Claudia Schiffer Family: Mother Of 3 Kids, Husband Matthew Vaughn And Net Worth

Claudia Schiffer Family includes her husband, Matthew Vaughn, and her three children, Clementine and Cosima, both 11, and Caspar, 18.

Claudia Maria Schiffer, a German model and actress is living in London. She soared to popularity as one of the world’s most successful models in the 1990s, achieving supermodel status. She was compared to Brigitte Bardot in her early career.

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Schiffer originally wanted to be a lawyer and worked in her Father’s legal practice. In October 1987, at 17, she was scouted in a Düsseldorf nightclub by Michel Leviton, the head of Metropolitan Model Agency, and was later signed as a model.

Meet Claudia Schiffer Family: Mother Of 3 Kids

The actress is a loving mother of three children, Clementine and Cosima, both 11, and Caspar, 18.

Claudia Schiffer Family
                                       Claudia Schiffer’s husband and her child Caspar  Image Source: closerweekly

Caspar, the eldest son of the German native, was born. Caspar has been on occasional trips with his famous mother throughout the years, but there isn’t much information about Claudia’s teen son.

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Clementine, Claudia’s second child, was born on November 11, 2004. Given that the blonde beauty is one of Hollywood’s most famous supermodels, it’s not shocking if Clementine follows in Claudia’s footsteps.

Cosima, the couple’s third and youngest child, was born on May 14, 2010. Poorly Cosima, like her elder brothers and sisters, is little known.

Claudia took a break from her work after the births of her children to focus on motherhood. Claudia has mastered the art of balancing her hectic profession and being a mother now that her children are older.

Who Is Claudia Schiffer’s Husband? Meet Matthew Vaughn

Claudia and Matthew, 50, married since 2002 and have three children. She married English film director Matthew Vaughn in Suffolk on May 25, 2002. Schiffer and Vaughn have three children: a son and two daughters.

                                             Claudia Schiffer’s Husband Matthew Vaughn Image Source: Pinterest

Coldham Hall, a Tudor manor House in Suffolk, was purchased by Schiffer and Vaughn in 2002. The couple lives in London’s Notting Hill, Northamptonshire, and Coldham Hall in Stanningfield, Suffolk.

Matthew Allard de Vere Drummond is a filmmaker from England. He has directed Layer Cake Stardust and produced Lock, Stock, Two Smoking Barrels, and Snatch.

They were engaged in early 1994, and Schiffer occasionally assisted Copperfield during his magic shows.

Before moving to Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, Vaughn attended Sussex House School in London. During his gap year between Stowe and University, he went on a Hard Rock Cafe tour worldwide.

How Much is Claudia Schiffer’s Net Worth?

Claudia Schiffer is a $70 million net-worth German model, actor, producer, and fashion designer. Claudia Schiffer may be one of the world’s richest models, but she has done extremely well.

Although we do not have information on all of Schiffer’s earnings during her career, we do have information on some of her greatest paydays.

In 1992, Claudia Schiffer began earning $20,000 per fashion show. Schiffer earned $5.3 million in 1995 from walking in fashion shows and appearing in advertising.

Schiffer reportedly got $243k for her role in Love Actually in 2003. Her villa in Majorca, Spain, was sold for $11.7 million, even though the House is now worth $28 million.

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