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Who Is Destroy Lonely Father, I 20 Rapper, And Mother? Family Details

Rapidly rising to fame as a rapper with his debut album, Destroy Lonely, has become a hot topic in the rap community. So, fans have become interested in Destroy Lonely father, who is said to be of the same background.

Born on July 30, 2001, Bobby Wardell Sandimanie III, popularly known as Destroy Lonely, is an American rapper gaining immense popularity with his debut studio album If Looks Could Kill, debuting at no. 18 on the U.S. Billboard 200.

During his ninth and tenth-grade years, he abused the drug Xanax. He acknowledges that this phase of substance misuse greatly impacted his well-being, sparking the inspiration for the “Destroy” part of his stage name.

As he reflects on his teenage years, he spent much of his time in solitude, contributing to his stage name’s “Lonely” component. 

Destroy Lonely started making music at 14, making songs in a recording studio in his school. During this period, he made two best friends, Texaco and Nezzus, who not only collaborated on his early works but would also work on later projects with him throughout their school years.

In 2020, he dropped his third mixtape, </3 (also known as Broken Hearts), on September 25, followed by a deluxe edition called </3² a month later.

As his reputation grew due to Bane, he caught the attention of Playboi Carti in December 2020 with the music video for Oh Yeah. He joined Carti’s record label, Opium, at the start of 2021.

On November 18, 2022, he expanded upon his mixtape No Stylist with the deluxe version NS+ (Ultra), adding five fresh tracks to the compilation and naming it Ultra after his pet cat.

Four months later, on February 20, 2023, he released the music videos for the songs NEVER EVER and FAKENGGAS on his YouTube channel, which attracted significant attention.

The Rolling Stone magazine acknowledges Destroy Lonely’s unique way of cadence shifting and his usage of humorous lyrics.

With his growing fame, much of the interest also remains in Destroy Lonely father.

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Who Is Destroy Lonely Father, I 20 Rapper, And Mother? Family Details

Destroy Lonely father is Bobby Wardell Sandimanie, known mainly by his rapper name I-20, who was born on July 8, 1975.

I-20 reportedly has four children: two sons and two daughters, with Destroy Lonely being the younger brother, but they seem to be half-siblings.

Destroy Lonely at night
Destroy Lonely with a demon mask in his hand (Source: Instagram)

I-20’s mother, or Destroy Lonely grandmother, was a former teacher who had permitted Destroy Lonely to homeschool in the sixth grade.

However, there’s no other information regarding the names of the family members or any further details about them, including I-20’s wife.

But as Destroy Lonely’s popularity grows, various media outlets will likely find at least some information about his family. So, there will be much more information about him in the future, including Destroy Lonely father and the whole family in general.

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Destroy Lonely Father, I 20 Rapper: Career, Albums And Billboard Peak

Originally, I-20 went by Infamous 2-0 during Ludacris’s early albums, Incognegro and Back for the First Time. But later, he changed his name to I-20, representing an interstate route in the Southeastern United States.

I-20 was discovered and signed by Ludacris to the Disturbing tha Peace record label.

Destroy Lonely with dreadlock hair
Destroy Lonely with black glasses and a black jacket (Source: Instagram)

In 2002, he was featured on six tracks from Disturbing Tha Peace’s debut album, Golden Grain, and in 2004, I-20 released his first album, Self Explanatory, which reached number 42 on the Billboard 200 and number five on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

He also appeared on Ludacris’ album Battle of the Sexes in 2010, specifically on the track “B.O.T.S. Radio” with Shawnna. After that, he collaborated with a platinum-selling producer, D.J. Pain 1, on various projects.

Now, Mark “ShaH” Evans manages for him and his career.

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