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Elias Harger: Career, Fuller House & Net Worth

Elias Harger is an American actor who has mainly acted in TV commercials and stage productions.

He is also primarily known for his role as Max Fuller on the American Netflix series Fuller House. 

Elias Harger
Elias Harger sliming during Felix and Hidden Treasures premiere (source: Instagram.com)

Moreover, fans have seen Elias grow up in the show. Harger has also appeared in multiple TV series and TV specials.

As Harger is getting older, he is gaining more and more fame. 

This article looks into the Early Life, Career, Personal Life, and Net Worth of Elias Harger.

Quick Facts

Full Name Elias Harger
Famous as Max in Fuller House
Date of Birth October 22, 2007
Age [calculate_years datestring=”10/22/2007″] years old
Place of Birth Colorado, United States
Nationality American
Residence Denver, Colorado, USA
Ethnicity American
Religion Christianity
Education Spanish-immersion school
Profession Acting
Acting Debut 2014
Film Debut Popsy, 2014
Television Debut Fuller House, 2016
Hobbies Binge Watching, Chess, Playing Music
Mother Jeni Harger
Father N/A
Sister Colyse Harger
Brother Issac Harger
Marital Status Single
Height In feet: 5 feet 5 inches
In centimeters: 165 cm
Weight In kilograms: 32 kg
In pounds: 70 lbs
Zodiac Sign Libra
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Favorite Sport Football
Net Worth $250k – $300k
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Elias Harger: Appearance

Harger debuted at the age of five, and since then, he has been adored by many fans.

Elias is a young American boy with a lean body.  He stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall with a bodyweight of 70 lbs.  He has a charming smile and a gentle look.

Harger has brown eyes and black hair with full eyebrows. Moreover, his nose is of perfect size, neither broad nor slim.

In addition, his looks and appearance will also change in the coming years as he is still growing.

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Elias Harger: Early Years 

Elias is still only in his teen years. However, he is already a famous personality. 

Elias was born on October 22 in 2007, to her mother, Jeni Harger. However, details about his father are still unknown.

He grew up being the eldest in the family among three siblings. However, her sister acts as the elder.

He has been an extroverted child since his childhood. Moreover, his energetic personality can be seen in all of his interviews.

Additionally, he enjoys being a celebrity at such a young age and enjoys the spotlight.

Elias Harger: Career

Harger got into acting through the Denver theatre community at the age of five. 

He has performed numerous plays with the Denver theatre, such as “A Christman Carol” and “Shrek: The Musical.”

In addition, he did numerous commercials and stage productions before moving into the film and television industry.

He made his debut on screen through a short movie called Riviera in 2014. After his debut, he appeared in numerous short films.

In addition, he has worked on Neverland and Popsy in his debut year.

Similarly, he worked on two more shorts called Granny and Shoes in 2015.

Fuller House

Finally, in 2016, Harger landed his most significant role as the charming young boy, Max Fuller, in the Netflix show Fuller House

In addition, his personality in real life is very much similar to his portrayal of Max Fuller.

Max from Fuller House
Elias as Max in Fuller House (source: teenidols4you.com)

After landing the role, Harger starred in the show until 2020. Moreover, he is in 75 episodes of the series and gained a lot of fame through it.

Furthermore, he appeared in multiple TV shows while working on Fuller House for interviews and special events.

While working on Fuller House, he also appeared on three shorts and a movie. 

The three shorts were The Arrival, Information Superhighway, and Guardian Angel.

Additionally, he worked on the movie Dead Love where he portrayed the role of Young Brandon. The movie was released in 2018.

After Fuller House

After completing the Netflix series Fuller House, Harger has worked in another great movie in 2021.

To clarify, Elias Harger worked as the lead, Felix, in the English version of the 2021 animated movie Felix and the Hidden Treasure.

The movie got a decent rating of 5.8 on IMDb after its release. In addition, Harger was very excited to work in this movie.

After the animated movie, he revealed that he would take a break for a while from acting.

Elias Harger: Personal Life

Elias Harger is a very gentle extroverted person. In addition, this actor is known for his energetic persona on the set.

Elias is growing up with his two siblings, a brother, and a sister. 

In addition, his brother, Issac, is the youngest child in the family. He was born on August 21, 2012. 

Similarly, the middle child, Elias’s sister, Colyse Harger, was born on April 6, 2010. 

Despite being the middle child, Colyse acts as the eldest one and orders around her two brothers.

Elias with his siblings during Saint Patrick's Day.
Elias with his siblings during Saint Patrick’s Day (source: instagram.com)

Moreover, the siblings are at the age where they quarrel and fight a lot. However, in a recent interview, Harger revealed their relationship is getting better.

Additionally, Harger always wanted an older brother, which he got in Michael Campion from Fuller House.

The two of them are very close and often spend a lot of time together.

While working in Fuller House, he was schooled on the set as he did not have much time for school.

Talking about his hobbies, Elias enjoys swimming, skiing, playing the piano, and creating art.

Elias Harger: Net Worth

Elias is only in his teenage years. However, he has collected immense wealth for his age.

The estimated net worth of Elias Harger is about $350k to $400k.

However, Harger enjoys working in the entertainment industry more than the money. 

In addition, he has lived a comfortable life since his childhood which can be seen through his social media pages.

Moreover, Elias is already set to a great start in his career and only will grow higher from here on. Hence, his net worth will grow a lot in the future.

In conclusion, Harger lives a comfortable life and already has quite a net worth which will only grow.

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Social Media

Harger is active on Instagram and Twitter and has a very high following. Additionally, his social media are monitored by her mother.

On Instagram, he has a following of 629k followers. In addition, most of his posts are his pictures, while some are with his friends and family.

Elias with his mother
Elia with his mother on mother’s day (source: instagram.com)

Moreover, he also has posts related to Fuller House and his animated movie.

Similarly, on Twitter, he has 36.3K followers. On Twitter, he posts more about his acting career.

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Elias Harger: FAQs

Is Elias Harger working on any project as of now?

After portraying his role as Felix, Harger has decided to focus on his study for a while.

Moreover, he has a busy schedule with his school and language classes.  Hence, he is not working on any projects.

Are Elias Hagner’s siblings also actors?

Hagner’s youngest sibling, Issac, has appeared on the children’s famous show, Young Sheldon

Similarly, his sister, Colyse, has appeared in Neverland, Granny, and Vice.

Additionally, their social media pages also claim to be an actor.

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