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Is Joshua Dobbs Autoimmune Disease Linked To Hair Loss; Cleveland Browns QB Health Update 2022

Robert Joshua Dobbs is a football quarterback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL); he was born on January 26, 1995, in America.

In the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected him out of Tennessee’s collegiate football program. Joshua supports individuals who suffer from hair loss with alopecia areata, which he has had since he was a little child.

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Steelers made excellent move bringing back QB Joshua Dobbs [Source- Still Curtain]
Steelers made an excellent move bringing back QB Joshua Dobbs [Source- Still Curtain]

Joshua Dobbs Hair Loss Cause

Joshua Dobbs was diagnosed with alopecia areata when he was in third grade. He has revealed that he was a little different than many people with alopecia.

When he woke up in the morning, he had a small bald spot on his head at age 10. His parents got worried for that reason, and he was soon referred to a dermatologist. They got to know that he had alopecia.

His dermatologist provided him with a topical cream to apply to his scalp, due to which his hair grew back.

During high school, his hair started becoming patchy again, and later when he was about to graduate school, his eyebrows and eyelashes started to fall off.

He used to get his cortisone shots weekly; to prevent his hair loss, but those started to become less effective daily. So after football season in his junior year, he decided to shave his head; from then, he has been bald.

Joshua Spreads Awareness About Alopecia Areata

In an interview with NIH MedlinePlus magazine, Joshua Dobbs discussed his own experience and efforts with the National Alopecia Areata Foundation to boost the confidence of individuals with the condition.

Dobbs had also helped spread awareness in a college football video and allowed TV cameras to follow him when he recently met a young fan.

Similarly, Joshua has been trolled in memes for not having hair lines, but he feels that people should be aware of what the victim goes through.

So, he actively participates when it concerns the individual with such a problem, provides help, and spreads awareness for the same.

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Joshua is suffering from hair loss due to alopecia areata [Source-]
Joshua is suffering from hair loss due to alopecia areata [Source-]

Joshua Dobbs Parents

Joshua Dobbs is the son of Stephanie and Robert Dobbs. He was born and reared in Alpharetta, Georgia.
Likewise, his father is a senior vice president for Wells Fargo bank, and his mother retired from United Parcel Service (UPS) as a regional manager in corporate human resources.

As per his statement, while sharing information about his illness, he also mentioned how supportive his parents were & motivated he was throughout.

He explained that his family has been amazing and has done the possible research so that they understand the condition in the best way. They always ensured that he got the best care and treatment for his recovery.

His most significant gift from them was teaching about having a positive mindset when dealing with adversity, whether on football ground or in any aspect of his life.

Moreover, he also revealed that his mother was battling an autoimmune disease & had to stay in a wheelchair & comparing her pain to more than his own.

He feels lucky to have a support system of family and friends that helps him feel comfortable in his skin and confident enough.

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