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Mackenyu Arata Wife: Is She Pregnant? Baby Bump Photos And Rumors

After the release of One Piece live-action, fans went gaga over the real-life Zoro, Mackenyu. But the paparazzi photos of Mackenyu Arata wife went viral, setting fans abuzz.

Mackenyu Maeda, the famous Japanese actor famously known as Mackenyu Arata or simply Mackenyu, was born on November 16, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

He comes from a family already quite familiar with fame. His father, Sonny Chiba, is a renowned Japanese actor and martial artist.

Mackenyu was inspired to be an actor when he crossed paths with a Japanese movie featuring the late Haruma Miura when he was 15.

He took on various roles in films and TV shows, including the feature film ‘Buzz’ and the TV movie ‘Yo nimo Kimyō na Monogatari.’

But he only gained recognition in Japan after portraying the character Eiji Tomari in ‘Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future,’ part of the Kamen Rider franchise.

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Is Natsuki Okamoto, Mackenyu Arata Wife? Relationship And Marriage

While Mackenyu Arata’s love life was a mystery for a long time, the identity of his wife has come to light now. He is married to a former Japanese actress, Natsuki Okamoto.

Natsuki Okamoto had been married to a well-known stylist before but later divorced him after she met Mackenyu.

Mackenyu Arata and Natsuki Okamoto are said to have crossed paths on a set of Mackenyu’s show where her ex-husband worked as a stylist.

Mackenyu Arata Wife
Mackenyu Arata wife, Natsuki Okamoto, looks gradient in an old picture. (Source: Listal)

After finalizing the divorce, Natsuki and Mackenyu finally started to officially date each other, as per Creeto.

They were spotted together on various occasions, including a vacation in Okinawa, where they were seen with other Japanese celebrities.

Reports suggest that the couple looked extremely happy and in love on their vacation together.

After dating for a very long time, Mackenyu Arata announced his marriage to Natsuki on his late father’s 84th birthday.

Is Real Life Zoro Mackenyu Arata Wife Pregnant? Baby Bump Photos

Even after tying the knot, Mackenyu did not reveal his wife’s identity to his fans for long. But recently, he and his wife Natsuki have finally revealed themselves together.

This news has ignited excitement and anticipation among their fans and well-wishers. They are very happy to see their favorite actor with his partner finally.

Not only the identity of Natsuki but Mackneyu also indirectly revealed her pregnancy by openly letting the paparazzi capture her baby bump.

The couple’s decision to share this personal moment left many fans in awe.

Mackenyu Arata Wife
Mackenyu Arata and his pregnant wife, Natsuki Okamoto, were captured in a frame together. (Source: MSN)

The photograph has gained a lot of attention on social media among his fans. They are rooting for the actor’s next chapter of his life, and the comments are showing fans adoration towards Mackenyu Arata wife.

Fans are eagerly waiting for updates on the pregnancy journey and want to see the wonderful couple giving birth to a healthy baby.

Mackenyu and Mackenyu Arata wife have expressed their gratitude for the support they have received from their fans.

pregant wife of real life zoro
Fans were surprised to see the real-life Zoro with his pregnant wife. (Source: Twitter)

While also requesting some privacy so that they can enjoy their journey towards a successful parenthood.

The actor’s recent project ‘One Piece’ is also gaining a lot more fame for him, which is probably awesome news considering his growing family.

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