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Eduardo Lamazón Wikipedia Age- Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Eduardo Lamazón Wikipedia is an often searched topic. He is a famous journalist, analyst, and author from Mexico.

Eduardo Lamazón was born in the Province of Santa Fe, but he quit his job at age 23 after being presented with one of his greatest obstacles.

The World Boxing Council (WBC) offered him the position of Secretariat at that time. He had to bear responsibility for the offices in Mexico at such a young age.

Who Is Eduardo Lamazón? Wikipedia And Age 

Eduardo Lamazón is not yet available on Wikipedia. We cannot really find his current age, but we are sure he is between 57-60 years old.

“I was quite young. I had the most extensive boxing archive and was already a boxing announcer at 16. The fighters’ records and records had to be carried by hand because there was no internet.

The people who outperformed me in their files were married parents. Therefore it was tough for them to leave their homes, according to the journalist who, at 57, has spent 34 years living in the Aztec territory.

Eduardo Lamazon
Eduardo Lamazón El BoxCast Episodio Especial. Source: FDB Plus

Regarding that offer he received to occupy such an important position at such a young age, he said: “When they offered it to me, I went crazy with emotion.

One thinks he can accomplish anything at age 23 and that the world is too tiny for him. Unaware of how long I would stay in Mexico, I packed my bags and ended up staying indefinitely.

In addition to more than 7,000 boxing-related articles, Lamazón just published his third book, “Boxing in Numbers. 150 Years of History,” which he based on data from his vast database.

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Eduardo’s family details are not yet completely available. He was raised in the Santa Fe Province, where he was born.

Since childhood, he has been very interested in boxing. His love for boxing has made his dreams come to reality. 

Eduardo Lamazón Net Worth 

Eduardo has a decent net worth. Indeed, he earned more than $512k is an analyst in Azteca Deportes. The sports section of Mexico’s TV Azteca television network is called Azteca Deportes (now known as TV Azteca Deportes).

It creates sporting events and regular sports programming shown on Azteca América in the US and Azteca Uno and Azteca 7 in Mexico.

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