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Eija Skarsgard: Career, Stellan Skarsgard & Net Worth

If you are an admirer of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie franchise, you may know about the actor, Stellan Skarsgard, who played Bootstrap Bill Turner.

Moreover, he has a daughter named Eija Skarsgard, discovered by a modeling agency in the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Eija is also known for her works in the modeling industry from a young age.

Eija Skarsgard taking a mirror selfie
Eija Skarsgard taking a mirror selfie

She is primarily renowned for her work in the Swedish series Young Royals.

In addition, she has appeared on the cover of magazines and walked the ramps in Fashion Weeks.

Her family members found success through involvement in the entertainment industry, which Eija also followed initially from an early age. 

However, Eija decided to step back from the industry after getting older.

This article includes the details of her life, including early life, her career in modeling, break from the industry, family, and personal life. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Eija Skarsgard
Known as Daughter of Stellen Skarsgard
Date of Birth February 27, 1992
Age 32 years old
Place of Birth Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Residence Stockholm, Sweden
Ethnicity Swedish
Religion N/A
Education N/A
Profession Actor, Model, Manager
Hobbies Partying, Traveling, Swimming, Fishing
Mother My Skarsgard
Father Stellan Skarsgard
Sister None
Brother(s) Sam, Alexander, Gustaf, Bill, Valter
Marital Status Married (2019)
Spouse Zeke Tastas
Children None
Height In feet: 5 feet 10 inches
In centimeters: 177 cm
Weight In kilograms: 60 kg
In pounds: 132 lbs
Zodiac Pisces
Favorite Place Paris
Favorite Color White
Favorite Singer Kendrick Lamaramar
Favorite Food Steak, Fries, Continental
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $5 Million
Social Media Instagram, Facebook
Last Updated May, 2024

Eija Skarsgard: Height, Weight, and Appearance

Eija has been a beautiful woman since a young age. It was one of the reasons she got into modeling when she was only fourteen years old.

Currently, Eija has a long brown her which suits her fair complexion.

In addition, she has fuller lips, a tiny nose, and green eyes. These all add up to her heart-shaped facial structure.

Moving on to her physique, she stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs about 132 lbs.

Moreover, she has a slim body, which sets her up to today’s beauty standards.

Overall, Eija has impressive facial features with a beautiful body.

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Eija Skarsgard: Early Life

Eija is the fifth child out of six of her parents, Stellan and My.

In addition, Eija is the only daughter of her family and grew up with four elder brothers and a younger brother.

Because she was the only daughter, Eija grew up pampered by her parents and her brothers.

Moreover, Eija is the queen in the Skarsgard house. An incident from her childhood proves the statement even more.

When she was two and half years old and didn’t know how to write, she argued with one of the brothers.

As a result, she told her father to write down ‘Girls are always right’ and taped it on the kitchen wall.

Moreover, the writings are still hanging in the house of Skarsgard. She loved her position as a single daughter and never wanted a sister.

From a young age, Eija was exposed to the gatherings of people.

Moreover, her family often had dinner parties, and people came all the time. As a result, Eija and her family members grew up extroverted.

Furthermore, her family supported pursuing any career she wanted and gave her freedom.

Eija Skarsgard: Career

Eija is the daughter of parents who are both actors. Moreover, her brothers are also actors.

Unlike almost all her brothers except one, Eija did not follow the film industry. However, she got into another branch of the entertainment industry, modeling.

Eija’s career started when a modeling agency discovered her while attending a movie premiere.

Her with her father Stellan
Eija Skarsgard with her father Stellan (source: twitter.com)

To clarify, Eija was attending her father’s movie Pirates of the Caribbean at the age of fourteen when a modeling agency discovered her.

Moreover, the agency immediately offered Eija a modeling contract. As a result,  Eija started a career in modeling in 2006 at a young age.

During her modeling career, she also appeared on the cover of iCITY magazine cover. Moreover, she was also in the Stolkholm Fashion Week 2008.

Break from the industry

Eija continued her modeling career for four years before stepping back in 2010. 

When she turned 18, Eija decided to quit modeling because of constant pressure to perform and lose weight. 

In addition, she revealed she felt suffocated by the objectification in the modeling industry. 

After quitting as a model, Eija started working as a business manager at a nightclub.

Moreover, she worked at the nightclub named ‘Vardagsrummet’ located in Stockholm, Sweden.

This former model worked at the nightclub for six years from 2014.

She finally quit as manager recently in 2020 to start pursuing a career in the film industry.

However, she is not pursuing a career in acting. Instead, she worked as a casting assistant for the Swedish show Young Royals in 2021.

Eija Skarsgard: Family

Eija’s family is filled with actors. Except for one brother and herself, all the family members are a part of the acting industry.

Father, Stellan Skarsgard

Her father, Stellan, is primarily known for his work in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. In addition, he has also been a part of other great movies.

Stellan also worked on movies like Dune, Mamma Mia!, Avengers, Thor, Age of Ultron, No Good Deed, Deep Blue Sea, etc.

However, his best performances came in other shows and movies such as Chernobyl, Dogville, God on Trial, A Somewhat Gentle Man, etc.

Furthermore, Stellan has won multiple awards at national and international levels for his outstanding performances in acting.

He also won the Golden Globe Awards for best-supporting actor in series for Chernobyl in 2020.

Mother, My Skarsgard

Eija’s mother, My Skarsgard, is a physician. In addition, she married Stellan in April 1975.

However, the couple divorced in May 2007 after over 30 years of marriage. 

In addition, she had six children with Stellan before their divorce. 

After the divorce, her ex-husband, Stellan, married Megan Everett in 2009 and had two children.


Except for one brother, Sam Skarsgard, all Eija’s brothers are actors.

Sam is the only son who followed in his mother’s footsteps and became a doctor.

In addition, he is a physician in the ICU in a hospital in Stockholm.

Eija’s eldest brother Alexander is known for Melancholia, Battleship, Tarzan, and Big Little Lies.

In addition, Alex also won a Golden Globe and Emmy Awards for his performance in Big Little Lies as a supporting actor.

Skarsgard siblings
Eija and her Skarsgard brothers (source: brainstudy.info)

Gustaf is Eija’s second eldest brother. He is mainly known for Vikings, 438 days, Arn, Westworld, and Cursed.

Furthermore, he won European Film Academy’s Shooting Stars Award in 2007.

Then comes Bill, who is probably Eija’s most popular brother. Furthermore, he is mainly known for his role as Pennywise in the IT movie series.

Besides that, Bill is known for Naked Singularity, Hemlock Grove, Villains, Deadpool 2, Assassination Nation, and Atomic Blonde.

He is also worked in Eternals and is working on a top upcoming movie such as John Wick: Chapter 4.

Moreover, Bill is also a crush of millions of young girls worldwide.

Finally, her youngest brother, Valter, entered the film industry in 2003. But, in addition, he has yet to play a significant role.

However, he made appearances in Don’t Click, Funhouse, Black Lake, Lords of Chaos, etc.

Eija also has two stepbrothers, Ossian, and Kolbjorn from her father’s second marriage. 

Moreover, her stepbrothers are still very young and were born in 2009 and 2012. In addition, Ossian is the elder brother among the two.

Eija Skarsgard: Personal Life

Eija was in a relationship with Zeke Tastas for a long time before the couple married in 2019.  

However, they posted the pictures from their marriage in 2019 and updated their status on Facebook.

Eija Skarsgard with Zeke Tastas
Eija Skarsgard with Zeke Tastas (source: instagram.com)

Zeke is known for his work as a creative director. In addition, he has worked in hundreds of TV commercials. 

In addition, he is also known for writing and filming the documentary of Swedish football legend Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Lately, Tastas started writing sci-fi, fantasy, and horror with his writing partner Moa Gammel.

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Eija Skarsgard: Net Worth

Skarsgard worked as a model in her early years and later became a nightclub manager.  From these professions, Eija has earned decent wealth.

Eija Skarsgard is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million.

Eija did not have to struggle from a young age and always lived a comfortable life. 

The critical role for her comfortable was her father, Stellan, who has a net worth of $50 million.

Similarly, all her brothers are also estimated to have a millionaire net worth. 

Alexander is at the top with $14 million, followed by Gustaf at $8 million. 

Furthermore, Bill and Sam have a similar net worth of $5 million. And finally, the youngest one, Valter, is estimated to be worth around $1.5 million.

Eija Skarsgard: Social Media 

Eija Skarsgard is a very active social media user. She is also considered to be an influencer by some.

She has a following of 15.8k followers on Instagram. Similarly, she has a personal account on Facebook for her friends and family.

On Instagram, Eija posts photos, including moments with her friends and family. This former model also posts a lot of pictures with her husband. 

Additionally, she has some posts related to events at the nightclub where she worked as a manager.

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Why did Eija Skarsgard not pursue an acting career?

In an interview, Eija revealed that she did not want to pursue acting as there are already enough members from her family in the industry.

Will Eija Skarsgard return to the modeling industry?

While quitting the modeling industry, Eija expressed negative comments towards the industry. 

Despite the comments, many expect her to return to modeling one day. 

However, it has been over ten years since she left the industry. Hence, it isn’t very sure that she will return to the modeling industry. 

What are some of Eija Skarsgard’s favorites from the film industry?

Eija’s favorite actor is Michael Nyqvist, and her favorite actress is Noomi Rapace. 

Similarly, her favorite TV series are Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

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