Derek Drouin: Family, Career & Net Worth

Anyone familiar with the world of high jump already has heard the name of Derek Drouin. 

Derek Drouin is a Canadian athlete who competes in the high jump category. 

Derek might be in his thirties but has already achieved many titles in his life.

He is the current reigning champion of the Olympics title after winning gold in 2016. 

He has taken home the gold in the World Championship in 2015 and also in Pan American Games. 

Derek Drouin cheering after the game.

Derek has been diving into decathlons recently since he expressed his love for it since college. He has always been the kind of person who follows his heart.

Just in the past decade, Derek has become a notable name in the sports industry. 

In the article, you will find everything that you need to know about Derek Drouin. 

Quick Facts 

Here are some quick facts about the talented Derek Drouin:

Full name Derek Drouin
Date of birth 6th of March in 1990
Age 34 Years Old
Birthplace Corrina, Ontario of Canada
Religion Christian
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Indiana University
Father’s name Gaetan Drouin
Mother’s name Sheila Drouin
Zodiac sign Pisces 
Height 6 feet and 4 inches
Weight 80 kg
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Net Worth $ 6 million
Siblings Jillian Drouin
Alyssa Drouin
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Profession Professional high jumper
Current status Active
Nickname Derek
Salary $ 90 thousand
Social Media Twitter, Instagram 
Debut year 2009 AD
Merch Posters
Last Update April, 2024

Derek Drouin: Early Life 

Derek Drouin was born on 6th March of 1990. He was born and raised in Corunna, a small township of St.Clairs, Ontario of Canada. 

His father’s name is Gaetan Drouin, and his mother’s name is Sheila Drouin. Unfortunately, not much information about their whereabouts or profession has been revealed. 

Derek has two sisters named Jillian Drouin and Alyssa Drouin. 

Much like Derek, his sister Jillian is also an athlete and has participated in International events.

Jillian competed in the heptathlon in Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, and the World Championship. 

Since all of the siblings are athletic, they all got together really well. As a result, they all have a close bond to this day. 

Derek Drouin’s family cheering him on.

Derek has very supportive parents who always encouraged him in sports.

Sometimes he felt like giving up, but his parents told him to get up and try even harder each time he failed. 

Moreover, his parents were his biggest cheerleaders growing up. 

Derek got introduced to the high jump when he was in Kindergarten. One of his teachers had introduced the sport in class. 

This immediately ignited the passion in Derek, who went home and put a broomstick over two speakers and started jumping over it. This was the beginning of Derek’s lifelong passion for the high jump.

Derek was a very active kid and took part in all the extracurricular activities in school. When the athlete was nine years old, he started running for the track.

There is no information about where he went for his high school education, but he graduated.

After graduating high school, Derek went to Indiana University and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Kinesiology. 

Derek Drouin: Personal Life 

Derek is a Canadian citizen. Moreover, he is a Christian, and his ethnicity is not known. 

Being born in March, Derek is a Pisces, a water sign, and they are emotional. 

Pisces people have traits such as being loving, kind, humorous, loyal, and gentle.

Derek is the perfect example of Pisces’ passionate side as he puts all his efforts into something he loves. 

Derek is a nature freak and loves to escape into it whenever he can. He is often seen traveling to the mountains or the beach whenever he can. 

The athlete is also an animal lover and has a fondness for horses. Derek advocates for animals to be treated more humanely. 

Dating Life

After being successful and handsome, Derek has caught the attention of many girls, but he has not settled down with anyone. 

In the past, there have been no rumors of him ever dating anyone. This is because Derek prefers to keep his love life private and hates the media’s attention in his personal matter. 

Moreover, the athlete is straight in terms of sexual orientation. However, he has said that he wants a family in the future. 

But as of now, Derek is single and is just focusing on his career. 

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Derek Drouin: Professional Career

Drouin grandly started his career when he won the Pan American Junior Championship in 2009.

He went on to become the first Indiana Hoosier to win gold at the NCAA Championship. 

After winning five NCAA Championship titles, Derek was named the  Big Ten Athlete of the year in 2013.

Derek missed out much of the 2011 season due to tearing of his ligaments.

However, he made a comeback by winning the Bronze in the 2012 Olympics in London. 

The next year he again won bronze at the World Championship in Athletics.

The athlete made a record of 2.38 meters which was his personal best and the national record. 

Similarly, Derek also won the 7th edition of Francophone games. 

Because of his outstanding performances in 2013, he was named the Athlete of the year by Canada.

He was also awarded the Jack W. Davies Trophy as an outstanding athlete of the year. 

Derek Drouin winning the gold at Olympic 2016.

In 2014, Derek won the Commonwealth games with his 2.31 meters jump. 

2015 was a great year for Drouin, who won gold at both Pan American Games and World Championship in Athletics. 

Then he grabbed the silver at the Commonwealth games. 

After this came the big victory for Derek at the Olympics 2016. He won gold with his 2.38 meters jump while not quite reaching the Olympics record.

Recent Years

Derek had to miss out on the 2017 season because of his injury in his Achilles Tendon. When people anticipated him to return, he gave even much bad news. 

Drouin announced that he would not be competing in the 2018 season because of some unusual symptoms detected by his medical team.

Derek was also training for the Decathlons since it had always been his love since childhood.

The athlete was aiming to participate in the 2018 Commonwealth games, but he withdrew due to his health conditions.

Since then, Derek has not competed in any competitions, and his fans are eagerly waiting for his return.

Derek Drouin: Controversy

Drouin has not been caught in any reactive controversy in his career and has maintained a pretty clean image.

But he found himself being named in controversy of the Russian Ivan Ukhov. Ivan Ukhov was found guilting of doping allegations along with the 12 athletes of Russia. 

He had won a silver at the 2012 Olympics in London. And the committee, because of the scandal, was thinking of bumping Derek to the position of second. 

The Canadian Olympic Committee said that appealing for the podium change can be lengthy and time-consuming. 

However, even after much appeal, Derek remained with the bronze medal. 

Derek was also in the news since he had not competed in the 2017 season and canceled his 2018 season. 

He tweeted that he would be taking the year off because of some unusual symptoms in his medical records. 

Derek Drouin: Net Worth

Just one decade of being in the sports industry has earned Derek a great fortune. 

Derek earns from his brand endorsement deals and also has gained many sponsors.

In addition, his public appearance fees have also been increasing his net worth. 

Derek drouin has an estimated net worth of 6 million us dollars as of 2024. 

In addition, his salary from the government is 90 thousand dollars. 

Derek is seen traveling all over the world. He has been seen staying in many luxurious hotels, and when he is home, he resides in his mansion. 

From his earnings, it is clear that Derek lives quite a lavish life.

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Derek Drouin: Physical Appearance

Derek is six feet and four inches tall and weighs around 80 kgs. 

The athlete has an athletic build-in body shape mainly because of his nutritious diet and time at the gym.

His exact body measurements are not known. Unfortunately, neither is his shoe size. 

Derek has brown hair and light green eyes. He has a fair skin complexion. 

Derek does have a facial beard. The athlete does not seem to have any tattoos. 

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Derek Drouin: Social Media

Derek is quite active on social media. He uses Instagram and Twitter. 

His Instagram is verified and has over fifteen thousand followers.

In addition, he shares posts about all the countries he has been to in the past few years. 

His Twitter handle is also verified and has almost eight thousand followers. In addition, he shares updates about his upcoming events. 


Does Derek Drouin have any children?

No, Derek Drouin does not have any children yet. 

What is the personal best record of Derek Drouin?

The personal best record of Derek Drouin is 2.40 meters high.

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