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Deborah Norville Plastic Surgery – Hair And Cancer Updates: Net Worth

Deborah Norville plastic surgery talks come to the frontline regarding the latest news of her having the one. Why did the businesswoman go through the measure? Let’s find out.

Norville is an anchor for the syndicate’s TV  news magazine, Inside Edition. She has been able to hold that position since 1995 successfully. She has also worked on multiple successful film projects as an actress. 

Deborah has recently had to undergo some plastic surgery procedures. We take a deeper look into the reason behind it. 

Deborah Norville’s Plastic Surgery

Deborah Norville has indeed undergone plastic surgery. However, unlike most media personalities, Deborah had to undergo surgery for reasons other than cosmetics. 

Deborah has been struggling with her health for a very long time. She had to undergo a hazardous surgery that included removing parts of her thyroid gland.

Not only was the risk concerning Deborah’s plastic surgery related to various hormone-related complications that might arise from removing parts of the thyroid gland, but it also threatened her ability to speak.

Deborah Norville Plastic Surgery
Deborah Norville speaking about her Plastic Surgery (Source: Youtube)

The nerves of the vocal cord are intricately interlinked to the nerves of the thyroid gland. Hence, any complications in the surgery could risk Deborah losing her ability to speak.

Deborah Norville’s hair and cancer update

Inside Edition viewers saw a tumor on Deborah Norville’s neck years ago, and the actress said earlier this month.

Although it was considered benign, fresh scans revealed it had become malignant. After having the lump surgically removed, Norville, 60, healed at home.

On Monday, she rejoined Inside Edition, which she has anchored since 1995.

She advised audience members to “be proactive about your health” during an interview on CBS This Morning.

Deborah Norville's cancer and hair journey
Deborah Norville’s cancer and hair journey (Source: DailyMail)

Like many cancer victims, Deborah faced the issue of hair loss during her treatment. The medication and therapy concerning cancer lead to such conditions.

Treatment of cancerous cells is an exhausting experience for the human body. Hence, Norville losing a large amount of hair is a part of the process. 

Once her condition improves for the better, she will be able to re-grow her hair.

Deborah Norville’s Net Worth

American Journalist and television host Deborah Norville have an estimated net worth of $18 million. Since 1995, Norville has hosted Inside Edition, a syndicated television program.

Aside from the Inside Edition, Deborah has had a very long career in multiple issues concerning the entertainment industry. Through her successful career, she has been able to amass a significant degree of wealth.

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She has previously served as the anchor of the NBC television program Today and the backup host for NBC Nightly News and Weekends. As CBS Evening News, she was.

Deborah Norville At The Inside Edition News
Deborah Norville At The Inside Edition News (Source: WSVN)

The host and correspondent for the CBS News Magazine TV program were Norville. She received two Emmy Awards for reporting on the democratic riots in Romania for NBC News and the Mississippi River floods for CBS’s 48 Hours.

Norville earned a journalism degree from the University of Georgia in Athens in 1979.

Norville started her career working at regional TV stations in Chicago and Atlanta – she had the lead role in the television series Hollywood Her Square from 1998 to 2003.

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Five novels, including two for children, have been authored by her thus far.

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