Daniel Neeson: Professional Life, Family & Net Worth

If you are actor Liam Neeson’s fan and his movies, you might know Daniel Neeson.

Daniel Neeson is the younger brother among the two children of Liam Neeson and his late wife, Natasha Richardson.

Neeson is also the founder and chief executive officer at Pine Outfitters.

smiling Daniel Neeson
Daniel Neeson posing with a smile (source: nypost.com)

Additionally, is also co-founded DNA Spirits LLC, “De-Nada Tequila,” and currently works there as a president.

Daniel also had a brief career in the acting and film industry.

Moreover, the article is about the early life, career, family, and net worth of Daniel Neeson. 

Quick Facts

Real Name Daniel Neeson
Known For Son of Liam Neeson, founder of Pine Outfitters
Date of Birth August 27, 1996
Age [calculate_years datestring=”08/27/1996″] years old
Place of Birth New York, United States
Nationality American
Residence Manhattan, New York
Ethnicity English-American
Religion Christianity
Education Tulane University
Profession Entrepreneur
Career Pursued Acting, Music, Style
Business Owned Pine Outfitters, De Nada Tequila
Hobbies Riding, Surfing, Hunting, Spending time with friends and family, Travelling
Mother Natasha Richardson (died in 2009)
Father Liam Neeson
Sister None
Brother Micheal Richardson
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Natalie Ackerman
Children None
Height In feet: 6 feet and 1 inch
In centimeters: 186 cm
Weight In kilograms: 73 kg
In pounds: 160 lbs
Zodiac Virgo
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Favorite Team New York Islanders
Source of Income Business Ventures
Net Worth $1 Million
Social Media Instagram, LinkedIn
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Daniel Neeson: Appearance

Daniel Neeson is of English and Irish descent. His mother was an English woman and his father Liam is from Northern Ireland.

Similar to his father, Daniel is a handsome English man with American citizenship.

He has white skin that is complemented by his brown eyes and brown hair.

Talking about his physique, Daniel stands six feet and an inch tall.

Most of the clothes Daniel wears suit him because of his tall height and average build.

In addition, he is seen wearing streetwear and comfortable clothes. Moreover, he often wears a cap with the New York Yankees logo on it. 

Daniel also grows and maintains his beard, which makes him look very mature.

In conclusion, Daniel is a handsome young man with a great physique and sense of style. Moreover, a lot of young girls have a crush on Daniel Neeson.

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Daniel Neeson: Early Life

Daniel Neeson was born in New York, USA, on August 27, 1996. 

He is the son of famous English-American actor Liam Neeson and his late English wife, Natasha Richardson.

Liam and Natasha got married in 1994 and gave birth to their first son Micheal in 1995. The following year in 1996, Daniel was born. 

Daniel grew up with his older brother Micheal in Manhattan, New York. 

In addition, the two brothers have been a fan of the New York Islanders Ice Hockey team since childhood.

Daniel and Liam in a hockey game
Daniel and Liam in a hockey game (source: pinterest.com)

Daniel and his brother had to face the death of their mother, Natasha, at a very young age.

In addition, the Neeson brothers were only 13 and 12 years old when their mother died in March 2009.

Daniel completed his high school at Fordham Preparatory School in Bronx, New York.

Following the footsteps of his father, Daniel initially decided to get into the film industry. 

As a result, he went to Tulane University in New Orleans to study film.

In 2019, Daniel also graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theater and Digital Media.

However, Daniel did not continue in his film career and is instead growing to be an entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, he uses his knowledge in films to sell his ideas as an entrepreneur.

Daniel Neeson: Professional Life

Unlike his father, Daniel did not pursue a career in the film industry. 

However, Daniel worked on Weronika Tofilska’s movie Suicide is Easy, released in 2014.

In addition, he did not play a role in the movies but instead did the work of special effects.

The CEO has also appeared on the Television series Access Hollywood as himself.

However, there was no acting as it was an interview.

Moreover, Daniel is glad not to be an actor. He also believes his mother would have been proud of him for not being forced down the tunnel to fit in.

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Pine Outfitters

Pine Outfitters is Daniel Neeson’s first business venture. Moreover, it is based in his hometown, New York.

Daniel started the clothing line company at the beginning of 2016. Despite being a clothing line, the company is dedicated to saving the environment. 

Moreover, Pine Outfitters plants one tree for every product sold.

The idea of environmental awareness hit Daniel when he was in fifth grade studying global warming.

Daniel’s sketches in his class with joggers and sweaters have also ended up in the Pine Outfitters line.

Additionally, the company also recycles plastic bottles into shirts for the clothing line. 

The company runs with the inspiration to preserve the environment while also providing sustainably new and unique styles to people.

Moreover, Daniels’ father, Liam Neeson, loves his work and often wears Pine Outfitters’ hats.

Willowglen Landscaping

Right after starting the clothing line in early 2016, Daniel followed up with his second company, “Willowglen Landscaping” in the same year.

Daniel’s second company was also a result of his love for the planet and mission to protect the environment.

Willowglen Landscaping is a company that makes gardens or pieces of land more attractive by altering the existing design.

Similar to his first company, Willowglen Landscaping is also located in New York in Dutchess County.

Most landscaping companies often use chemicals for the growth and maintenance of plants in a landscape.

However, Willowglen Landscaping claims they don’t use any chemicals.

In addition, the company inspires to foster an ecological balance and use methods safe for plants and animals.

DJing and Recess Club

Daniel did not pursue a career in acting but still came out as a performer during his college days.

He performed as DJ. Back in 2017. In addition, he started a DJing music group with his two friends called Recess Club.

They also had a presence on Instagram and Soundcloud.

The DJ group performed at parties for Tulane University and the University of Scranton.

Their notable work is a performance at the Rumpus Room lounge in 2017. Recess Club also performed in several gigs in New York City.

However, Daniel’s DJing career was not a great success. Recess Club only had a following of 77 and did not perform in any significant gigs.

Moreover, their Instagram has been inactive since 2018, and their Soundcloud has also not been updated.

De Nada Tequila

In 2017, Daniel co-founded DNA Spirits LLC with his friend Adam Millman.

Moreover, Nesson is also the president of the company, while his friend Adam is the CEO.

DNA Spirits’ most notable work is the development of the “De Nada Tequila” brand.

The brand came to be from the love of tequila that both Adam and Daniel shared. 

Adam and Daniel posing with their tequila
Adam and Daniel posing with their tequila (source: instagram.com)

The two friends learned the great secret of tequila in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, from a family of 5th generation distillers and growers.

In addition, they came to an agreement with Vivanco’s to produce De-Nada and create a proprietary blend to shake up the market.

The brand has two tequilas, Blanco and Reposado, and is made from peach, grapefruit, and peppermint, while the latter is made from almonds, cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla.

The brand has won numerous awards and competitions, including London and San Francisco spirits competitions. 

They also won the International Spirits Competition and were named best in show tequila by John Barleycorn Awards.


The whole family of Daniel Neeson is well known in the media. 

Father, Liam Neeson

His father is a famous English-American actor Liam Neeson, mainly known for his movie series, Taken and other action movies.

In addition, Liam is also known for the famous dialogue, “I will find you, and I will kill you.” from the movie Taken.

Moreover, multiple memes still use the dialogue. In addition, Liam has also been nominated and won multiple awards for his films.

He has worked on some of the most brilliant movies in film industry history, such as The Dark Knight Rises, Love Actually, Schindler’s List, Unknown, etc.

Late Mother, Natasha Richardson

Daniel’s late mother, Natasha Richardson, was also an English actress. In addition, some of her movies are Wild Child, Evening, Asylum, Maid in Manhattan, etc.

Natasha also won a Tony Award for Best Actress in Musical for her Theatre work in Cabaret, where he played Sally Bowles.

Natasha’s death was the result of an injury during her skiing lesson at Mont Tremblant Resort. 

In addition, she hit her head when she fell during the lesson. Initially, she refused any medical help. 

However, two hours after the accident, Richardson suffered a severe headache and was flown to Lenox Hill Hospital.

Two days later, Natasha died from an epidural hematoma in the hospital in New York.

Brother, Micheal Richardson

Daniel’s elder brother Micheal is the first son of Liam Neeson and his late wife, Natasha. In addition, he was born a year before Daniel.

Micheal was initially christened Micheal Neeson. However, he changed his surname in 2008 to honor his late mother with his father’s blessing.

Unlike his younger brother, Micheal is pursuing a career in the film industry. 

In addition, he has appeared in movies like Anchorman 2, Vox Lux, Cold Pursuit, etc.

Moreover, he appeared for eight episodes in the TV series Big Dogs as Renny.

Micheal has also worked with his father in the movie Made in Italy, released in 2020.

Personal Life

Daniel Neeson is not yet married, but he has been in a relationship with Natalie Ackerman.

She is often confused with the famous actor Natalie Ackerman from Columbia. 

The couple started dating when they were both sophomores at Tulane University.

Moreover, after meeting, they exchanged phone numbers and were only one digit apart. 

Apart from his love for Natalie, Daniel loves sports and often watches different ice hockey, basketball, and football games.

Additionally, Daniel enjoys snowboarding, surfing, skiing, gun shooting, and bike riding.

He is also seen partying and in different concerts, as shared on his Instagram page.

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Daniel Neeson: Net Worth

As an entrepreneur, Daniel owns multiple brands such as Pine Outfitters and De-Nada Tequila.

He could have lived comfortably with his father’s Net Worth of $145 Million. However, Daniel instead chose to create a legacy of his own.

Through his business ventures, Daniel Neeson is estimated to have accumulated a wealth of around $1 Million.

In addition, he is only in his twenties and will continue to grow as an entrepreneur. Hence, adding up to his net worth each year.

Moreover, he is developing himself as a successful entrepreneur and is continuously growing his net worth.

Social Media

Talking about social media, Daniel is only on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Neeson has over 500 connections on his LinkedIn account. Similarly, he has a following of 20k on his Instagram page.

Recently, most of Daniel’s posts have been photos with his girlfriend, Natalie Ackerman.

However, he has posted pictures of his brands and time spent with friends and families in the past.

Daniel Neeson: FAQs

Is Daniel Neeson about to get married?

There has been no news of the proposal or plans of a wedding from Daniel Neeson.

However, Daniel and Natalie have been in a relationship for a long time now. Hence, a marriage can be expected any time soon.

Does Daniel Neeson’s family love sport?

All three members of the Neeson family have been seen in multiple sports events.

In addition, they were seen in the events of different sports such as hockey, basketball, and football.

Hence, it can be said that the Neeson family are sports fanatics.

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