Dennis Allens wife is Alisson Allen

Dennis Allen Wife Alisson Allen And Children: How Long Have They Been Together?

Dennis Allen’s wife is Alisson Allen. And along with a flourishing career, he also has a prosperous married life.

Forty-nine years old Dennis Allen is an eminent football coach from the United States. He has been a football coach for over two decades and currently serves as the head coach for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League (NFL). 

An ideal for his fellow coachees, Mr. Allen’s promising career has provided him with everything. He is now a celebrity coach.

But, being in fame comes with its own set of responsibilities; people are always willing to know all about you. 

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Dennis Allen

And this American coach is no exception. With the World Cup 2022 fast approaching, the public is eager to learn everything they can about Dennis’ personal life.

So, with you in mind, we’ve compiled a summary of Dennis Allen’s life facts, including details on his marriage, wife, and children.

Dennis Allen Wife Alisson Allen

Alisson Allen is the beautiful wife of Dennis Allen.

Being the wife of a celebrity coach, Mrs. Allen has also been in the limelight. While the public is eager to know her well, Alisson, on the other hand, is a private person.

The celebrity spouse has not revealed any information about her. So, the details regarding her age, education, and career are all hidden behind closed doors.

However, we assume Mrs. Allen to be a woman in her mid-40s who is as successful as her husband.

Dennis Allen And Alisson Allen Married Life

Dennis and Alisson exchanged their wedding vowed a long time ago.

While their marriage is known to the world, there is no information about their married life.

Rather than kindling the public’s hearts with proof of their love and marriage, the couple seems to treasure their connection quietly and enjoy one other’s presence intimately.

However, some sources claim that Dennis and his wife had been in a long-term relationship before marriage.

Dennis Allen And Alisson Allen Children

Dennis Allen and Allison’s love has brought two beautiful children into the world.

According to Dennis’s Wikipedia profile, he and his wife have a son and a daughter together. His son seems to be the elder one, and his name is Garrison Allen, whereas his youngest child is a daughter named Layla Allen.

Apart from the name of these children, Dennis Allen and his wife have decided not to expose their children to the media.

Hence we are not sure about their age and their schooling.

As of now, the Allen family has been living a comfortable life in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Dennis Allen And Alisson Allen Age Difference

The coach and his wife must have a decent age difference.

But, as mentioned earlier, we are not sure about the exact difference in their age due to their low-key lifestyle. 

Born on 22nd September 1972, Dennis Allen is 49 years old. On the other hand, his wife must also be in her mid-40s.

Judging by the photos, the couple does not appear to have a significant age difference. Hence, we estimate their age difference between 3-5 years.

Dennis Allen And Alisson Allen Net Worth

As per the reports, Dennis Allen’s net worth is $4 million as of 2022. 

The coach’s entire income depends upon his career as a coach, and it seems that the football world has embraced his talent and provided him with a prosperous life.

Dennis had always been into football since a young age; hence he first began his career as a player for Buffalo Bulls in 1996.

But after playing for some time, he noticed that he was more into coaching the footballers than himself playing. So, he started his coaching career with Texas A&M in 1996.

denis allen
Dennis Allen, as he talks to the media.

As of 2022, he has been the head coach of the New Orleans Saints. Before that, he was the Defensive Coordinator for the same team.

Did you know his father was an NFL-based linebacker footballer?

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