Jensen Ackles: Family, Career, Homophobia & Net worth

If you are a fan of one of the longest-running TV shows, ‘Supernaturals,’ you are obviously familiar with Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester’s role.

Jensen Ackles is also recognized for Eric Brady’s role on the Emmy award-winning show ‘Days of our Lives.’

Ackles being an actor, has also tried his hand as a director and has directed several Supernaturals episodes and received many praises.

Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles striking a pose.

Jensen started his modeling career at the young age of two and entering the spotlight again after high school but has his own fair share of struggles.

He is known for his on-screen persona and presence. So let’s learn a few more things about the stunning actor.

Quick facts

Here are a few quick facts about Jensen Ackles.

Full name Jensen Ross Ackles
Date of birth March 1st, 1978
Age [calculate_years datestring=”03/01/1978″] Years Old
Birthplace Dallas, Texas, U.S
Religion Non-Denominational Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Berkner High school
Father’s name Alan Roger Ackles
Mother’s name Donna Joan Schaffer
Zodiac sign Pisces
Height 6 feet and 1 inch
Weight 81 kg
Spouse Danneel Ackles
Children Three children (Arrow Rhodes, Justice Jay Ackles, and Zeppelin Bram)
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Dark Blonde
Eye color Green
Net Worth $14 million
Profession Actor, Director, and Singer
Shows Supernaturals, Days of our lives, Kings of Con, Supernaturals: The animated series
Nickname Jackles, Jay
Salary $175,000 for each episode
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook
Debut year 1996 AD
Net Worth Jensen Ackles Calendar, Signed Photo, Supernatural Clock Poster

Jensen Ackles: Family and Childhood


Jensen Ackles was born in Dallas, Texas, on March 1st, 1978. His father’s name is Alan Roger Ackles, an actor and voice-over specialist.

Ackles with his father and mother
Jensen Ackles with his father and mother.

Also, his mother’s name is Donna Ackles, who is a housewife. Jensen’s mother was once aspired to be an actress and soon changed her plans when she had kids.

Siblings and Childhood

Jensen has two siblings. Joshua Ackles is his older brother, and Mackenzie Ackles is his younger sister. Mackenzie Ackles has also worked as an actor in two episodes of Supernaturals.

Jensen with siblings
Jensen Ackles with siblings Joshua and Mackenzie.

Jensen Ackles is of Irish Scottish Descent, but he has American Citizenship.

He landed his first modeling gig at the age of 4 but soon took a step back from the spotlight. Jensen idolized his father, shot many commercials with him, and took acting classes.

Ackles always had more interest in sports. Jensen got his name from one of the writers of the Church anthem. He regularly attended church as a kid and now prefers to be called Non-Denominational Christian.

Born in March, Ackles is a Pisces, and his sign is creative and impressionable.

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Jensen Ackles: Body Measurement

Ackles stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall, and he weighs about 81 kg. He has 42 inches of the chest, 15.5 inches of biceps, and 33 inches of the waist.

Additionally, he has dark blonde hair with beautiful green eyes. The actor is known for his striking good looks.

Jensen Ackles: Education

Jensen went to Dartmouth Elementary School. He then enrolled at Apollo High School and then transferred to Berkner High School. He graduated from Berkner high school in  1996.

Jensen wanted to go to college to study sports medicine to become a physical therapist. He decided to enroll at Texas Tech University, but his dreams were put on hold when he moved to Los Angeles.

Jensen Ackles: Personal Life


Jensen Ackles is married to Danneel Ackles. They tied the knot on May 15, 2020, after three years of dating. Danneel Ackles is also an actor who starred in the famous teen show “One Tree Hill.”

Danneel Ackles is a famous actor, gymnast, and model. They met on the Ten-inch hero set, where they played a love interest. Soon reel life turned into real life. In 2009, the couple announced their engagement and tied the knot after 6 months.

The wedding celebration took place in his hometown of Dallas. Danneel adopted his surname, and they’ve been married ever since.


Jensen and Danneel Ackles have 3 children altogether. They announced they were expecting their first child on January 7, 2013. They welcomed their first daughter Justice Jay Ackles on May 30, 2013.

The couple also were blessed with twins, a boy, and a girl, Zeppelin Bram Ackles and Arrow Rhodes Ackles, in December of 2016.

Jensen Ackles: Career

Acting Career


Jensen debuted professional acting in 1996. He started by taking on guest roles on shows like ‘Mr.Rhodes,’ ‘Sweet valley high,’ and ‘Cybill.’ He then got his first major role as Eric Brady on the Emmy award-winning show ‘Days of our Lives.’

Jensen worked on ‘Days of our Lives until 2000, before he left the show to shoot other movies. By this point, Jensen already had dedicated young fans.

Also, he appeared in the show ‘Blonde’ in 2000, based on Marilyn Monroe’s life. He also tried out for Clark Kent’s role on Smallville but sadly got rejected.

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Major roles

Jensen Ackles appeared on ‘Dark Angels’ directed by James Cameron, starring alongside Jessica Alba in 2001. His role was widely loved, and he continued to appear on the show even after his character’s death. The show was canceled in 2002.

2003 was a great year for Jensen as he landed CJ’s role as Jen Lindley’s lover in the show ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ Jensen also appeared as a guest in ‘Still Life.’ He was also given a small role in ‘ The plight of Clownana.’

In 2005 he appeared alongside his father, Alan Ackles, in the movie ‘Devour.’ They played father-son roles on screen. In 2007, he got the role in the film ‘Ten Inch Hero’ where he met his now-wife. He also made his theatre debut with ‘A few good men.’

He worked on the film ‘My bloody valentine’ in 2009. In the same year, he voiced for Jason Todd in a superhero animated film ‘Batman: Under the red hood.’

He also joined the Disney Interactive Studios teams by lending his voice for Gibson’s character in a video game titled ‘Tron: evolution,’ released on December 7, 2010.


2005 was the turning point for Jensen as he was cast as his now identifying Dean Winchester’s role on the show ‘Supernaturals.’

‘Supernaturals’ is a fiction-based show where he appears alongside Jared Padalecki, who is also a good friend. The show is the second most running series with also an animated web series based on them.

Upcoming Roles: The Boys

After two successful seasons of ‘The Boys,’ the fans are excited after Jensen Ackles’ announcement joining the cast as ‘Soldier Boy.’

It is rumored Jensen will not appear as a protagonist rather as an antagonist. The directors have said that Jensen will portray a never-before-seen side of him.

Directing and Singing Career

Ackles has directed several episodes on Supernaturals.

Jensen directed the fourth episode of the sixth season and the third episode on the seventh, eighth and tenth seasons. The viewers have appreciated his directing skills.

The actor has also tried his hand at singing and is an amazing singer. He released his first single titled ‘Sounds of Someday.’

Also, he collaborated with Steve Carlson for his debut album ‘Radio Company Vol 1’ in 2019.


Ackles owns a brewery company with his wife and in-laws. It is a family business in Dripping Springs, Texas. They manufacture beers.

Jensen Ackles: Awards and Achievements

He won the ‘Soap Opera Digest Award’ in 1998 as Best Male Newcomer for ‘Days of our Lives.’ He was ranked in 26 positions as ’50 Sexiest Male’ in the TV guide’s list.

Also, he was nominated at the Ewwy award for ‘Best Actor in Drama Series’ for Supernaturals in 2008.

In 2011, he won the TV Guide Award for ‘Favourite Actor.’Jensen won the People’s Choice Award in 2016 for Favourite Sci-Fi/ Fantasy TV actor 2016.

Similarly, Jared and Jensen got the award for Favourite TV Bromance for Supernaturals.

Jensen Ackles Controversies


Even though Ackles is now happily married, he had several girlfriends.

He dated Jessica Simpson in 1997, but they broke up when he cheated on her with Leann Rimes. He then dated Leann Rimes for a few months.

Jensen then had a long-term relationship with Joanna Krupa from 2003 to 2005. He also dated Tania Saulnier briefly in 2005. He also had a love affair with Kristin Kreuk.


The speculation of Jensen being homophobic started after an article written by Joseph Brennan in 2016.

The article stated that after conducting a textual analysis of the show over 7 years, the character he plays has some negative views of masculinity and homosexuality.

The rumors even grew more due to Jensen’s refusal to answer such questions at the Supernaturals Con, 2020.

But fans soon rescued Ackles, saying that he has been nothing but supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. He also has an aunt who is homosexual, and he seems to get along just fine with her.

Supernaturals Ending

After a long haul of 15 seasons, Supernatural’s final episode aired on Nov 19, 2020, and Jensen Ackles felt “Uneasy” about the ending.

He said that he has been with the show for 15 years and has difficulty accepting a finality to it. But he eventually agrees with the ending and thinks it is a great and suitable ending.

Jensen Ackles Net Worth

Jensen earned $175 K for each episode on Supernaturals. Also, his wife has a net worth of $3 million.

Ackles net worth is estimated to be about $14 million.

Jensen owns a Lakeside house in Austin, rumored to be about $9 million in worth. He also owns a $6.95 million home in Los Angeles.

He owns the Chevrolet Impala from his show Supernaturals. Jensen loves this car on-screen as well as off-screen.

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Jensen Ackles Social Media

Jensen Ackles has an Instagram with over 8 million followers and a Twitter account with over 2 million followers.

He is very active on social media and often posts photos with his family and co-stars.

His wife is also very active on social media platforms and never misses out on showing off her support for her husband.

She also graces her Instagram with adorable photos of her kids. She has over 1 million followers.

Jensen Ackles: Co-stars

Jensen and Jared have worked together for the span of 15 years, and in this time, they have evolved from being strangers to brothers.

When they met on the set of Supernaturals, they barely knew each other, and soon as they started working with each other, the chemistry grew on off-screen too.

They reportedly have a blast working with each other, often orchestrating pranks on the cast and crew members. They were also roommates during the beginning of the show.

He served as Jared’s groomsmen at his wedding in 2010, and soon enough, Jared returned the favor by taking on the role of groomsmen in Jensen’s wedding.

They play the role of Dean and Sam Winchester, who are brothers. They hunt down supernatural beings after the mysterious disappearance of their father.

Actors often do not get along with their cast off-screen, but this case is an exception.

Also, Misha Collins plays the role of Castiel on Supernaturals. Jensen and Misha have developed quite a friendship by working together.

Even though their on-screen roles are often in feuds, they remain good friends off-screen.

Trivia on Ackles

  • Ackles has adopted Golf and photography as his hobbies for his leisure.
  • He loves snacks of Dark chocolates.
  • His favorite food is steak.


Does Jensen Ackles have tattoos?

Yes, Jensen has a matching tattoo with Jared Padalecki and on-screen dad Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Is Jensen going to keep the Impala?

Jensen will be taking home his iconic prop Chevrolet Impala as a memento.

Is Jensen Ackles gay?

Jensen Ackles is straight and married to Danneel Harris.

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