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Elodie Gossuin Karaoké Accident: Where Is Her Mari Bertrand Lacherie Now?

Elodie Gossuin, a former Miss France, narrowly escaped an accident a year ago. The celebrity made sure to let everyone know how close to a fatal injury she was. 

Her win at the Miss France competition in 2001 cemented her place as one of the most well-liked people in the entire nation. As she pursued other employment options throughout her life, her fame did not end there.

She is already married, and as of now, she is a mother to four of her kids. The French family lives a simple life in their home country. During the accident, Elodie almost suffered; she was with all her family members, which meant that she could have been very unlucky. 

Elodie Gossuin Karaoké Accident

Elodie Gossuin and Bertrand Lacherie pose for a photo during an event

(Source: Actual News)Élodie Gossuin was a part of a dangerous incident almost a year ago. As the former Miss France explained in a rant on her Instagram account, she and her family had gone for a peaceful walk in the woods when the accident happened.

As explained by her, during the morning venture of the Gossuin family in the woods, they encountered a herd of deer running remotely in their direction. The deer could have run over them, and the pack could have ruined their morning, but fortunately, that didn’t happen to pass. 

Moreover, she also revealed that the deer was running from a group of hunters with guns. And the herd ran in the direction of the family; there was a possibility of catching a stray bullet. 

By a series of good fortune, the family escaped the morning unharmed. But in her Instagram story, Elodie cursed the hunters for stealing the peace in the forest. She also added that they would be better off if everyone respected the laws of nature and left the animals without disturbing them. 

Thankfully the family survived that horrendous morning, and they continue to enjoy their life now. The whereabouts of the rest of the family are unknown, but we can regularly see the beauty pageant winner in the media.

Where Is Her Mari Bertrand Lacherie Now?

Élodie Gossuin is happily married to her Mari (husband) Bertrand Lacherie. The couple met each other long ago and have been married for some time.

According to her Wikipedia profile, the couple was married in 2006, five years after she won the Miss France competition. The pair have maintained a great relationship over the years, as seen by their frequent public appearances.

Elodie Gossuin and Bertrand Lacherie
Elodie Gossuin and Bertrand Lacherie pose for a photo during an event. (Source: Actual News)

The couple is parents to four children: Rose Lacherie, Léonard Lacherie, Jules Lacherie, and Joséphine Lacherie. The family of six’s current residence is unknown, but they can sometimes be seen making public appearances with the very famous Elodie. 

Élodie Gossuin Net Worth

Idolnetworth estimates Elodie’s impressive net worth to be about $7 million. She receives one of the highest salaries of any model in the field.

She started her profession in the early 200s and has been in the industry for over two decades. Most of those twenty years saw Elodie at the pinnacle of her profession. She consistently put in a lot of effort to improve herself.

The 41-year-old model from France is still the talk of many media outlets. She is involved in multiple photoshoots, showing her good looks and talents flaunting. She has been getting big jobs in the last few years, which proves that she is still young.

People who have followed her work for a long time want to see her keep up the highest performance levels. She must therefore consider those devoted followers as she selects her projects for the following years.

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