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Former NY1 Meteorologist Erick Adame Scandal: What Happened – Salary And Net Worth

Erick Adame scandal cost him his job. The New York City TV weatherman was removed from his job when an unknown person sent explicit images of an online video session to his boss and mother.

He has worked in broadcast journalism for more than 15 years, and not just in the field of meteorology. Likewise, Adame is a two-time Emmy nominee who has served as an NY1 meteorologist for about four years. 

Sadly, due to the incident of his leaking private picture, Erick has lost his job. To know more about what happened to him, go through this article.

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Former NY1 Meteorologist Erick Adame Scandal: What Happened?

Talented Broadcast News Longtime NY1 weatherman Erick Adame said he was let go by the news show due to his appearance on an adult webcam website.

He claimed that his private videos were sent to his mother and senior-level authority by an unknown person. This leakage has been an enormous assault and trouble for him as he is now jobless.

Moreover, he is searching for that unknown person who leaked the NSFW and ended his fame and career.

According to the Daily Beast, which broke the story, the 38-year-old meteorologist asked a Manhattan judge to order the website to reveal the person’s identity because he wanted to sue them but required their real name.

NYC weatherman Erick Adame shares his message through Instagram
NYC weatherman Erick Adame shares his message through Instagram [Source- Instagram]
After being fired and questioned by many, he stated on his Instagram that many people in the comment section were in his support, showing sorry for what happened.

In his social media post, Adame said that his therapist had stated that he exhibits “compulsive behavior.” The newscaster declared he would not dispute with detractors who called his antics “dumb” or “reckless.”

Erick Adame Salary And Net Worth 2022

Erick Adame has accumulated considerable earnings in his career, working as a meteorologist by trade for over half a decade. His net worth is estimated to be around 1 million dollars when losing his job.

Likewise, When NY1 News employed him at the time, his salary was $87,747 a month.

However, he has lost his job now, and his net worth is expected to decrease if he does not get another job.

Also, he is available on Instagram under the username @erickadameontv, where we can see him spending his lavish lifestyle before the scandal.

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Erick Adame Family Background

Erick Adame was born in Uptown, New York, in the United States, to a devoted father and mother who both share American nationality. He has one sibling who is a brother named James Matthews.

While scrolling through his feed, he shared numerous pictures about his early life and family members. He seems to be pleased spending time with them.

Moreover, not much detail has been mentioned about them as people know him more professionally than in his personal life.

While his scandal has been an enormous topic, and people are talking about his character and many more. He has mentioned that he is sorry for his family and friends and closed once.

Not only that, he is guilty about it because he explains that they must have expected good from him and not the worse, which can make them part of humiliated.

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