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Destroy Lonely Tattoos: How Many Does He Have? Meaning And Design

Etching a mark on his fan’s mind, Destroy Lonely tattoos have left the internet curious to know in depth about the whimsical arts on his body. To know in detail, continue reading.

Widely renowned as Destroy Lonely, the American rapper from the city of Atlanta, was born on July 30, 2001, under the birth name Bobby Wardell Sandimanie III.

Destroy started producing music at 14, as he was raised in a musical household. Taking inspiration from his father, rapper I-20, he began freestyling and discovered his inclination towards rap music.

Eventually, he gained traction with his track Bane in 2019. Following that, in 2020, he was noticed by Playboi Carti, who then approached Destroy to sign his label. In early 2021, Destroy signed to Carti’s record label, “Opium.”

After signing on with Opium, Destroy started gaining mainstream attention and was featured in Playboy Carti’s music video Sky. Later, in 2022, he also appeared on Ken Carson’s studio album X.

Furthermore, Destroy’s tracklisting includes one studio album, five mixtapes, three extended plays, and one single.

During an interview with Our Generation Music, the rapper elaborated that he derived his stage name “Destroy” from his addiction, which could lead to self-destruction.

Meanwhile, the “Lonely” bit concluded while he was on his computer attending an online school, left alone in his crib. This led him to feel like he had no friends and was lonely.

So, given his popularity, it is evident that people want to get to know Destroy up close. Fans are inquisitively looking for Destroy Lonely tattoos and the meaning behind them.

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Destroy Lonely Tattoos: How Many Does He Have?

As of now, the visible Destroy Lonely tattoos are believed to be around 14 in number. The exact number of tattoos has not been updated anywhere.

Destroy has tattoos across his arms, front and back of the neck, on the side of his hands, and his fingers. Apart from these, he might have tattoos that have not been disclosed to the public eyes.

Destroy Lonely Tattoos in a selfie photo
Destroy Lonely posing in front of a mirror showcasing the tattoo on his hand (Source: Instagram)

Destroy Lonely tattoos are edgy and whimsical, with the one on his finger being quite intriguing.

Meanwhile, Ken Carson is also in the league for the most unusual tattoos, mainly with his finger tattoo being viral. So it might seem like a trend among rappers, including Destroy Lonely tattoos.

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Destroy Lonely Tattoos: Meaning And Design

The Destroy Lonely tattoos are pretty popular online, given their abstract visions. Also, they are shared widely across social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

The tattoos across both his arms follow a similar design. This particular Destroy Lonely Tattoos design is sought after quite fondly by his fans, too.

Destroy Lonely Tattoos on arm
Destroy Lonely’s similar design tattoo across both arms (Source: Instagram)

This design is referred to as “Cyber Sigilism”. Under this tattoo is an intertwining of the realms of technology and mysticism.

Moreover, Destroy Lonely Tattoos is also seen on top of his fingers. This one, as described by Destroy Lonely, is simply abstract art.

This tattoo was designed on Destroy Lonely by a Ukrainian artist. This particular one is aligned with magic.

As Destroy in an interview, this tattoo is meant to show him shooting a magic spell out of his fingers. This simply goes to show his fascination with magic.

Furthermore, Destroy Lonely Tattoos is also seen on both sides of his neck. On the right side, we see three distinct tattoos.

Destroy Lonely Tattoo on his neck
Edgy tattoo on the right side of Destroy Lonely neck (Source: Instagram)

One is designed as a spider web, and the other as a double 00. The last one is designed as a tongue sticking out of a mouth.

However, if the meaning behind the rest of the tattoos could be deduced, it would be like this:

  • On the left side of his neck, Destroy has inked himself with some controversial tattoos that resemble the pentagram. The pentagram symbol resembles hate white supremacy, which is why this tattoo design is considered controversial.
  • On Destroy’s hands, one side of the tattoo reads Forever, and on the other, it reads Alive. This simply reflects Destroy Lonely’s abstract and positive mindset.
  • On the back of his neck, the tattoo reads “Opium.” This shows his affliction towards his record label and could be a sign of gratitude towards his record label.
  • Destroy has yet another tattoo on the front of his neck. This tattoo reads, “Lord. “Although the intent of this tattoo itself is unclear, this could simply be him leaning towards his religious side.

Destroy’s admirers have their perceptions of his tattoos. Moreover, some fans have been fascinated by the tattoos and had them engraved meaningfully on their bodies.

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