Is Rapper Niko Pandetta arrested

Is Rapper Niko Pandetta Arrested? Charges For Drug Pushing And Dodging Jail, Where Is He Now?

Vincenzo Pandetta, known by his stage name Niko Pandetta, is arrested on the charges of drug pushing and dodging jail.

The 31-year-old Italian rapper had been in trouble for some time. After being convicted of the drug trade, he posted the news of his conviction on social media five days ago. He had then fled.

But the organized crime section of the Milan Police mobile squad, coordinated by the manager Marco Calì and the official Nicola Lelario, traced him in the Quarto Oggiaro area and arrested him. 

Only time will tell what repercussions Niko will face for violating the law on multiple occasions.

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Is Rapper Niko Pandetta Arrested? Charges For Drug Pushing And Dodging Jail

Neapolitan ‘neo-melodic’ rapper Niko Pandetta, 31, was arrested on Wednesday morning for drug pushing and jail evasion.

Rapper Niko Pendetta
Rapper Niko Pendetta posing shirtless in front of his car. (Source: Rolling Stones)

Niko had been staying for a few days in a bed & breakfast in Via Michetti, Bovisa. After a day of following him, the Mobile agents saw him leave the accommodation in the company of a man who had booked the room and claimed to be the manager.

A third person was waiting for the two men in the driver’s seat of a car. The Police officers followed the car for a few kilometers and intervened, blocking the vehicle stopped at the traffic light at the corner of Via Lessona and Via Aldini.

Niko told investigators that he had come to Milan to sign a “millionaire” record contract. He had 12,000 euros in cash with him at the time. He possessed no weapons or drugs and tried to assure the officers that he would return to Catania to surrender and serve his jail sentence.

Investigations are underway on the two other individuals to check if they have somehow favored his absconding.

Where Is Rapper Niko Pandetta Now?

Rapper Niko Pandetta is now in prison after he was arrested for drug pushing and dodging jail. His attempt to escape became futile after the Police tracked him and arrested him again.

For dealing with drugs, provoking the Police, and evading jail, the rapper is likely to be in serious trouble. Depending on Italian law, his sentence of four years and five months might be increased further.

Rapper Niko Pendetta arrested
Rapper Niko Pendetta shared this picture before being out of contact. (Source: Instagram)

Niko was recently sentenced to four years in jail for his involvement in drug trafficking, which he appealed against. However, the Supreme Court of Cassation rejected his appeal last month, which made the sentence definitive.

The rapper last posted a final video on TikTok in which he said he was ready to face jail but would not leave the music world even from behind bars. Then he lost his tracks until his arrest.

Niko, whose real name is Vincenzo Pandetta, has two gold discs to his name for the single Pistols in my Fendi and Bella Vita album.

The 31-year-old neo-melodic rapper had risen to the headlines when he dedicated a song to his uncle Salvatore Turi Cappello a few years ago. Salvatore is the Catania boss, who has been in prison since 1993.

Niko had also posted provocative posts on Instagram, like dressing as a Carabiniere, holding his middle finger up, and saying, “Officer, you won’t get us.”

However, a few days ago, he wrote, “I’ve changed, but I’ll pay for my past as long as it takes to pay for it. I’m not going to flee the Police, nor my responsibilities”.

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