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Is Cris Collinsworth Retiring? What Happened To Him And Where Is He Now?

The audience was missing Cris Collinsworth Slide on Thursday night’s game. Is an American sports broadcaster in good health? 

Cris Collinsworth is an American sports broadcaster and former football player; he has played eight seasons in NFL. People love him and know him more as a sports broadcaster. Many audiences were concerned about his health when he was missing Thursday night. 

But as per, his partner, Al Michaels, who was alone at Thursday’s game, confirmed to the audience that he is doing fine with his health.

Why wasn’t he there? Is Cris Collinsworth retiring? Read Further to learn more about what is going on with Cris.

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Is Cris Collinsworth Retiring?

Al Michaels and Cris have been great sports broadcasting duos long; people love their teams. But on Thursday night, September 15, 2022, they were not together; everyone was missing Cris present. 

But it is not confirmed that he is retiring, and many media are trying to cover the exact reason for Cris’s absence. 

Also, according to the Sources, the 2022 NFL season has brought a new broadcasting member, with Amazon taking over Thursday Night Football games. Chris is with NBC, whereas Michaels has moved to the Amazon team with his new partner Kirk Herbstreit. Also, it is confirmed that this will be every Thursday night.

So, Cris and Michaels’s duo has been split after the audience saw Michaels alone without Chris on Thursday night’s 2022 season NFL game. 

Mike Tirico, Chris Collinsworth, Melissa Stark set to broadcast Sunday Night Football
Mike Tirico, Chris Collinsworth, and Melissa Stark are set to broadcast Sunday Night Football. Source: donation

So, many people have already assumed that Chris is retiring soon, but the information hasn’t been public yet. He was just having a problem with his voice, but he was fine. So, maybe he is not retiring any day soon.

The duo fans created some memes after they were split. The page will get updated after Chris reveals whether he will retire or not. Connect with us to get more information. 

What Happened To Chris Collinsworth And Where Is He Now?

Chris Collinsworth is doing fine and living a healthy life. Nothing has to go with his health; we will see Michale and Chris with a different partner now. 

People are concerned about his health because Chris’s voice differs from typical days. But his partner Mike Tirico working Thursday night’s Rams-Bills, confirmed in the game that he is doing fine. 

Mike said to tell everyone you are fine, and Chris replied He felt great. 

People loved the duo of Michale and Chris; they heard the new voice of Chris. So, they were concerned about his health. But the 2022 NFL season has spilled the duo in two. 

The news about Chris and Michale getting split was released in May, but people weren’t concerned about it until it happened. 

Cris Collinsworth Will Have A New Broadcasting Partner Next Season
Cris Collinsworth Will Have A New Broadcasting Partner Next Season. Source:

Chris Collinsworth will be there on Sunday night with Mike Tirico, so they are in the Sunday night’s game together. So, we don’t have more information about Chris’s voice and what is the real reason behind his voice change.

You can find out Sunday night on September 18, 2022, with NBC. We will get updated after the media reveals the news. 

The information about where he is now is not confirmed to date. Also, he was not just in the Thursday night game because Michale and Chris had split with two different partners. 

Also, he seems to be doing good after the match and has confirmed that he feels great. He might just have a common cold, which has affected his voice. 

Connect with us to get more information after he reveals it to the media or through his social media account.

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