Colleen Wolfe: Husband, NFL, Animal Lover & Net Worth

Stepping into the male-denominated field, Colleen Wolfe is a sports news anchor and TV presenter who made a name for herself after years of hard work.

She has hosted many American football-based shows such as Thursday Night Football Kickoff, Good Morning Football, etc.

With her charming personality, she has become an absolute favorite of football fans worldwide. Her journey to becoming NFL’s face is quite fascinating.

Colleen Wolfe
Colleen Wolfe smiling for a picture

She joined the NFL network team in 2014, and since then, her career has been a success.

In this article, you’ll find a few more interesting facts about Colleen Wolfe.

Quick Facts

Here is a quick facts check on Colleen Wolfe.


Full name Colleen Wolfe
Date of birth January 2, 1985
Age [calculate_years datestring=”01/02/1985″] Years Old
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity German
Education Hatboro-Horsham Senior High
Dresel University
Father’s name Ed Wolfe
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Height 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight 60 kg
Spouse John Gonzalez
Children Not Available
Body Measurement 35-25-34 inches
Hair color Blonde hair
Eye color Blue eyes
Net Worth $1.2 million
Profession Sports news reporter, TV presenter, Associate producer, Analyst, Writer, Photographer, and Editor
Shows Good Morning Football, Thursday Night Football Kickoff, NFL Gameday Kickoff, and NFL total access
Nickname Connie Fox, Sports Guru
Salary Unknown
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Current work NFL host and commentator
NFL’s Merch Rookie Card, Helmet, Jersey
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Colleen Wolfe: Early life


Colleen Wolfe was born on January 2nd, 1985, in Philadelphia of Pennsylvania. She holds American citizenship but is of German Descent.

Not much about her childhood is public knowledge, but she has posted some of her childhood photos on Instagram.

Her zodiac sign is a Capricorn, and she is a strong-willed person.


Colleen is not very open about her parents in public. So there isn’t much that has been disclosed about them.

However, her father’s name is Ed Wolfe, who is a flight instructor, and her mother’s name has not been made public, but she is a homemaker.

Her parents divorced when she was a child. After the divorce, she went to live with her mother. She often expresses her love for her mother on her social media.


She went to Hatboro-Horsham Senior High School for her schooling. Then Colleen went on to study at the Drexel University to obtain her degree in Corporate Communications.

She was an intelligent student from her childhood and often was the teacher’s favorite.


Colleen Wolfe: Body Measurements

Apart from being extremely hardworking and talented, the anchor also has a well-maintained figure. Wolfe is 5 feet and 9 inches tall, which is a pretty good height by any standard.

Her body weight is around 60 kg which means she always keeps an eye out for her body weight.

Along with that, her chest is 35 inches, her waist is 25 inches, and her hip size is 34 inches.

Colleen has blue eyes and blonde hair, which adds to her charisma. The 37-year-old anchor has quite stunning looks on-camera presence.

Colleen Wolfe: Personality

Born on the second day of January, the 37-year-old Wolfe is a Capricorn. According to her zodiac sign, Colleen is ambitious and goal-oriented.

Capricorns are the ultimate worker bees, and colleen is no exception to that.

Colleen is a big animal lover too. She treats the pets with the utmost care and pampers them to the fullest.

Also, she has two pets: one dog and one cat. She is a kind and compassionate woman and believes in helping homeless animals.

Colleen Wolfe: Personal Life


You might be wondering who did the beautiful Colleen Wolfe tied the knot to?

She is married to John Gonzalez. They started dating in 2006, and when 2010 came around, John Gonzalez popped the question and got engaged. And on 4th September 2011, the couple had a beautiful wedding.

Colleen’s husband, John Gonzalez, is also a sports presenter for Inquirer Sports Person in the 97.5 talk show. So we can say that the couple shares a common love for sports.


They also never miss a chance to express their love on social media. They are also known as a power couple. And they have been rumor-free and no divorce rumors till now. It seems like they are completely just invested in each other.


Even though celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in September, the couple has yet to have any children together. Maybe they have no intentions of having kids and looking forward to their bright careers.


Colleen has two pets whom she loves as much as babies. She has a dog named Ernest Hemingway and a cat named Blitzen. She loves them both immensely.


Colleen Wolfe: Professional Career

Debut career

Colleen Wolfe began her career at the local sports radio station, WIP. Then she started working at CN8, moving on to becoming a booking producer in Comcast Sportsnet.

When she graduated from her college, she started looking for good jobs and landed a job at Fox29. She started working in the newscast team.

Similarly, the job involved knowing more about sports events locally, so she started learning about sports teams in her city.

Producer career

Wolfe went on to try her hand at producing with PHL17. She also produced on the golf show, which aired on the CSN channel.

NFL Network career

After years of being in the sports circle, she finally got her big break from being recruited on National Football League Network in 2014.

She is still working there. She has successfully interviewed many famous sports players and celebrities.

Under NFL Network, she has hosted many programs such as NFL Gameday Kickoff, Good Morning Football, NFL access, etc.

Colleen on set of her show.
Colleen on the set of Good Morning Football.

Colleen has risen to fame by hosting the show Good Morning Football, which airs from 7 am to 10 am.

The reporter also presents the show Thursday Night Football Kickoff, in which she provides highlights of the games that took place.

Colleen Wolfe: Achievements

Colleen Wolfe is just not your basic reporter. She has worked in all different sectors.

She has been a production assistant, booking producer, writer, analyst, photographer, and editor.

Colleen has also collaborated with many production companies and regional sports networks, and national sports networks on all different broadcasting platforms.

Wolfe is undoubtedly one of the most talented sports presenters out there today. She has also made it in the 40 under 40 sports media talent list 2019, coming at 33rd position.

Colleen Wolfe: Net worth and Salary

Since she has worked many different jobs from the beginning of her career, it is assumed that she must have gathered a huge net worth.

She has a net worth of $1.2 million as of 2020.

Colleen is one of the NFL’s most successful sports anchors.

Colleen Wolfe receives a whopping salary of $1 million from the NFL network. She also earns a fortune from guests starring on radio and TV talk shows like a sports pundit.

Over the years, she has made many successful investments too. She owns many properties and is often known to make wise investments.

With speed she is moving in her career, it can be safely assumed that she will collect even greater wealth and fortune in her future.

She continues to live a luxurious lifestyle, and her prospects are also very bright.

Colleen Wolfe: Controversies

Although Colleen has never had any cheating rumors from her and her husband.

She once went viral when NFL player Marshawn Lynch once awkwardly flirted with her during an interview.

The player asked Colleen on a date before realizing that she is not single and is happily married. Marshawn Lynch spontaneously asked her on a date and was later embarrassed.

However, this clip of the player and Colleen went viral on youtube, which added more to the growing fame of Colleen Wolfe.

Other than this, she has never found her way to any trouble and remains a perfect star in the viewers’ eyes.

 Colleen Wolfe Social Media

Colleen Wolfe is very active on social media.

Her Instagram has over 78k followers. She often posts pictures of her loved ones, including her family, partner, and friends, but she also shows off pictures of her while on the job.

Her posts on social media are mostly with many celebrities and sports players. Colleen loves being on set and with the spotlight on her and shares pictures of that too.

Colleen also has a Twitter handle, and she tweets about the upcoming games and the exciting highlights of the last game. On Twitter, she has about over 100k followers.

She has over 7k likes on Facebook. And isn’t much active on Facebook as on other social media.


Fun Facts about Colleen Wolfe


If you thought anchoring and producing is all that she does, then I suppose you might be wrong.

Colleen Wolfe also likes to rap. Yes, you heard it right. Colleen went viral on Twitter on the 8th of February,2018, after her rapping video to Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow was posted.

Surprisingly enough, this video of her rapping crossed over 600,000 views on Twitter. This made Colleen famous even more and made us realize there is so much more to this talented anchor.


She has guest-starred in several podcasts where she talks on numerous personal to worldly matters.

In a recent podcast with ‘The Broadcast Podcasts,’ Colleen has answered some deep diving questions from her childhood and her likes for men with tattoo sleeves.

Tribute to Chris Wesseling

After the untimely demise of NFL writer Chris Wesseling at 46, Colleen paid tribute to Chris Wesseling in her show and honoring his memory.

Colleen has also helped raise funds for Lakisha and Lincoln Wesseling, wife and son of Chris Wesseling, through raising awareness on platforms like Twitter.


Is Colleen Wolfe single?

No, Colleen is not single and is married to John Gonzalez.

How tall is Colleen Wolfe?

Colleen Wolfe is 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

What is Colleen Wolfe’s Net worth?

Colleen is worth about $1.2 million.

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