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Dawn French Plastic Surgery Before And After: Does She Have Cancer?

Dawn French laughed off the suggestion of facelift/plastic surgery through a social media post. The actress shared a stunning portrait to celebrate her 60th birthday. Plus, she was in perfect shape after losing over 45kg for a hysterectomy following the Cancer scare.

Dawn French is a British actress, comedian, presenter, and writer. She is widely appreciated for starring and writing in the comedy sketch series French and Saunders. The talented comedian has been nominated for seven BAFTA TV Awards and won the 2009 BAFTA Fellowship with her friend Jennifer Saunders.

As for her marital life, the Holyhead native has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Lenny Henry from 20 October 1984 to 2010. The former couple adopted a daughter, Billie.

After separating from Lenny, the actress started dating Mark Bignell in 2011. They tied the knot on 22 April 2013; the adorable pair have been enjoying a blissful marital life.

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Dawn French Plastic Surgery Before And After

In 2017, the actress shared a stunning portrait to mark her 60th birthday. She looked way younger in the photo. Due to that, many people thought she had had plastic surgery.

While many fans gushed over her new look, one magazine questioned if the actress had gone under the knife. While featuring French on their cover page, they asked, “is a facelift behind Dawn’s new look?

The talented actress posted the magazine cover and laughed off the suggestion through a Twitter post. She wrote, “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA #bollox.”

Dawn French
Dawn French denied the suggestion of a facelift or plastic surgery. (Source: Twitter)

Dawn French Cancer

Around 2014, Dawn French started losing a lot of weight. She naturally slimmed down an impressive 7.7 stone. The actress said it resulted from joyless, low-cal eating and lots of walks.

At first, some believed that it was due to her marriage to Lenny Henry ending. However, the Walk The Line actress later revealed that it was for her to undergo a hysterectomy.

The comedian added her doctors suggested she lose some weight before the operation. That way, medical professionals could operate via the keyhole. In addition, there would be only three weeks or so for recovery. If not, it would be extensive surgery and three months to recover.

Dawn French
Dawn French needed to have a hysterectomy following uterine Cancer. (Source: Instagram)

During the show 30 Million Minutes in June 2014, Dawn shared that her doctors had been convinced she had uterine Cancer, prompting her to remove her womb.

Before undergoing surgery, French shed 7.5 stones, bringing her weight down from 19.5 stones to 11.5 (120 kg to 73 kg). Despite the drastic changes in her look, Dawn insisted she didn’t feel like a new person.

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Doctors Thought Dawn Had Brain Tumour

The famous star revealed that her doctors worried she might have a brain tumor after a symptom made her feel like her head was collapsing inwards.

The star was diagnosed with vertigo in 2014. The BAFTA Fellowship winner even had to take a walking stick on stage due to the fear of falling during her 30 Million Minutes tour.

While talking on Michelle Visage’s Rule Breakers podcast, Dawn said that she hadn’t been able to understand what was up and what was down while on stage, like when you are drunk.

However, her doctors later concluded her condition was triggered by the bright lighting on stage, which made her see nothing but darkness. As per Yahoo, she has been prescribed Beta Blockers to calm her fear of falling.

Recently, Dawn French showcased her incredible new grey fringe. She captioned the snap, “Hello fringe, my ol chum.”

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