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Actress Gaia Nanni Wikipedia Age – Family And Net worth

Gaia Nanni Wikipedia handle has yet to be released, but netizens have been interested in her Wiki details since she caused a stir.  

Nanni is an Italian actress who has recently been dragged into the controversy. The controversy arose after she commented on fellow actor Christian De Sica while criticizing some other characters from Cinepanettoni (a film aimed to release during the holiday season).

Now to know how and when it all began, remain with us.

Here we will not only talk about the controversy but also provide a brief detail on Gaia Nanni’s Wikipedia.

Is Gaia Nanni on Wikipedia? Her Age

Gaia Nanni Wikipedia bio is unavailable.

The actress’s age is 41 years old as of 2022.

Likewise, her precise birthdate is unknown; however, as per the website, she was born in the Italian city of Firenze.

Likewise, the actress does not feel comfortable about her life details and prefers a low-key life. So because of that, we are unknown about her parents and family.

However, we are confident that her family supported her career in the entertainment industry.

Also, Gaia studied acting at the Puccini Theater in Florence. And ever since, she has been successfully serving in theatres and films.

Gaia Nanni and Christian De Sica Controversy: What Happened?

The Italian actress’s controversy is making headlines on the internet.

According to a news portal, Gaia began her talk by explaining how she analyzes the characters who do not satisfy the classical stereotypes during her theatrical performances.

Further, she states, “I fish in the huge supermarket of dialects, human miseries, ages, social backgrounds, in a rich cultural anthropology that allows me to stay away from Mirandolina or Christian De Sica’s fourth lover on Christmas Holidays.”

As this statement was pretty mean, Christian felt the necessity to reply to her. Hence, the actor made an Instagram post with the screenshot of her message and said, “Gaia Nanni says that she shuns me and the Christmas holidays. ‘But who knows you, but who does Gaia Nanni want”. 

After the actor’s posts, it went viral, and his comments section filled with people supporting him. 

The matter got even more heated, and Gaia commented on Christain’s post, “Christian, allow me to introduce myself. After her post, I’m Gaia Nanni, the one who became the ‘Befana del maccchitesencula e redone of teeth.”

However, after the matter began to get worse, both sides’ fans requested them to delete their posts on Instagram.

The posts have been deleted now, and the matter is a bit cooler between the actors.

Is the Actress Dating? 

No, the Italian actress is not dating anyone.

However, we assume she is a married woman.

According to News Italy, the actress has 2 kids with her husband. But she appears to be a single mother as she mentioned that she has 2 children who grew up with her work. 

Also, as per her Instagram posts, both of her children are boys and appear to be no more than 8-12 years of age.

Apart from that, we are not sure who her husband is.

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Nanni Net Worth

The Italian actress’s net worth in 2022 must be massive.

She has worked in the Italian entertainment sector for almost a decade, especially in the theatre.

Gaia during one of her performance
Gaia during one of her performance (Source: Instagram)

Her official website states that she has worked with some famous directors likeFerzan Ozpetek, Gianfranco Pedullà, Claudio Morganti, Alessandro Riccio, Maurizio De Giovanni, Antonio Frazzi, Massimo Sgorbani.

Moreover, due to her excellent acting skills, she was awarded the “Best Actress Award” by UBU awards in 2013.

Likewise, in 2019, she was awarded the Renzo Montagnani Award for Cinema.

As of 2022, the actress served in an Italian comedy movie, “Il sesso degli Angeli.” The film was released in April 2022.

Meet Gaia Nanni on Instagram

Gaia Nanni is available on Instagram as @gaia_nanni_.

She joined the platform in 2018 and has 4.5k followers. Likewise, she has only posted 239 posts until now.

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