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Audrey Lane-Partlow Parents: Meet Father Dejay And Mother Sarah Markham

Audrey’s captivating freestyle hip-hop routines have ignited many hearts. Her talent was showcased in her compelling performance to the beats of ‘No Brainer‘ by Justin Bieber. Audrey Lane-Partlow Parents are more than proud.

Audrey Lane-Partlow, a name that resonates with rhythm and grace, was born in the United States on December 30, 2003. At just 19 years old, she has already left her mark as a prominent dancer.

Audrey has captivated hearts with her freestyle hip-hop routines and has made her presence known in dance.

Known for her rhythmic prowess, Audrey danced to the beats of ‘No Brainer‘ by Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, and Quavo Marshall in a compelling video released in August 2018.

Audrey Lane-Partlow took the stage in the reality competition ‘World of Dance‘ in 2019, showcasing her artistry alongside fellow dancer Mia Mugavero.

As part of Generation Z, Audrey embodies her era’s technological prowess and individualistic spirit.

Her journey has been fueled by the ever-evolving world of social media, where she has attracted a following of 100,000 on Instagram.

Audrey Lane-Partlow Parents: Heartfelt Inspiration Behind Her Dance Journey

The talented dancer comes from a very fun and loving family. Audrey Lane-Partlow Parents, Sarah and Dejay, have been a huge influence in her personal as well as professional career.

In a touching tribute on Mother’s Day, Audrey Lane-Partlow expressed her deep appreciation for her mother, Sarah Markham.

Audrey Lane-Partlow showed much love to her mom, Sarah Markham, on Mother’s Day. She thanked her mom for being amazing and supporting her dreams.

Audrey Lane-Partlow Parents
Audrey Lane-Partlow shares a cute picture of her Parents. (Source: Instagram)

Audrey thinks her mom is super smart and hardworking, and she’s learned a lot from her. They have a close relationship filled with trust and laughter. She also wrote,

I’m very grateful for you. You’re so smart, which is sometimes a lil scary but i defo dig. You’ve taught me so many things and i shall carry them forever. You’re so hardworking and dedicated, thank you for being the best ma i could ask for.

Not only with her mother, Audrey also seems to have a very close relationship with her father, Deejay. It is evident from the many pictures he shares with her and her siblings.

Dejay Lane-Partlow is the awesome dad of Audrey Lane-Partlow. He’s not only a former wrestler but also quite the funny guy. Deejay has a unique blend of interests that make him stand out.

In his wrestling days, Deejay must have been quite the tough guy, but now he brings a lot of humor to the table.

He’s not afraid to share funny moments and jokes with Audrey and her siblings, making their family time even more special.

What’s really cool is that Deejay is a dance enthusiast, just like Audrey. He doesn’t just stop being a fan; he dances too! Dancing runs in the family, and it’s clear that Audrey inherited her passion from her dad.

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Audrey Lane-Partlow: A Rising Star Embracing Opportunity and Passion

With this extraordinary talent and supportive Audrey Lane-Partlow Parents, she has a very bright future ahead of her.

Not only her TikTok fans but many industry insiders and agencies are setting eyes on her and are willing to work with her.

Her entry in Justin Beiber’s Music video made her stand out among many others, and she opens up in an interview,

It was an extremely amazing feeling when I first learned that I had been selected for the video, I was more than shocked and couldn’t believe it at first, I had so much fun working with the whole team.

Audrey Lane-Partlow
Audrey Lane-Partlow is behind the scenes from one of her recent dance shows. (Source: Instagram)

She added that she is still very young and would want to grab any opportunity she gets from the industry biggies.

Audrey also said that she enjoys dancing. It’s her passion, and even if she does not make it big, she’s still gonna be grateful that she could follow her passion.

Audrey’s dance journey is just beginning, and as she continues to share her artistry and passion with the world, we eagerly await the captivating performances that lie ahead.

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