Sandi Morris

Sandi Morris: Pole Vaulting, Olympics & Net Worth

Sandi Morris is an American pole vault player who has set several records. She has represented the United States since a very young age. The athlete is also an Olympics and World champion.

Women in sports are prejudiced for being favored by luck. However, Sandi Morris has set many records to challenge such judgments.

Sandi Morris
The Track and Field athlete Sandi Morris is training for her competitions in the gym.

 Also, she participated in the Junior championships in 2011.

Undoubtedly, she has set records in the national and international track and field games.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Sandi Morris
Date of Birth July 8, 1992
Place of Birth Downers Grove, Illinois, United States
Current Residence Grenville, South Carolina, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Age [calculate_years datestring=”07/08/1992″] Years Old
Height 173 cm (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight 62 kgs (137 lbs)
Body type Athletic
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Horoscope Cancer
Birthstone Pearl
Lucky color Blue
Lucky number Nine
High school Greenville Senior High School
University University of Arkansas
Father’s name Harry Morris
Mother’s name Kerry Morris
Siblings Jami Smith
Spouse/Partner Tyrone Smith
Children None
Profession Olympic Athlete
Turned pro 2015
Years active 2011-present
Sport Track and Field
Team Nike
Coach Bryan Compton
Personal best 5.00 m (16ft 5 in)
Hobbies Filming and editing, singing and playing acoustic guitar and violin
Award and Medals Silver- Olympics, World Championship
Gold- World Indoor Championship
Affiliation Nike, Trackwired, Now, Hyperspace
Net Worth $150 million
Social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Pole Vault Merch Bungees, Shoes
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Sandi Morris: Early life

On July 8, 1992, the American athlete was born in Downers Grove, Illinois, U.S.A. Her parents raised Sandi in Greenville, South Carolina, United States.

Sandi has been a very hard-working and active person since her childhood. This dedication is what took her to the heights of her career.

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Sandi Morris: Height, Weight, and Ethnicity

The proficient athlete has a height of five feet and eight inches. Also, she weighs 137 lbs with a fit athletic body. 

She also has blue eyes and long blonde hair, which gave her a very charismatic appearance.

Sandi indeed has a beautiful body. Despite being an athlete that she can also make a career in modeling.

The pole vaulter holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Also, she is a Christian by religion.

Sandi Morris: Personal Life

Sandi was born into a very loving family. Her father’s name is Harry Morris, and he was also a pole vaulting athlete in his college.

And her mother’s name is Kerry Morris. She was a pentathlete. She was also a field and track coach in Greenville High School, where Sandi studied.

Sandi also has a sister whose name is Jeff Morris. Her parents wanted to coach for the sports. However, she refused, and they hired a coach to train her.

Moreover, she is married to Tyronne Smith.

Who is Tyronne Smith?

Tyronne Smith is a professional Bermudian athlete who excels in the long jump. He was born in Paget Parish, Bermuda, on August 7, 1984.

The [calculate_years datestring=”07/08/1992″] years old track and field athlete grew up in the Chicago suburb of North Chicago. There, he attended NCCHS and Novak-king middle school.

He was a member of the track and field team as well as the football team.

The athlete has competed in the 2008 world indoor games and also in the 2008 Olympics. Also, he competed in the 2010 Commonwealth games for Bermuda.

Additionally, he reached the finals of the 2012 Olympic games. Recently, the athlete was represented by Kallas Management.

The Marital Life

Tyronne and Sandi were dating for a long time before they finally tied the knot.

Consequently, Tyronne Smith’s relationship with Sandi Morris made headlines in August 2018.

Smith had surprised the athlete at her tack meet in Zurich. He also proposed to her after the race.

Sandi Morris
Sandi Morris with her husband, Tyronne Smith. The Olympiad couple took the picture while registering for their new house and posted it on their Instagram page.

Later in October 2019, the couple got married. They had a beach wedding in Key Largo, Florida. 

The couple had friends and family from different cultures and backgrounds. And Sandi and Tyronne invited all of them to the wedding. 

Also, they addressed in an interview that they had a fantastic time at their wedding.

Workout Routines

Sandi Morris is very serious about her warmups and workout routines. She often posts her workout videos on her Instagram posts.

She lifts weights two or three times a week. And she also mentions that one can be stronger, faster, and more efficient doing so.

The athlete does her warmups by performing alternating lateral lunges with a medicine ball.

She also performs a Romanian Stiff-leg deadlift, an overhead push-press, banded prayer Squat, Banded Fly, Banded Row, and alternating step-up Jump Lunge.

Furthermore, Sandi performs three rounds of the first six exercises for ten repetitions. And then two rounds of thirty seconds for the last exercises.

In her training videos, the athlete mentions these exercises in a precise way.

She also suggests taking a rest in between to get the right effect of the workout.

Sandi Morris: Educational Background

Sandi did her primary schooling from a public school in Illinois, in her hometown, where she was born.

She initially attended South Carolina High School. There, she won two state pole vault titles in 2009 and 2010.

Later, she transferred to Greenville Senior High School to excel in her professional career along with education.

In this high school, she was a record-setting pole vaulter and all-state volleyball player.

While in college, she also competed in track and field for two seasons at the University of North Carolina.

But later, she transferred to the University of Arkansas in 2013.

She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas. And she graduated from the university in 2015 with a degree in Broadcast journalism.

The athlete also had her college teams in her university. The team was named the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

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Sandi Morris: Career

The athlete’s professional career started from an early age. And the coach Jeff Hartwig trained her.

Since 2009, she began participating in National and international competitions.

In addition, the athlete became fifth in the 2009 USATF Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships.

Likewise, she became first in the 2010 USATF Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships.

Again in 2011, she participated in Pan American Junior Championships and won the silver medal. The event was held in Miramar.

She took part in NACAC under 23 championships in 2014. In the event held in Kamloops, she won the gold medal in Pole Vaulting.

Also, in 2015, the athlete was NCCA indoor pole vault champion and a semifinalist for the Bowerman Award.

In 2018, she participated in the NACAC championship that was held in Toronto. There also she won a silver medal and made a record.

Sandi has also made history in World Indoor championships. Initially, she participated in the Championship in 2016 event held in Portland. The athlete won a silver.

Followingly, in 2018, she again participated in the Championship that was held in Birmingham. She won a gold medal in that event.

To top all her records, Sandi has also participated in the World Championships of Pole Vaulting.

Awards and Medals

The athlete has several medals and awards to her name. Sandi has three silvers and one gold medal from winning the pole vaulting competition.

She started her journey of world championships with a 2017 event that was held in London. Additionally, she also won a silver medal in that competition.

Again, in 2019, Sandi competed in World Championships. In the competition, she won a silver medal representing the United States.

The proficient athlete has also participated in Olympic games. In the 2016 Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, she won a silver medal in Pole Vaulting.

Likewise, in the 2020 Olympics, Sandi took part in the 2020 U.S Olympic team trials. And she won a bronze medal for pole vault.

She had also participated in the 2020 USATF Indoor championships. There as well, she won a gold in the pole vault.

Sandi Morris: Social Media

The athlete is active on several social media platforms. She has accounts on various social media.

Sandi Morris has a verified Instagram account and has over 147k followers. It also has a link to her website.

Also, her Instagram bio says, “PUMA athlete. US  2x Champion, Medalistus. World Indoor Championships. 4x medalists. The 6x U.S. Animal Freak.” 

Similarly, the athlete is also a very active Twitter user.  She joined the platform in August 2009. Also, it is a verified Twitter account with over 24.5 K followers.

Also, the Twitter bio says, “2016 Olympic Silver. 2018 World Champion. 4X World Medalist. 6X U.S. Champion. Who said mud & Sparkle don’t mix?”.

Additionally, the proficient athlete also has a Facebook account. It is a professional Facebook page dedicated to her fan and followers.

Sandi Morris: Net Worth

Sandi Morris has an estimated net worth of $150 million.

The several championships in which she participated and made a victory has contributed to her total worth.

She recently bought a house with her husband, Tyronne Smith. The athlete posted a picture of her home on her Instagram account.

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Interesting facts about Sandi Morris

  • Sandi Morris had the support of the entire world and her husband Tyronne for the Toky Olympics 2020. Unfortunately, however, her husband couldn’t qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.
  • Tyronne had represented Bermuda in the Olympics three times as a long jumper in 2008, 2012, and 2016. 
  • The athlete’s husband was the Flagbearer for Bermuda during the Parade of Nations in the 2016 Summer Olympics. He competed for the long jump in the Olympics but couldn’t qualify for the finals.
  • Sandi is a massive fan of traveling. She often loves to spend her free time near water bodies. She also has a hobby of horse riding. 
Sandi Morris
Sandi Morris is riding a horse during a vacation trip. It is one of her favorite hobbies.
  • She is a great animal lover. She also pets different and unique animals, including flying squirrels, reptiles such as three snakes, and Italian greyhounds.
  • The athlete also has two lineolate parakeets, 15 geckos, a lizard, and a forty-gallon fish tank.
  • Sandi also loves to garden in her spare time, and it is also a form of mental distraction for her.
  • The athlete also built a vaulting pit in her parent’s yard in South Carolina in 2020. She had used this pit to practice her training session during the COVID-19 pandemic.


What poles does Sandi Morris use?

Sandi Morris uses a series of poles 4.60[15-1].

She recently changed her poles, and this subtle change is supposed to be beneficial for her performance.

How often has Sandi Morris participated in the Pole Vaulting in the Olympics?

Sandi Morris has participated twice in the Olympics. She participated in the events of 2016 and 2020. However, she got the medal for one time only.

How much do Olympians make?

Olympians make a considerable amount of money from their victory in the games.

For example, at the Tokyo Olympics of 2020, each American athlete with gold medals earned $37,500 for each, silver medalist made $22,500 for each, and bronze medalists received $15,000 for each.

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