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DK Metcalf Tattoo Meaning And Design; What Is Wrong With His Teeth?

Does an American Footballer player DK Metcalf has a tattoo? Learn more about his tattoo’s Meaning and Design. 

DeKaylin Zecharius Metcalf, known as DK Metcalf, is a professional football quarterback; he is currently playing with Seattle Seahawks. 

DK Metcalf was born in t997 in Oxford, Mississippi, US. He started his career as a player by playing the first year at Ole Miss in t016. 

Then, after his college year, he was selected by Seattle Seahawks in the 2019 draft in the second round, then he signed a four-year contract with Seattle Seahawks in May worth $4.6 million. 

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DK Metcalf Tattoo Meaning And Design

DK Metcalf has different tattoos on his body; his whole body is covered with tattoos. The recent tattoo that every fan and follower has noticed is a tribute to Black Heros, MJ, MLK, and Jackie Robinson. 

 All the tattoos he had can be seen on his left leg. The tattoo artistDK only trusted Wade Gracia from Pharos Ink in Santa Ana. and posted the picture of the tattoos. The tattoo was completed in three shifts, per some sources. 

The artist posted a short video of Metcalf’s left leg, a freshly done tattoo of a basketball player, Michael Jordan wearing his 23 jerseys, 23 being Jordan’s signature Bulls jersey.

And the following picture was of DK’s thigh, which was also freshly inked by the legendary boxing champion Muhammad Ali, who fought for civil rights. 

DK's Tattoo
Pictures of DK’s tattoo of two legends (Source:

Besides his leg, he got fresh ink on his stomach with a tattoo that read “One of One,” and the second one read “Top Predator.”

This tattoo took him three times ups and down to Santa Ana, and each time, he tested Covid positive. More information about his tattoo is unknown, we can see some pictures of it on his back, but the precise information about it is not mentioned in any sources. 

What Is Wrong With His Teeth?

Metcalf’s teeth are fine, but he has used a mouthguard every game. People have been attracted by his mouthguard. 

People were concerned because the mouthguard looked like a pacifier, which children use. But Metcalf continues to use it through the 2019 season and 2020 season as well. 

He cleared out that it is just a style he has been using, and he has no problem with his teeth. Metcalf also said he is just showing his different personality using a mouthguard. 

DK Metcalf with a Pacifier Mouthguard.
DK Metcalf with a Pacifier Mouthguard. Image (Source: seattletimes)

Metcalf’s said, “I am a baby in the league; I am a Rookie, so I am young, but I try to play like a grown man.” 

DK Metcalf’s Neck Surgery 

During his college area, Metcalf had a major cervical neck fracture while blocking on a kickoff for Mississippi; the game was against Arkansas on October 13, 2018. After the injury, when he was in the hospital, the doctor said that he would never be able to play again. 

Metcalf During Neck Surgery
Metcalf During Neck Surgery (Source: NewsTribune)

He said he cried because football was taken away from him. He mentioned that he was going to get a college degree if he would never be able to play again. But after having surgery, he was able to play, and he is still playing. 

Currently, he is doing fine, and his neck is also acceptable. He is living a healthy life and is playing football as usual.

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