famous Australian chef and television presenter, is married to his wife, Michelle.

Adrian Richardson is one of the best chefs in Australia. He is widely recognized for the Australian cooking show Good Chef Bad Chef. 

By profession, Adrian is a culinary expert; running his cooking show and owner of multiple restaurants marks a huge success for any chef.

Adrian Richardson Wife
Celebrity Chef Adrian Richardson

Besides his television show, the chef hosted various other cooking shows. He is also the owner and head chef at the famous La Luna restaurant and Bouvier Bar. 

Adrian has collaborated with professional chefs like Manu Feildel, Miguel Maestre, and Gary Mehigan in the 13-part television series Boys Weekend.

Adrian Richardson is a married man who has tied the knot with Michelle.

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Adrian Richardson’s Wife, Michelle

Adrian Richardson’s on-screen partner for Good Chef Bad Chef might be Dr. Preeya Alexander. But he has been married for a long time to Michelle. The couple has three lovely children.

Adrian’s wife, Michelle, is a very private person. She stays as far as possible from the limelight. We don’t know much about her besides her love for good old-fashioned prawns and avocado cocktails. 

It is not only Adrian who cooks delicious meals in the Richardson house. The celebrity chef has shared photos of multiple dishes made by Michelle. The couple also has a small garden where they love to grow celery, strawberries, passion fruits, and others.

Adrian Richardson’s Age And Wiki

Adrian Richardson is in his early 50s. He has not revealed his date of birth. According to multiple sources, he is currently 51 years old. 

Adrian went to Grammar schools like Penleigh and Essendon. His career started at the Victoria Arts Centre in Melbourne, and then he worked at Le Restaurant at The Regent Hotel and O’Connell’s Hotel.

In 2006, the celebrity chef started his professional career on TV from Jamie’s Kitchen Australia. By 2009, Adrian already had his cooking show, Chef de cuisine Bad Chef; the TV series has more than 750 episodes with fourteen seasons and is still running.

Adrian Richardson’s Net Worth

Adrian Richardson has a net worth of $4 million to $6 million. His monthly income is estimated to be around $85,000. The celebrity chef’s earnings come from his cooking show and restaurants. 

Adrian has also authored two books; MEAT in 2008 and The Good Life in 2011.

Adrian has managed to earn a fortune out of his career. He has been in the restaurant industry for almost 20 years. It seems his hard work and passion for cooking have finally paid off. 

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Adrian Richardson’s parents

The passion for cooking ran in the Richardson family even before Adrian was born. His grandmother used to love cooking, and his grandfather used to taste different recipes for her. In the show, Good Chef and Bad Chef, Adrian shares many dishes inspired by his grandparents.

Adrian’s father was a restaurateur. He had his restaurant in East Melbourne named Balzac Restaurant. His mother was born in Ethiopia; his grandmother was born in Cairo. Due to their mixed descendant, Adrian grew up eating a lot of Italian, North African, and Middle Eastern food. 

While his father was in the air force, he moved to Malaysia, and Asian cuisines also influenced the Richardson family. In conclusion, the Richardson family has a deep food history.

Adrian Richardson’s Instagram

As a famous Australian chef, Adrian is active on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He is most active on Instagram and consistently promotes his cooking show and restaurants.

Adrian’s Instagram id is @chef_adrian_richardson. He has 22.7 followers as of today. In his Instagram bio, he also mentions Richo right after his name. Most of his Instagram posts are about different cuisines. 

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