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Is Destroy Lonely Girlfriend, Ayisha Mia? Relationship And Dating History

Destroy Lonely is the talk of the rap community with his rapid rise to fame. So, the attention also rose on Destroy Lonely girlfriend and who she might be. 

Born on July 30, 2001, Bobby Wardell Sandimanie III, better known as Destroy Lonely, is an American rapper making waves in the music scene.

It started with his debut studio album, If Looks Could Kill, peaking at number 18 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

During his high school years, particularly in the ninth and tenth grades, he struggled with substance abuse, specifically the drug Xanax. He openly acknowledges that this phase of his life had a profound impact on his well-being, and it served as the inspiration for the “Destroy” part of his stage name.

Reflecting on his teenage years, Destroy Lonely spent a significant amount of time in solitude, which plays a crucial role in the “Lonely” part of his stage name.

Destroy Lonely’s journey into music began at 14 when he was already creating songs in a recording studio within his school.

On September 25, he released his third mixtape, </3 (also known as Broken Hearts), followed by a deluxe edition, </3², just a month later.

As his reputation continued to soar, especially with the success of Bane, he caught the eye of Playboi Carti in December 2020, thanks to the music video for Oh Yeah. This led to him joining Carti’s record label, Opium, at the beginning of 2021.

On November 18, 2022, he expanded his mixtape No Stylist with the deluxe version, NS+ (Ultra), featuring five fresh tracks, with him choosing the name “Ultra” as a nod to his beloved pet cat.

Fast forward to February 20, 2023, he dropped music videos for the songs NEVER EVER and FAKENGGAS on his YouTube channel, which garnered significant attention on the platform, further solidifying his presence in the music industry.

As Destroy Lonely’s star continues to rise, there remains considerable curiosity about him, including about Destroy Lonely girlfriend.

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Is Destroy Lonely Girlfriend Ayisha Mia? Relationship And Dating History

Destroy Lonely is private and hasn’t said much about himself or his family. He even has only three posts on his Instagram account as of now.

As for Destroy Lonely girlfriend, there are many rumors about her, but many fans have confirmed a woman named Ayisha Mia to be his girlfriend.

So, who is Ayisha Mia?

Destroy Lonely with his Girlfriend?
Ayisha Mia taking a picture with who fans presume to be Destroy Lonely (Source: Instagram)

There’s not much information on her as well, apart from her Instagram bio, which says that she is a designer.

Ayisha also has a website, However, there isn’t much on the website except the “shop” and “gallery” buttons, which lead nowhere.

Perhaps all the website’s content is hidden, or the website is experiencing some glitch.

There was also a time when Ayisha Mia posted an Instagram story with a phone with files opened, and the title appeared to be “Destroy Lonely *NEW ALBUM*.” So, this further confirms that she is the rumored Destroy Lonely girlfriend.

Moving on, there’s no information on the relationship or dating history of Destroy Lonely and Ayisha Mia. So, their past relationship remains a mystery for now.

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Destroy Lonely Girlfriend Ayisha Mia Receiving Hate?

When it was kind of confirmed that Ayisha Mia was the girlfriend of the rising star Destroy Lonely, she received much hate from fans.

All four posts of Ayisha Mia on her Instagram have received many comments hating her, with people commenting things such as “break up,” “stay away from lone,” “im hating all day,” and so on, with all of them receiving hundreds of likes.

Ayisha Mia in dimly lit room
Ayisha Mia in a black dress (Source: Instagram)

But she hasn’t let all this hate get to her and seems to be doing good for herself. Some are supportive of her, though in small numbers.

However, all of these did not greatly impact her popularity. Instead, it seems to be growing daily, with her getting over 36.8k followers on her Instagram account.

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