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Is Erik Conover Dating Hannah Coleman? Girlfriend or Wife: Earnings Net Worth And Parents

Erik Conover’s girlfriend Hannah Coleman and Erik are no longer dating. He has split up with Hanna Coleman after dating her for over three years. He has been living a single life as of late.

Erik Conover holds a license to conduct estate sales. Popular Youtuber, vlogger, and adventurer with a self-titled channel where he chronicles his travels, living in New York City, and significant life events.

He was born in New Jersey but subsequently moved to New York City. In  2013, he graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Theater.

Is Erik Conover Dating Hannah Coleman? Girlfriend or Wife

Erik Conover’s girlfriend Hannah Coleman is a YouTuber who works as a digital marketing head in ‘Nest Seekers International.’ In terms of their love journey, they initially connected in 2018 at a coffee shop in Hudson Yards. Since then, everything has been about love.

Immediately after meeting her lover, Hanna gave up her job and began work at his production firm.

Erik Conover
Erik Conover with his ex-girlfriend Hannah Coleman (Source: marriedceleb)

After leaving New York City in the middle of 2018, YouTube celebrity Erik approached for marriage to his girlfriend Coleman after living elsewhere for a while.

The two had a strong bond in their professional and personal lives because they shared many ambitions. However, they were unable to make their partnership succeed. They split up in the early months of 2021.

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Before getting into a relationship with Hanna, Erik was in a relationship with Jessica Clements. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work well, and in 2016, he split up with Jessica Clements. Additionally, Erik’s YouTube channel has featured her as a fellow YouTuber. 

Erik Conover Parents

Susanna Jelisenko Price is the mother and brianvan Conover is the father of Erik Conover. 

He has not provided any information regarding his parent’s professional life. He has not disclosed any information about his siblings, so it seems he is the only child of his parents.

Erick’s father and mother are enjoying their retired life. His father is passionate about fishing and water boating. His mother is a housewife, and her profession is not known.

Conover lives with his parents. His parents always supported him and encouraged him for motivation to push his limits to achieve a successful career.

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Conover’s parents are American, so he also holds American citizenship. He is of Caucasian ethnicity, and the whole family follows the Christianity religion.

Erik Conover Earnings and Net Worth

Through brand-name offers from companies like Jack Black, Macy’s, Rado, Sony, American Air, and many more, Erik earns additional income. He decided to focus on travel vlogging and posted a video of his journey to Japan that included images of the country’s coasts and lush forests.

In addition to adverts, YouTubers also earn money from YouTube Red subscribers, who pay a monthly fee to access premium content on YouTube and view videos without ads. They are paid below for how long people watch their video clips.

Erik makes the most of his money as a YouTuber. A popular YouTuber’s estimated net worth is $1 million. He just ventured into the real estate industry as well. In addition to producing commercials, YouTubers also add YouTube Red subscribers, who pay a monthly fee.

More than 1.9 million people subscribe to his channel. He joined Ford Models in New York City to become a model. He posts images of himself modeling and original estate-related articles on his verified Instagram account. He also earns money from there that is lucrative.

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