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The Voice Kid Winner Durel Origine Parents: Family Ethnicity And Nationality

The 14-year-old Durel is the latest singing sensation who conquered the ninth season of ‘The Voice Kids.‘ Explore his musical roots, including his passion since childhood, as we explore Durel Origine parents and his inspiring rise to stardom.

Known for his exceptional vocal talent and performances, he managed to captivate the audience and the judges throughout the competition.

Durel’s final performance of ‘La Bohême‘ by Charles Aznavour was particularly poignant and emotionally powerful, which contributed to his victory in the competition.

He sang ‘L’hymne à l’amour’ by Édith Piaf alongside Chimène Badi. His coaches, Slimane and Chimène Badi praised Durel’s unique voice, authenticity, and interpretive skills.

His performances moved them, with Slimane expressing that Durel’s talent reminded him why he and others are in the music industry.

Further, there was a strong trend on social media platforms indicating Durel’s victory.

Many tweets praised his exceptional talent and performances throughout the evening, with some users predicting a bright future for him regardless of the competition’s outcome.

Exploring Durel Origine Parents And His Musical Roots

The young winner, Durel, has been interested in music and performing from a young age. He started singing and performing shows around 5-6 years old.

Durel Origine parents are from Brunoy, located in the Essonne department in the Île-de-France region of France.

During the COVID pandemic, he focused more on singing when other outdoor activities were limited due to the lockdown.

Durel Origine Parents
Durel In the hit reality singing show ‘The Voice Kids‘. (Source: Instagram)

His mother, Guychelle, encouraged his musical interests and even arranged for him to take online singing lessons.

Durel’s mother, Guychelle, mentioned that Durel’s involvement in acting came about through an artistic agency that helps find roles for aspiring young talents.

While there isn’t much info about his father online, his mother, Guychelle, has strongly supported him throughout his journey. Guychelle, in an article, said,

I knew Durel was very specially gifted when he was even young, he would dance infront of the TV and impress his relatives. I did not want his talent to go to waste, so I decided to get him into this wonderful talent agency, and his journey began.

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Life Before the Spotlight: Childhood Passion to The Voice Kids

Durel had previously auditioned for ‘The Voice Kids‘ two years ago, but he was not successful in that attempt.

Before participating in ‘The Voice Kids,’ Durel was selected to perform on stage in productions such as “Les mystérieuses cités d’or” at the Théâtre des Variétés in Paris.

durel red carpet
Durel looks like a little gentleman Posing on the Molières Awards red carpet. (Source: Instagram)

He was also involved in projects like ‘Le roi des ombres‘ with rapper Kaaris, which aired on Netflix.

Additionally, he was part of a spin-off of the American series ‘The Walking Dead‘ with Norman Reedus.

During the season, Durel experienced a natural phenomenon during adolescence – his voice started to change (muted).

This change posed some challenges for him, especially in hitting high notes during his performances.

His voice evolved between the initial filming of the show’s earlier stages, the recording of the semi-finals in January, and the live finale.

Despite winning ‘The Voice Kids,’ Durel remains a regular teenager. He is set to return to school the following week after the finale.

He humorously mentioned that he forgot his lessons because the songs from the competition took up so much space in his mind.

While any parent would be proud to see their child succeed, Durel Origine parents also expressed joy when their kid won the prestigious show.

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