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Drea de Matteo Brothers Joe de Matteo and Darren de Matteo: Age Gap And Family

Family affairs have always been the talk of the town, with Drea de Matteo being no exception. So, starting with the Drea de Matteo brothers, let’s unveil the actress’s family details.

Born on January 19, 1972, in Whitestone Queens under the moniker Andrea Donna de Matteo, Drea is an American actress with an Italian descendant.

She was born to Donna, a playwright and teacher at HB Studio, and Albert, a furniture manufacturer and the owner and CEO of Avery Boardman and Carlyle.

Drea is renowned for her movie aspects along with sitcoms, through which she amassed acknowledgment and popularity as an extra.

Further, her eminent portrayals include Adriana La Cerva on the HBO TV series, ‘The Sopranos,’ Gina Tribbiani on the NBC sitcom, ‘Joey,’ Angie Bolen on ABC’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ and many more.

Drea bagged an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role in The Sopranos. She was bestowed the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival Award for Best Actress for her character in ‘R Xmass.’

Aspiring to take up a career in film production, Drea earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film production from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. As a kid, she was convinced she did not want an acting career, as she often attended rehearsals with her playwright mother.

However, at NYU, Drea took acting classes, where she received overwhelmingly positive feedback. As a result, Drea ended up following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming an actress.

Currently, she is one of Hollywood’s most favored personalities and has appeared on almost every popular show.

The actress has undeniably been a hot topic for people, given her fame and name. However, the public attention has now shifted over the Drea de Matteo brothers and their bond.

Drea de Matteo Brothers: Age And The Gap

Drea de Matteo brothers are Darren de Matteo, who seems to be a musician and a writer, and Joe de Matteo, but there isn’t much information on the latter one.

Even though Drea de Matteo brothers are not as widely known as Drea, her elder brother has pursued his career in the music industry.

Picture of Drea de Matteo brothers
Drea de Matteo brothers are pictured while having a conversation. (Source: Instagram)

However, the accurate age gap between Drea and her brothers has not been widely disclosed. 

Their accurate birth date has not been publicized, which could have aided in identifying the specific age gap.

But, Drea can be assumed to be the middle child, given that Darren de Matteo is the older brother, leaving Joe de Matteo to be the youngest among the three.

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Drea de Matteo Brothers: Family Background

Family details about the Drea de Matteo brothers have not been updated since they have not attracted the public’s attention as much as their sister’s.

Moreover, Darren De Matteo and Joe De Matteo have managed to keep their family details private.

However, talking about Drea, she has been open about her family. Drea has always proudly spoken about her Italian-American heritage. 

She has two children, Alabama Gypsy Rose Jennings and Waylon Albert Jennings, with husband and musician Shooter Jennings.

Drea de Matteo Children
Drea de Matteo children posing for a picture together. (Source: Instagram)

Details regarding Darren and Joe de Matteo’s kids have not been disclosed in the media. However, Darren is a part of an industry where personal information is spread to the public.

Even though Drea’s brother, Darren, may not have had the same inclination towards showbiz, he has made a career in the rock and folk genre. As mentioned, the whereabouts and personal life details are under the rug.

Meanwhile, Drea’s OnlyFans account has shocked the entertainment industry.

Several other stars like Cardi B, Bella Thorne, Amber Rose, Tyga, and Chris Brown are already a part of OnlyFans. People are wondering as to why the star took such a step.

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