Hagakure Mha

Hagakure Mha Done A Face Reveal? Age Real Name And Identity Explored

One of the world’s favorite cosplayers is Hagakure Mha. Stay with us to know more about the mystery girl.

Hagakure Mha is a cosplayer, visual artist, and model based in São Paulo, Brazil. She has been featured on the cover of several popular magazines such as GQ Brazil and Elle Brazil.

Hagakure Mha Done A Face Reveal? Identity Explored

The internet personality has not done a face reveal yet. 

Hagakure has been featured as an influencer on several websites, such as Glamour Japan and Allure Magazine. The name “Hagakure” was given to her by her father due to his love for books about ninjas (the word hagaki means “ninja”).

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Image Source: Instagram

According to rumors, Toru Hagakure has a mutant-like ability dubbed “Invisibility” that renders her invisible. Because it is a mutant-type quirk, Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk is worthless against her because it cannot be turned off or deactivated.

Hagakure Mha Age & Real Name 

The real name of this young woman remains unknown. Still, she seems to be around her early 20s, judging from her photos on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

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Image Source: Instagram

She shares many pictures with fans showing off different outfits that she wears during events like Comic-Con Brasil 2017, which took place last month in Sao Paulo city, where thousands have attended this event annually since its first edition back in 2013!

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