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Who Is Brandon Stanley From Will Trent? Age Girlfriend And Net Worth

Fans are curious to know who Brandon Stanley from “Will Trent” is. Read on to find out who he is, his age, girlfriend, and net worth.

Brandon Stanley is an up-and-coming actor whose debut in Hollywood has been pretty strong.

He has played a pretty significant villain – LeapFrog in one of Marvel’s shows.

His recent rise to fame can be attributed to the show “Will Trent,” where he plays a supporting character named Warren.

“Will Trent” is a thriller-cop show airing on ABC. Its pilot episode aired on January 3, 2023, which was well received. It has a rating of 7.8 on IMDb.

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Meet Brandon Stanley From Will Trent

Brandon Stanley keeps his life very private. As such, there is little to no information about him.

However, from his Instagram posts, we assume he currently lives in Atalanta.

As for his family, he has a pretty big extended family. However, his parents remain unnamed.

Brandon Stanley Family
Brandon with his extended family on Thanksgiving. (Source: Instagram)

The actor has two siblings, a brother and a sister. The three siblings appear to share a very close bond.

Brandon has yet to reveal where he attended school or college. As mentioned before, the actor is very secretive about his private life.

However, he seems to endorse healthy living and mindfulness and is constantly posting on Instagram about its benefits.

He urges his followers to create healthy lifestyles for themselves, stating how much it has helped him.

But, regarding his professional life, the actor leaves nothing out. As of late, Brandon has shared more than ten clips of his auditions for various parts.

He appears to be a very talented actor.

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Brandon Stanley Age, Girlfriend, And Wikipedia

Since the actor is so secretive about his personal life, we are still determining when the actor was born. 

From his looks, the actor appears to be between twenty-five and thirty years old, but his age will be a source of speculation for many until he clarifies it.

The actor doesn’t have a girlfriend that we know of yet. But, many people in his steadily growing fanbase have expressed their best wishes for the actor to find a partner. 

It is possible that he is focusing solely on his career at the moment and isn’t interested in romantic relationships.

Brandon Stanley
Brandon on one of his professional photoshoots. (Source: Instagram)

However, given his secretive nature, we wouldn’t be surprised if he has a girlfriend and is choosing to keep her out of the limelight.

As for his Wikipedia page, the actor still needs to get one. However, he will probably get his own Wikipedia page once he gets his “big” break on screen.

What Is Brandon Stanley Net Worth In 2024?

Even though the actor’s net worth doesn’t have a definite value yet, we assume his net worth to be around $100,000.

Brandon Stanley has appeared in his fair share of TV shows, and all the shows have paid him quite well.

In addition to “Will Trent,” he has appeared in Marvel’s She-Hulk as Leapfrog and on shows like Naomi and Richard Jewell.

Though he did not play the main character in any of these, he had an appreciable screen time, and that is where his wealth comes from.

Brandon Stanley
Brandon as LeapFrog on She-Hulk. (Source: Instagram)

TV shows often pay roles like these a little above the minimum amount, around $4000 per week.

Brandon was possibly hired on these shows weekly rather than daily, thus lifting his net worth appreciably.

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