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Julia Baird Cancer: What Type Of Cancer Does Julia Baird Have? Illness And Health Update

People want to know more about Julia Baird Cancer. Star presenter for The Drum on The ABC, Julia Baird, has explained the cause of her unexpected recent absence from screens in an Instagram post. 

Australian Journalist, broadcaster, and novelist Julia Woodlands Baird work in these fields. Julia writes for The New York Times and The Sydney Morning Herald, and she hosts The Drum regularly, an Australian Broadcasting Corporation television news review program (ABC).

Her non-fiction works include a popular memoir and a Queen Victoria biography. In 1998, Baird started working for The Sydney Morning Herald, where she covered the Australian federal election online and received her first Walkley Award. She was the opinion pages editor by the year 2000. Be with us till the end to know more details on Julia Baird Cancer.

 Julia Baird Cancer: What Type Of Cancer Does Julia Baird Have?

The Australian Journalist Julia Baird described how she felt “gripped with panic” after learning she had Cancer. In her blog for the New York Times on Wednesday, Baird, one of the hosts of ABC’s The Drum, wrote that Julia was hospitalized in June after enduring excruciating pain and that it was feared she had advanced ovarian Cancer.

Star presenter for The Drum on The ABC, Julia Baird, has explained the cause of her unexpected recent absence from screens in an Instagram post.

Julia Baird cancer
Julia Baird underwater. Source: Instagram

The Australian Journalist was hospitalized in 2015 after a “mass the size of a basketball” was found between her belly button and spine, and she was later given the diagnosis of ovarian Cancer.

The 55-year-old underwent surgery to remove the huge tumor the same year, but this week she will have another procedure as part of her most recent significant health battle.

The well-known presenter said in a lengthy social media post addressed to her loved ones, friends, fans, and following that she will not return to the air until 2023.

 Julia Baird Cancer And Health Update

Baird revealed in her New York Times column in 2015 that she was recovering from Cancer surgery. Her brother informed her that Baird’s Cancer had returned on January 19, 2017.

Julia claims that during her illness and recovery, she depends on her faith and positive outlook. She now chooses to eat healthier, more organic foods and takes better care of her body and soul by practicing yoga and mindfulness and remaining as present as she can.

Julia Baird Cancer
Julia Baird with her daughter. Source: Instagram

Julie claims that overcoming Cancer has only strengthened her resilience, which she is happy to share now that she is stronger. To walk with other women as they dealt with the ups and downs of Cancer and its treatment, she enrolled in the same peer mentorship program that had helped her.

Personal Life Of Julia Baird

Before entering federal politics, Baird’s Father, Bruce Baird, served as a cabinet minister in the Greiner and Fahey administrations. Mike Baird, Baird’s younger brother, served as New South Wales’ 44th premier before taking the helm of Hammondcare, a nonprofit organization that provides care for the elderly.

Steve, her younger brother, is the director of International Justice Mission, an anti-slavery organization in Australia. She is a mother of two. Like her parents and brothers, Baird publicly declares her identity as a Christian.

Julia Baird Cancer
Julia Baird in Ningaloo Reef. Source: Instagram

In the Sydney diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia, Baird has advocated for the ordination of women and has been a vocal opponent of traditionalist Christian beliefs.

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