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Who Is Davoo Xeneize On Twitch? Wikipedia Age Family And Net Worth

Davoo Xeneize is a Youtuber who started a channel Davoo Xeneize Twitch with 114K subscribers and 47 videos on September 2022. 

David Quint aka DavooXeneize is a streamer in the Youtube channel Davoo Xeneize Twitch, he is from Argentine. David is also known simply by Davo.

He was born on December 4, 2002, and is currently 19. He was born in Boulogne and is resides in Uruguay currently. 

On his Twitch channel, he is active all week except Sunday; Davoo streams from 9:45 pm to 05:00 am. He chats with his fans and viewers. He talks about his game and clubs. 

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Who Is Davoo Xeneize On Twitch?

Davoo Xeneize on Twitch is a steamer from Argentine. He is famous for his channel; he streams weekly and chats with the viewers. 

The Twitch streamer is active on his official YouTube channel and Twitch. He is a young Youtuber known by many people through his channel. Davao is 19 years old and earns money from both his YouTube channel. 

On his official YouTube channel, he talks about his club Boca and the players’ performance and reviews them. 

Davoo Xaneize (Source:Twitter)
Davoo Xaneize (Source:Twitter)

His fans have always been supportive, and he posts a summary about some matches on his official channel, where he only streams on Twitch. 

Davao is friends with many YouTubers who have always supported him in his career as a YouTuber.

His followers on his Twitch account are more than on his official channel, so he is seen as more active on his Twitch account.

He has a lengthy history of playing PES 6 with the Boca club and the Argentine National Team (playing a World Cup). His following has always loved his performance. 

Also, he does not talk about his personal life during the stream, and he always talks about his clubs. People pass comments about his personal life and have been curious, but he has never talked about it.


The YouTuber Davoo Xeneize doesn’t have Wikipedia. Also, his channel doesn’t include Wikipedia. The information is all from a different source.

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Davoo Xeneize Age

Davao is a famous Youtuber from Argentina. Twitch is the channel he is famous for; he streams. 

The YouTuber was born on December 4, 2002. He is also known as the popular youngest Youtuber. 

Currently, in the year 2022, he is 19 years old. 

Davoo Xeneize Family

The Youtuber following has always been curious about his personal life. His followers have passed comments about his family when he streams. 

The information about his parents or any siblings is unknown to the present day. He has always kept his personal life private. Somehow the followers have been respecting his privacy.

Not only in his channel, but he also has not posted any pictures of his family on his social media account, although he is active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Therefore, we cannot collect information about his family. We do respect his privacy. 

Davoo Xeneize Net Worth 

Davoo Xeneize has been earning through his YouTube channel. Although, he has not confirmed his net worth in media. 

Davao’s Net Worth is close to $232.8 thousand from his official channel and Twitch. His net worth increases yearly, and he earns differently every month, so this is not the exact amount he is earning. 

He earns more from Twitch than his account. His fans have followed him on the Twitch account, so he is famous on the Twitch channel. 

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