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What Happened To Tami Roman Face Shape? Has She Had Surgery? Health Update

Since she attended the BET Awards, Tami Roman has come into the limelight after fans noticed significant changes in her facial features. Let’s find out what happened to Tami Roman. 

Who is Tami Roman?

American television personality, model, businesswoman, and actress Tamisha Akbar is famous for her reality show participation. On April 17, 1970, Tamisha Akbar was born in Mount Vernon, New York, in the United States.

She was raised by a single mother, Nadine Buford.  When her mother became pregnant at 15, her father abandoned her. Later, Nadine married a man named Ali Akbar. Tami was brought up in a Muslim household and is of Puerto Rican origin.

Tami Roman
Tami Roman Source: Essence

Tami Roman completed her high school education in New York. She then enrolled at Howard University to get a bachelor’s degree.

In 1993, Roman initially rose to stardom on The Real World: Los Angeles. Roman became one of the breakthrough stars of Vh1’s Basketball Wives. She also made cameo appearances and acted in supporting parts in several television programs and motion pictures in the 1990s and 2000s.

What Happened to Tami Roman?

Tami Roman has recently faced online harassment for being excessively slim. The reality TV actress recently said in an interview with shape.com that her motivation for reducing weight has always been tied to her health. 

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In addition, she revealed to Shape that heart attacks are killing people in their 30s. The 51-year-old also advised individuals to make a deliberate choice, pointing out that weight loss takes time just as weight growth. And it won’t happen right away. The author of Mistress 101 subsequently shared information about the interview on Instagram. Unfortunately, the actress was met with a critical remark right away.

Model, media personality, and entrepreneur Tami Roman, sometimes known as Tamisha Akbar, had liposuction in 2011.

Tami Roman
Tami Roman Source: Landscape Insight

On The Real World: Los Angeles, Roman first became a star in 1993. After making sporadic cameos and supporting turns in various television shows and films during the 1990s and 2000s, Tami rose to prominence as one of the main characters of VH1’s Basketball Wives.

There are no reports of the famous African-American person getting surgery or losing weight. The actress does, however, insist that she takes medication to reduce her appetite. Nevertheless, she lost weight naturally by watching what she ate and exercising.

 The TV celebrity also urged anyone who labeled her a “crack addict” or made a harsh comment about laughing. The footwear designer concluded her statement by vowing to sacrifice her life for her two stunning kids. The TV star added the hashtags “BeBlessed” and “HealthyForMe” to her Instagram remark, along with the fashion nova tag.

Tami Roman and Husband Reggie Young Blood 

On August 26, 1994, Tami Roman wed NBA star, Kenny Anderson. Lyric Chanel, born in 1994, and Jazz Anderson, born in 1996, were their two daughters. In February 2001, the couple filed for divorce.

After that, she wed Reggie Youngblood. In August 2018, the pair exchanged marriage vows.

During season 7 of Basketball Wives, Roman and Youngblood discussed the possibility of getting married. Castmate Jackie Christie assisted Youngblood with ring shopping. Still, she was blindsided when Roman pulled her to the side and revealed she was having second thoughts about getting married again because of their past struggles trying to conceive.

“I don’t want him to propose, and I don’t want him to do any of that,” she said during a sit-down. “If I don’t go through with having this baby, I don’t want him to resent me.”

Youngblood ultimately agreed he wanted to stay in the relationship, even if Roman decided marriage wasn’t in their future. “I just can’t leave you and end it,” Youngblood confessed. “The pros outweigh the cons to me.”

Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood
Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood Source: VH1

Roman has two kids, Lyric and Jazz, from her marriage to former basketball star Kenny Anderson. Season 8 of Basketball Wives, which premieres on June 19, will see Tami return.

Tami Roman’s Net Worth

American reality television personality Tami Roman has a $3.5 million net worth. She is arguably best recognized for her appearances on Basketball Wives and the second season of the MTV reality series The Real World.

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