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Has YouTuber Wolfychu Done Face Reveal? Real Name Age Identity And Twitter Explored

The popular Irish-English YouTuber Wofychu did her face reveal in 2019. Her real name is Kayleigh Smyth. Growing up, she lived in the United Kingdom and Spain. Currently, she resides in Australia.

The famous YouTuber Wolfychu is known for her high-pitched voice. She started her YouTube channel @Wolfychu on 6 November 2016. She used to produce animation and memes til 2018. Later in August 2017, the talented artist transitioned her content into storytime videos.

After changing her content theme, her channel grew drastically and reached 1 million subscribers in early 2019. Now, she has 3.37 million subscribers. But who is this popular YouTuber? So, here we present everything we know about Wolfychu.

Has Wolfychu Done A Face Reveal?

The YouTube channel Wolfychu’s creator did her face reveal on 22 September 2019.

Well, her approach to revealing was quite creative. She posted a video drawing a realistic art of herself. Although we could not see her in person, she did a face reveal in that video. Not to mention, her self-portrait was gorgeous.

Wolfychu Face Reveal
The creator of the YouTube channel Wolfychu’s Face Reveal. (Source: YouTube)

Moreover, Wolfychu’s content doesn’t require her to show her face. As a result, we can’t see the creator’s face in most of her videos. However, on 2 June 2021, the YouTuber posted a video titled I Decided Not to Delete This.

In the 40-second-long video, Wolfychu informed her subscribers about her second channel named Wolfychu Vtuber, where she posts highlight videos of her YouTube streams weekly.

She also added she is putting a lot of effort into those videos and wanted to inform her fans about the second channel. Finally, she hoped her viewer would like her content on others on Wolfychu Vtuber.

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Wolfychu Real Name Age Identity

Wolfychu’s real name is Kayleigh Smyth. She is of an Irish-English ethnicity.

Currently, she lives in Australia. Kayleigh was born on 20 March 1995 in Surrey, London., which makes her 27 years old as of autumn 2022. The Irish artist is reported to live in the United Kingdom for six years with her parents and two older brothers.

Wolfychu’s family moved to Spain when she was still young. Although she missed her old friends initially, she got used to her life in the new country. She is fluent in writing and speaking Spanish.

It was alright until she became a high schooler. During her high school year, both of her close friends started to hang out with another girl, and she became lonely. But at the end of the school, she again had two best friends.

As a high schooler, Wolfychu had no idea what she wanted to be in the future. All of the artist’s friends moved away for University, and she was left behind alone. Without aim, she first worked as a teacher’s assistant in a primary school. But, she felt that the job wasn’t the right path soon after she quit the job.

Wolfychu boyfriend
Wolfychu has been dating Australian YouTuber Jordan Sweeto since the mid-2010s. (Source: Instagram)

She started to follow her passion and drew pictures for people on the internet. In 2013, her life took a new turn when Wolfychu met her current boyfriend, Jordan Sweeto, through the internet, through an Australian YouTuber. Jordan was the one who suggested the Irish artist pursue her career in the red platform. And the rest is history!

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Wolfychu Twitter Explored

Fans can find Wolfychu on Twitter under the username @Wolfychu. She has more than 158.1K followers. On the other hand, she is following only 160 accounts.

Wolfychu face reveal
Wolfychu Twitter account. (Source: Twitter)

The talented artist has been active on the platform since August 2017. Furthermore, her Twitter bio states, “I make animations on Youtube and watch too much anime” ^o^ #vtuber Art tag: #wolfychuart 💙 Additionally, the content creator also linked her website YouTube on the bio.

Wolfychu is also present on InstagramTwitch, and TikTok and has a massive fan following.

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