Detroit Lions: Is Craig Reynolds Brother Eric In Jail? More On His Family And Net Worth

Craig Reynolds brother is Eric Reynold. But why are the Reynolds brother in the limelight recently? 

Popularly known for being the elder brother of Craig Reynolds, Eric was a prospectus footballer. However, his deep addiction to drugs ruined his life. 

Since the release of the 3rd episode of ‘Hard Knock,’ Season 18, the football fans have started searching about the Reynolds brothers.

Eric Reynolds, standing in right before he got arrested
Eric Reynolds, standing in right before he got arrested (Source: Inquirer)

All over again, the episode mainly focuses on Craig and Eric’s bond and is also available on YouTube.

“Hard Knock” is a real football documentary TV show based on players’ and other sports staff’s personal and professional details. 

So, where is Craig Reynolds’s brother Eric now? Is he still in jail, or has he gotten out? 

Stick with us to know all about Detroit Lions’ Craig and his brother Eric.

Who is Eric Reynolds?

Eric is the brother of a famous NFL footballer Craig Reynolds.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Eric must now be in his early 30s.

According to 247 Sports, he studied at Central Bucks South High School and served as a running back player on the school’s football team. Later he was even chosen as ” Player of the Year” by Inquirer’s Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The 5 feet 10-inch footballer played almost 12 games with the team and totaled 3108 yards of offense. Moreover, during his senior year in high school, he scored 40 yards in each game.

Hence, as Eric was an outstanding prospect for the National Football League (NFL), he was offered a full scholarship at Boston University. Reynolds has further committed to be on the university’s football team, Boston College Eagles.

However, as Boston was far from home, the player decided to continue his dreams and education at a nearby college. 

However, his football journey to NFL ended with his high school, and he got arrested before he could even join the university.

Craig Reynold Brother Eric On Jail: What Happened?

Craig Reynolds’s brother Eric has been in jail for a long time.

In an interview, Craig revealed that his brother had been imprisoned since he was in middle school. But even though the brothers cannot spend much time together, they have a great bond. He said that he even calls Eric before all of his big matches.

Not only that, but Craig Reynolds credits his brother for his successful football career. He said he wanted to prove himself and his family after his brother’s downfall. 

Craig Reynolds’s brother Eric was first arrested in 2008 after he was alleged of harassment charges. He was then given bail with a probation period. 

After that, in 2010, he was again arrested for an armed robbery case. He was found guilty of robbing a woman in front of Upper Moreland Walmart. 

In October 2015, Eric Reynolds was arrested for the third time. He was guilty of carjacking an older man of 65 years, reported a news portal.

After the incident, the former footballer finally made a guilty plea and talked about the drug addiction that led to his destruction.

Craig Reynolds Net Worth

According to Wallmine, Craig Reynold’s net worth in 2022 is $1.8 million.

 The 26 years old footballer has been serving as a running back footballer for his team, the Detroit Lions, since 2021. Likewise, he was drafted by NFL in 2019.

So, we can say that his accomplished football career has provided him with a luxurious life.

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His Family

The Reynolds brothers’ family was very supportive of their sons’ careers.

They were born and raised in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

We are not sure who or what their parents did, but as per the Hard Knock episode, the boys used to take to their everyday football practice by their father.

Additionally, while the Reynolds parents were heartbroken by their elder son Eric’s drug addiction, their younger son Craig became the medicine.

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