Sarah Disanto: Nate Parker, Controversy & Net Worth

Nate Parker is a famous name in the movie industry. So who is Nate Parker married to, you may ask- well, he is married to Sarah Disanto.

Although he is primarily an actor, he also worked as a director, singer, writer, and event producer.

Sarah Disanto is an American citizen who is a homemaker. She came into the limelight after marrying actor Nate Parker.

Sarah Disanto in person.

The couple met in college, and since then, their love story has continued.

Sarah is a true mother figure and has adopted the kid from Nate’s previous relationship. She believes in a beautifully blended family system and works hard to be a good parent figure.

This article will find all you need to know about Sarah Disanto’s life and her husband.

Quick Facts about Sarah Disanto

Here are some quick and easy facts, just if you did not know about the beautiful Sarah Disanto.

Full name Sarah Disanto
Date of birth Not Available
Age Not Available
Birthplace Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Penn State university
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Not Available
Height 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight 149 lbs
Nickname Sarah
Children Six Children
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 6 (U.K.)
Shoe size 56 Kilograms
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel Color
Net Worth Not Available
Siblings None
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Nate Parker
Profession Housewife
Current residence Virginia of United States
Social Media None
Last Update [current-month] [current-year]

Sarah Disanto: Early Life

Sarah Disanto was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America.

The homemaker has not revealed the exact date, but she looks like she is in her thirties.

Sarah was raised and brought up in Erie.

Her father’s and her mother’s name have not yet been revealed. Nor has she shared any details about their profession or their whereabouts.

Maybe she wants to keep her family away from any media attention.

From what it seems, Sarah is the only child of her parents. She has no siblings, and she got all the attention and care from her parents.

The single child often gets the best kind of nurturing.

We do not know where Sarah went to high school. But we can confirm that she has graduated from high school since she went to college.

After graduating from high school, the housewife went to the University of Pennsylvania State for further education.

There she studied arts, and she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in  2003.

Sarah has not revealed much about her childhood. But she seems to be the artistic type.

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Sarah Disanto: Physical Appearance

Sarah is very stunning in real life. She stands about five feet and seven inches tall. She weighs around 149 lbs.

Her exact body measurement is not available, but she has a toned body. Despite having four kids, she has maintained her body figure.

She has brown hair with hazel eyes. Her shoe size is 6 U.K. size.

Sarah Disanto: Personal Life

Sarah is an American citizen. When it comes to her religion, she is Christian and goes to church. Sarah’s ethnicity is white.

Sarah is a private person. Though she is supportive of her husband’s career, she is not a fan of all the media attention that comes with it.

Married Life

Nate Parker met the love of his life while traveling on the bus on January 23rd of, 1993. They both were studying at Penn State University at the time.

Nate Parker, who was just nineteen, did not chase after her since he was getting late for practice and decided to leave everything to fate.

Then the two became acquainted and started to get to know each other.

They had an immediate connection, and sparks were flying through the roof.

And then they were known as the college sweethearts.

Unfortunately, in the second year of college Nate Parker was accused of sexual harassment. And then, he had to transfer to the University of Oklahoma.

But this did not shake their relationship, and they stayed together despite being in different universities.

Sarah Disanto and Nate Parker together.

Sarah and Nate dated for a long time before tying the knot. They had broken up in 2005 but eventually found their way back to each other.

Above all, every relationship has ups and downs.

And when Nate Parker got on his knees to propose to Sarah, she did not hesitate to say yes.

So the wedding was in the planning, and they chose Frontier Park in Erie of Pennsylvania as their venue.

Then on August 10th, 2007, the couple exchanged their vows. It was an intimate and private wedding; Sarah and Nate invited only close family and friends.

Sarah and Nate have been married for over a decade now, and till now, there have been no rumors of an affair. Nor have there been any reports of conflicts.

It seems like the couple is pleased with their marital life.


After almost two decades, Sarah and Nate have a great relationship together. They have four children together.

Nate has a daughter from a previous relationship. But Sarah has no problem with that and adopted her step-daughter as her own. Nate and Sarah have also adopted his sister’s son as their own.

So together, they have six kids, and it is a big beautiful blended family. Sarah always wanted a big family and believed the more, the merrier.

Sarah is a good mother figure because she does not compromise their needs despite having many kids.

She makes sure that all the kids have equal attention and love. She nurtures the kid and cares a lot for them.

The couple has not revealed their children’s names to the media and wants them to have a private life. They believe that children deserve a normal childhood.

But despite their efforts, the media revealed the youngest child’s name was Justice Parker, born in 2016.

The couple is often seen at outings with their children. They love shopping and going to amusement parks together as a family.

As Nate’s career has progressed, he has a busier schedule, but he somehow manages time for his kids.

To him, his kids are a bigger priority than his job. He continues to be a loving and devoted father to all six children.

Sarah Disanto: Husband

Nate Parker is an American filmmaker and actor. He was born on November 18th, 1979, in Norfolk, Virginia.

Nate’s parents divorced when he was very young. His mother raised him along with his four younger siblings.

For high school education, the actor went to Church high land school.

Then after graduating from high school, he joined Penn State University, where he transferred to the University of Oklahoma. He wrestled when he was in college and got a scholarship for it.

While attending an event with a model friend, he was discovered by Jon Simmons. Jon Simmo encouraged him to try his hand at acting.

So in 2004, he moved to Los Angeles to work as an actor.

Sarah and Nate in a public event.

In  2006, he played the male lead role in Rome and jewel; new hip-hop takes on the classic Romeo and Juliet. After that, he got a small role in Pride.

Then the following year, he got his big break in the movie called The great debaters. He played the part of Henry Lowe alongside Denzel Washington.

The New York times congratulated him for his performance and pointed out that he was a star on the rise.

Nate is also known for his role in movies such as Blood Done, Sign My Name, The Unit, No-Stop, Arbitrage, etc.

But he is famous for his directorial role in the American- Caribbean movie called The Birth of a Nation.


Nate was accused of rape when he was a student at Penn State. However, the actor was acquitted in 2001.

The accusor died in 2012, but her brother came forward and said that she had committed suicide.

The actor-turned-producer was charged with rape, and his roommate, Jean Celestin, co-writer of The Birth of a Nation.

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Sarah Disanto: Controversy

Though Nate and Sarah have remained free of controversy most of their lives, they could not avoid it forever.

Nate was being slammed in the media for marrying a white woman.

It would not be such a big issue of a black man marrying a white woman, but it became an issue since Nate Parker is a strong activist for the black race.

Nate received a lot of backlash for his relationship. But Nate revolted against everyone proclaiming his love of Sarah and telling everyone else to deal with it.

Eventually, people came around and accepted their relationship after seeing Nate’s dedication towards Sarah.

And even though she is from a different race, she is still the love of his life.

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Sarah Disanto: Net Worth

Sarah is not currently working at any professional job but taking care of six children is a full-time job.

She is a housewife and manages the household.

Nate is the breadwinner in the family.

Nate has a successful career. The actor has made quite a good fortune from his job as an actor, director, writer, and singer.

Nate Parker’s net worth is of $4.5 million.

The family can easily live a comfortable life with his earnings without Sarah working. Instead, they live a quality life in their mansion in Virginia.

Sarah Disanto: Social Media

The celebrity wife is not active on any social media platforms.

Sarah Disanto: FAQs

Will Sarah Disanto join social media?

Sarah wants to keep her life private and will not join social media.

How many children does Sarah have with Nate?

Sarah gave birth to 5 of their children. Whereas, she happily accepted Nate’s child from his previous relation.

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