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WWE: What Happened To Johnny Gargano And Where Is He Now?

What Happened to Johnny Gargano? Why had he disappeared from the WWE world? 

Popularly known for his abilities in WWE, Gargano is a pro wrestler based in the United States. He is considered one of the best wrestlers in the history of NXT, an American wrestling TV show.

The wrestler prefers using nicknames in the ring, and Johnny Gargano, Joey Gray, and Cedrick Von Haussen are some of his highly used nicknames.

However, the fans suddenly stooped seeing Gargano on the ring, and they were concerned if something had happened to him. 

But as of 2022, Johnny Gargano gave a surprise appearance to his fans.

Now, remain with us to find out what happened and where the wrestler is now. 

Is Johnny Gargano Ok? What Happened?

Yes, Johnny Gargano is outstanding. And nothing has happened to him.

As he stopped wrestling, the question “What happened to Johnny Gargano” popped up on the Internet.

However, the wrestler is finally back in the ring. According to CBS Sports, Johnny is back for WWE after almost 9 months.

The wrestler made a comeback on the Night Raw episode in Toronto on Monday, 22nd August 2022. He returned with a grand entry with his theme song, “Rebel Heart, ” played in the background.

Johnny Gargano with his grand comeback on 22nd August 2022
Johnny Gargano with his grand comeback on 22nd August 2022

After his appearance, he also revealed how he had decided to retire from wrestling but later realized his big dreams of winning various WWE titles.

So, as of now, the wrestler stated that he is officially back in the game, and this time he bets on himself.

Where is the Wrestler Now?

The wrestler is now in Toronto.

After Johnny left WWE in late 2021, he was nowhere to be seen. Some fans thought he had retired, while others believed he had plans and would return more robust.

So as of August 2022, the wrestler has restored his fan’s faith and is back in the game.

Now, all you have to do is brace up to witness Johnny’s comeback wrestling match.

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His Net Worth and Career Explored

As per the reports by First Sportz, Mr. Gargano’s net worth is $5 million as of 2022.

The 5 feet 10 inches wrestler started his professional wrestling career in 2005 for CAPW. Though he didn’t win his debut match, he has won over the wrestling world ever after.

After that, he wrestled for various American circuits, including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Dragon Gate USA, Chikara, and Evolve.

Likewise, Johnny made his WWE debut in 2015 and now wrestles under RAW.

The man rose to prominence and gathered fans after he began appearing on the American wrestling TV show NXT. 

As of now, Johnny is popularly known to be the first person to wing NXT Triple Crown. Not only that, but he has been awarded many other prestigious awards, including the Legacy Championship.

In 2022, as Johnny returned to WWE, he said he now looks forward to competing in the “WrestleMania.”

Is Johnny Gargano Married?

Yes, Johnny Gargano is a married man.

According to his Wikipedia bio, he exchanged the wedding vows with Candice LeRae Dawson

THE 36 years old Candice is also a WWE wrestler like her husband. She started her professional wrestling career in 2002.

Johnny with his wife Candice and son, Quill
Johnny with his wife Candice and son, Quill

Moreover, we believe the pair fell in love due to her similar career. After being in a relationship for a while, they married in January 2016.

Candice and Johnny’s love has recently brought a beautiful soul into the world. Yes, the pair were blessed with a boy in February 2022.

His Age Explored

Gargano’s age is 35 years as of 2022.

He was born to Francis Gargano (father) and Adrianne Gargano (mother) in the year1987.

The wrestler recently celebrated his birthday on the 14th of August.

Moreover, he was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. And his full name is John Anthony Nicholas Gargano.

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