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Eric Lander Wife Lori Lander: Net Worth Details

Former Science Advisor of President Joe Biden, Eric Lander, credits his wife Lori Lander for all his accomplishments. 

Mr. Lander is an accomplished Mathematician and geneticist from the United States. He is also a biology professor at the world’s most reputed Universities, MIT and Harvard Medical School.

Likewise, he has also been the founder of 3 huge organizations; Verastem Oncology, Takeda Oncology, and Broad Institute.

Lately, he served as the “11th Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy” at the White House.

Eric’s contribution to American science and mathematics is uncountable. But the man has been in the headlines after resigned from his position in the White House as Biden’s Science Advisor.

Eric Lander
Eric Lander

Why did Eric resign? Let’s find out.

Also, please get to know Eric’s wife and his net worth details here.

Who is Eric Lander’s Wife, Lori Lander?

Eric Lander’s beloved wife, Lori Lander, is an artist and a community activist. 

The couple walked down the aisle in 1981 and happily married ever since.

Lori was born and raised in Florida and only moved to Cambridge after marrying Eric.

Mrs. Landers stated that she was inspired by museum arts in her childhood and wanted to become an artist. So, she earned a degree in Painting from Princeton University to pursue her dreams. 

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Her husband, Eric, was also a Princeton graduate, and we assume the couple met at campus and began dating shortly.

According to her website, her paintings are inspired by the places she traveled around the world.

Currently, Lori works on the Advisory Board of the Cambridge Arts Council, the Board of Directors of the Cambridge Community Foundation, and the Board of Trustees of Cambridge Health Alliance.

Likewise, she is the organization ‘Many Helping Hands 365.’ And she even hosts a monthly breakfast get-together to discuss current global issues.

To know Eric’s wife better, you may follow her on Twitter. There she is available as @landerlori.

His Net Worth Explored?

The 65 years old Mathematician and Geneticist has a net worth of $45million

However, as per his Wikipedia bio, this is his total asset in 2021. And his total earnings for 2022 are yet to be disclosed.

Lander has been awarded various prestigious awards, including the “Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences” in 2013, the “Harvey Prize in Human Health” in 2013, the “Albany Medical Centre Prize” in 2010, and many more.

He is also the author of a book, “Symmetric Designs: An Algebraic Approach.”

Nonetheless, Eric’s fortune will undoubtedly keep expanding as one of the 100 most influential people in 2004 and providing significant contributions to the history of science.

Eric Lander And Lori Lander’s Children

Mr. and Mrs. Lander are blessed with 3 children.

They have a daughter, Jessica Lander, and 2 sons, David Lander and Daniel Lander.

Eric Lander with his wife Lori Lander and Children
Eric Lander with his wife Lori Lander and Children

The Lander kids are adults now, leading individual lives of their own. But unlike the parents, the children prefer a low-key lifestyle. So, we are not sure what they do for a living.

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Why Did Eric Lander Resign?

Eric Lander resigned from his prestigious position of President’s Science Advisor and 11th Director of Science and Technology Policy on 18th February 2022.

According to CNN, the mathematician resigned after he was found guilty of breaking his work ethic. He was accused of harassing and demeaning his co-workers and staff at the White House.

Furthermore, the news also states that Mr. President didn’t ask Eric to resign; however, he left.

After his resignation, Mr. Lander clarified that he has a habit of pushing his co-workers to complete the targeted work, and sometimes he criticized them for that. But he accepted his mistake and apologized for crossing the limit.

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