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Earl Hindman: Smoking, Home Improvement & Net Worth

While their faces and acting abilities recognize actors, Earl Hindman made a name for himself by portraying a helpful neighbor.

Earl John Hindman was an American actor better remembered for portraying the benevolent unseen neighbor in Home Improvement, a comedy series.

Earl Hindman
Earl Hindman was striking a pose.

Unfortunately, Hindman died on December 29, 2003, of lung cancer. Moreover, Hindman’s efforts and talents enabled him to win the World Theatre Award.

The article discusses the personal life, career, social media, net worth, and marriage of Earl John Hindman. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Earl Hindman: 

Full Name Earl John Hindman
Birth Date October 20, 1942
Place of birth Bisbee, Arizona, United States of America
Died Stamford, Connecticut, United States of America
Nationality American
Death Date December 29, 2003
Hobbies History
Education University of Arizona
Religion Not Available
Zodiac Sign Libra
Father’s Name Buri Latney Hindman 
Mother’s Name Eula Hindman
Siblings Ray Hindman and Anna Dean Shields
Age 61 ( at the time of death) 
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Reach Not Available
Weight Not Available
Eye Color Grey
Profession Actor
Partner Molly McGreevey (m. 1976 – 2003)
Children None
Net Worth  $8 million
Social Media Not Active
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Earl Hindman: Age, Height, and Weight

Earl Hindman died at the age of 61. In addition, he was 6 feet 2 inches tall.

In addition, Hindman’s zodiac sign was Libra. Moreover, Gemini’s flowers are roses. 

Moreover, Libras are extroverted and friendly people. They want balance, peace, and control in their life. 

Earl Hindman: Personal Life

On October 20, 1942, Earl Hindman was born. In addition, he was born to parents who were both involved in the oil pipeline industry.

Furthermore, his father’s name was Burl Latney Hindman, and his mother’s name was Eula Hindman.

After graduating from high school in his hometown, he attended the University of Arizona to study acting.

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Molly Paine McGreevy, a Kansas City actress, married actor Earl Hindman in 1976.

They also married in Kansas City, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Strauss. McGreevey also went on to become an Episcopal priest.

Molly was born to Hugh E. Paine of New York, her mother, and the late Mr. Paine, her father.

Moreover, the full details about her parents are not known. 

Additionally, Molly attended the Chapin School and Vassar College and studied in Paris with Marcel Marceau. Furthermore, Earl’s wife was previously married.

Playing Wilson W. Wilson Jr.  

Earl Hindman portrayed Wilson from next door, imparting life lessons to Tim Taylor, the main character.

Furthermore, both the character and the TV show lasted nearly a decade.

In addition, viewers heeded Wilson’s advice but were left wondering if they would ever see his face.

Tim Allen and Earl Hindman in Home Improvement.
Tim Allen (L) and Earl Hindman (R), in one of the episodes of Home Improvement.

Wilson was a neighbor who would give as much philosophical and sage advice as he could from behind a picket fence.

Tim Allen was fortunate enough to have a real-life neighbor who was very similar to his TV neighbor when he was a child.

Moreover, Allen based Earl Hindman’s character, Wilson, on his childhood neighbor.

Earl Hindman: Career

Early Career

Earl Hindman made his stage debut in a Shakespearean play at San Diego’s Globe Theatre.

Moreover, his performance was followed by a slew of repertory theaters.

In addition, after relocating to New York, he landed his first television role in Teenage Mother.

Earl went on to appear in several films after that. He appeared in The Kiss of Her Flesh, The Ultimate Degenerate, and other films.

Furthermore, Hindman has also played a variety of roles. For example, he played a villain in the thrillers The Taking of Pelham and The Parallax View.

Turning point

Hindman’s promising acting career began when he played Bob Reid on the Ryan’s Hope soap opera for fourteen years.

His wife, Molly McGreevey, was also a character in the soap opera. Moreover, his role as Wilson W. Wilson in the 1991 TV series Home Improvement catapulted him to stardom.

Furthermore, Earl Hindman did not reveal his face until the final episode. In addition, he appeared in 203 episodes of the show over nine years.

Following the end of the series, Earl starred in the science fiction show “Final.”

Earl Hindman: Revealing his face

Earl Hindman’s hidden face will be familiar to anyone who has watched the Home Improvement TV show.

Moreover, Earl’s face was always hidden behind or turned away from the camera during numerous episodes.

Furthermore, Earl finally revealed his face in the final episode. Like the rest of the cast, Earl was seen taking a bow in front of the audience.

There were numerous rumors, and one fan speculates that the Tv show did not show Earl’s face because of the witness protection program.

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Earl Hindman: Net Worth

Hindman was one of the wealthiest and most popular TV actors. Furthermore, he had amassed a substantial sum of money through his acting career.

Earl Hindman’s net worth was estimated to be around $8 million.

In addition, he had received assistance from Molly McGreevey, an American actress.

Earl Hindman: Social Media 

Earl Hindman passed away when he was just 61 years old.

In addition, Earl wasn’t on any social media, even when he was alive. 

Earl Hindman: Death

Earl had been a chain smoker since he was a child. He smoked cigarettes for the majority of his life.

Earl was tragically diagnosed with lung cancer in 2003. Although he received cancer treatment, it was ineffective. 

Earl Hindman passed away when he was just 61 years old.
Earl Hindman passed away when he was just 61 years old.

Furthermore, he died shortly, at the age of 61, after being diagnosed with cancer. 

In addition, he is buried in Roxbury Cemetery in Stamford, Connecticut, United States of America.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What did Earl Hindman think about his Home Improvement character? 

“I’m quickly becoming the most well-known unknown actor,” Hindman said. He did, however, he does enjoy his secret identity.

Furthermore, Earl also stated, “I will be able to go out in public and not get recognized, which I hear is a real hassle for other celebrities.”

Did Earl Hindman work for Disney? 

Yes, Earl did work for Disney; he was the voice of Pericles in Hercules.

Furthermore, for many years, many fans believed he was the narrator of many Disney films, including Disneyland Railroad and Walt Disney World Railroad.

However, it was confirmed that the narration was done by Earl Boen, who has a similar sounding voice.

Did nobody know Wilson W. Wilson Jr’s (Earl Hindman’s character) face? 

Earl Hindman allegedly carried a miniaturized picket fence around to hide the bottom half of his face from the viewing public.

Furthermore, he did this to maintain the fa├žade of his character on the show.

What did Tim Allen say about Earl Hindman’s passing? 

Tim Allen, the legendary comedian, and actor paid tribute to a former co-star and buddy on Twitter.

Furthermore, in his post, the top actor and comedian said, “Wilson’s ghost was holding that spinner.” “God rest you, my old friend, Earl Hindman.”

Allen’s “spinner” comments reference a previous social media post in which he expressed gratitude for his neighbors.

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