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Is Emily Arlott Related To John Arlott? Family Links Explained

The English women’s cricket star Emily Arlott is indeed related to the legendary cricket commentator and author John Arlott.

Is Emily Arlott related to John Arlott?

John Arlott and Emily Arlott are indeed related. John Arlott and Emily Arlott have entirely unconnected professional histories despite having a biological connection.

John and Emily Arlott
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John Arlott has been regarded as the voice of cricket for a long time now. John Arlott, an English journalist, novelist, and cricket analyst for Test Match Special, worked for the BBC. In addition to being an expert in the analogy of cricket matches,   He was a poet as well as a wine specialist. 


When Emily Arlott rose to popularity, her last name was immediately noticed by cricket fanatics. Emily and John share th name “Arlott” as their last name. These two well-known figures’ having the same Last Name led many to believe they were connected. Furthermore, these public personalities have established their names in the history of cricket. 

So far, we know that they come from the same family lineage. However, strictly how these cricket personalities are related to each other is yet to be established. 

We know so far that Emily Arlott’s stance in her career has very little to do with John Arlott.

Who Are John Arlott’s Parents & Family Bio?

The birth of Leslie Thomas John Arlott took place on February 25, 1914, at a cemetery lodge. He was the son of Nellie Arlott and William John Arlott, a cemetery registrar.

He was a cricket commentator for the BBC’s Test Match Special and an English journalist and novelist. He caught the attention of the BBC and John Betjeman after accepting an invitation to address George VI on the radio on VE Day, 1945. Betjeman later served as a mentor for Arlott’s lyrical aspirations. The following year, Arlott began working as the Overseas Literary Producer for the BBC.

Donald Stevenson, the head of the BBC’s overseas service, invited him to commentate on the pre-tour games for India’s 1946 visit to England.

He initially ran afoul of EW Swanton and received some hostility from his other commentators, but he quickly found his place despite this.

The first of Arlott’s three marriages was to Dawn Rees, with whom he had two sons, James Andrew and Timothy Mark. After losing a daughter called Lynne at birth the year before, he married Valerie France, with whom he had a third son, Robert. Patricia Hoare, his third spouse, lived longer than he did.

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Jim, the eldest son of Arlott, was killed in a vehicle accident on New Year’s Eve 1965 while returning from Southampton late at night in a sports automobile that Arlott had assisted him in purchasing. In remembrance of his deceased son and as atonement for his part in the catastrophe, Arlott now always dons a black tie due to this tragedy.

John Arlott died a peaceful death in his sleep on December 14, 1991.

Emily Arlott’s Net Worth in 2022

Career-wise, Emily Louise Arlott has been somewhat successful. In professional cricket, her position is of a bowler. She is known for her Right arm medium bowling style. For her batting style, she uses her right hand. 

She is a player for Worcestershire, Central Sparks, and Birmingham Phoenix at the moment. Her estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. The majority of Emily’s income came from her Yeezy sneakers. Despite stretching the size of her company over the years, she earned enough wealth from her job to be considered one of the highest celeb payouts. Her primary source of income is from English professional cricket.

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