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DWCS SEASON 6 Amiran Gogoladze Wife Or Girlfriend Tamar Ivanovi; Age Gap Family And Net Worth

Amiran Gogoladze is a famous professional MMA fighter who fights in the Welterweight division. He has consistently prevailed in MMA matches, which has earned him the respect of the sport’s followers.

Amiran Gogoladze was born in Georgia’s Akhaltsikhe on December 9, 1997. He attended Newton Free School to further his education. Gogoladze is 6 feet tall and 77.11 kg in weight.

Amiran is considered one of the most brutal fighters ever in western Europe. His age will be 24 by 2022. He is a former M-1 Global and EMC fighter competing at UAE Warriors. 

Amiran Gogoladze is a skilled mixed martial artist from Georgia, also called The Sniper. His weight class is Welterweight. Amiran has been considered one of the best fighters in the welterweight division by the UFC members as he holds the great title wins in a row.

Amiran Gogoladze Wife and Girlfriend

Tamar Ivanovic, who may be Amiran Gogoladze’s wife or girlfriend, is in a relationship. In addition to being married to her, Amiran Gogoladze is the father of a baby. 

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His girlfriend is an American actress and lives in New York City. She has beautiful blond hair and blue eyes.

It is the information received from his Instagram account. Besides this, there is no other extra information about his partner and love life.

Amiran Gogoladze Family

There is no information regarding Gogoladze’s parents. He has not given any information about who is his father and mother.

Though he hasn’t officially revealed his parents, some source claims that his parents are living their retired life happily.

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Amiran’s Net Worth

There is currently no information available regarding Amiran Gogoladze’s wealth. His estimated net worth, however, ranges between $1 and $3 million.

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He has signed a contract with UFC and is associated with 13 legions. Though his estimated net worth ranges between 3 to 5 million since he has his whole career to pass through, it is expected that his networth will be picking up overwhelmingly.

Besides networth and salaries, Gogoladze also earns through his pictures and sponsorship. 

Amiran Gogoladze Career

Amiran Gogoladze defeated Khamit Khamitogly in his professional MMA debut on October 19, 2014, at Universal Fighting Club, winning by unanimous decision. This opened the door for his successful career.

He then won four straight MMA fights, creating a special place for him in MMA. But he came up short in his sixth MMA match against Aktilek Jumabek. However, he won 6 straight professional MMA fights following that.

He gained notoriety at the same time by triumphing in back-to-back MMA matches. After that, he suffered another defeat against Handesson Ferreira at UAE Warriors on June 19, 2021. Yet again, he prevailed in three straight MMA matches.

Gogoladze has 16 title fights under his belt while only 24 years old. That is outstanding, especially since he made his professional debut at 16.

He began his career by competing against regional fighters of a lower caliber, but as he advanced, he faced more formidable opponents. He properly began expanding in that level of competition and started destroying tough opponents in 2018, though.

His most notable victory came against former top prospect Pavel Kusch, which made him famous. He has a 66-25 overall record throughout his last six wins.

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Amiran’s Instagram

Gogoladze is also popular on his Instagram. He has 3874 followers. He uploads his fighting photos and shares his videos, respectively.

Amiran has also officially announced by posting his octagon picture with his girlfriend by tagging her that he is in a relationship with her.

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