Erin Manning in recent years.

Erin Manning: Max Kellerman & Net Worth

While most people crave the media’s attention, some people prefer avoiding it at all costs. That is the story of the one and only Erin Manning. 

Who is Erin Manning, you may ask? Erin Manning is a lawyer by profession and is known for being the wife of TV personality Max Kellerman. 

The couple has been married to each other for more than three decades. Yet, Erin has rarely been spotted at any events or public shows in all that time. 

Erin Manning in recent years.
Erin Manning in recent years.

The duo has been high school sweethearts who have made it last all these years. 

While Max has been in front of the camera for most of his life, his wife works hard to advocate laws. The couple has been an inspiration to all. 

Erin is a force of nature in the court and in her home, where she has raised three children. 

In this article about Erin Manning, you will find all that there is to know about her.

Quick Facts

Let’s look at some quick and clear facts just in case you did not know about the talented Erin Manning.

Full name Erin Manning Kellerman
Date of birth Not Available
Age Not Available
Birthplace New York City, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Fordham university
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Not Available
Height 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight 68 kg
Spouse Max Kellerman
Children Three daughters
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Net Worth 6 million US$
Siblings Not Available
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Profession Lawyer
Current team Federal Defenders Inc.
Nickname Manning
Salary Not Available
Merch of Max Kellerman Signed Boxing Glove
Social Media Twitter
Debut Year Not Available

Erin Manning: Early Life

Erin Manning Kellerman has not revealed her exact birth date, but she is estimated to be in her forties now. 

Manning was born and raised in New York City. 

Her parents’ names have not been made public, neither has any information about their profession or whereabouts. 

Erin seems to be a single child. Evidently, it is safe to say that she grew up with all the affection and attention of her parents. 

For her high school education, she attended Hunter College High School. During her school days, she was known to be very good in academics. 

Not only academics, but she was also very straightforward and determined ever since her younger days. 

Then after graduating high school, she went to Fordham University for her bachelor’s degree. Four years later, she graduated with a degree in Law.

After passing her bar exam, Erin became a licensed lawyer and started practicing.

Erin Manning: Personal Life

Erin is an American citizen. However, she is of Christian faith and is caucasian in ethnicity when it comes to religious faith. 

She is a pretty private person and has not revealed any sort of information about her life. 

Erin is introverted and prefers her time on her own. But she is a dedicated mother and always makes sure her kids’ needs are met. 

Not everyone needs to share their every moment and movement on social media. And Erin just happens to be a firm believer in this. 

Erin has not been part of any controversy on her own and has maintained a good image in public. 

But she was mentioned in a controversy against her husband when he admitted to hitting her once during college. She did not comment on the matter, though.

She does not have an Instagram of her own and has never made an appearance in her husband’s account. Erin has truly become a person of mystery to many. 

Erin works at Federal Defender Inc. in New York City. And most of her career has been quaint and good. 

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Married Life

Most relationships that start in high school end by the time they are in college. But that is not the case for Erin. 

Erin met Max Kellerman in Hunter College High School in 1991. And the couple instantly fell in love. 

They started dating just within a few weeks and were known as high school sweethearts. Their connection seemed invincible.

Even after parting for different colleges, they did not give up on their relationship. 

So soon enough, Max decided she was the one for him and got on his knees to pop the question. And without a doubt in her mind, Erin said yes. 

The couple got married in 1994 in a private ceremony. Friends and family were there to bless the newlywed couple.

The couple has been blessed with three children, and all of them are girls. The daughter is named Esther, Sam, and Mira Kellerman. 

Sam is named after Max’s late brother, who was killed tragically in a murder. So the name is in his honor. 

Erin shared on Twitter that when she was in her first labor, Barack Obama was being elected as the President of the USA. She watched the whole program at the hospital.

Erin has been the biggest cheerleader and has supported him through the highs and lows of his career; not only that, but she has also been a great mother and handled her children very well.

The couple has found their work and life balance in the most perfect of ways. 

The couple seems to be happily married.

Erin Manning: Husband

Max Kellerman was born in August of 1973 in The Bronx and was raised in Greenwich Valley of New York, the United States of America.

His father’s and mother’s name are not known. But he had a younger sibling named Sam, who was murdered at the age of twenty-nine. 

For his education, he went to P.S. 41 in Greenwich Valley, then later to Hunter College High School. After graduating, he enrolled at Columbia University. 

He graduated in 1998 after four years of college.

Kellerman is Jewish in ancestry, and he also speaks Yiddish. 

In the Sports Illustrated interview, he stated that he has a scar near his mouth because he was playing around with an electrical outlet as a child.

Being from New York, Kellerman supports the New York Yankees and the New York Giants.

Ever since he was a kid, he was into sports and wanted to become a sports commentator. And he started off very soon as a teenager in the field.

Erin's husband Max Kellerman.
Erin’s husband, Max Kellerman.


Kellerman started his career as a teen in New York Public Access Television cable T.V. The show was named ‘Max on Boxing.’ But the show did not receive any success.

Then he was hired as an analyst by ESPN for Friday Night Fights. By 2002 he had his own show named ‘Around the Horn’ on ESPN. 

Because of some dispute, Max left ESPN in 2004 and joined the FOX Network News for his show called ‘I, Max.’

Then he was featured on the segment of the show called ‘Tucker’ on MSNBC in 2005.

By 2006 he was back to ESPN hosting for the show ‘WEPN.’ 

After that, he moved to HBO in 2008 for ‘Boxing after Dark’ and later moved to HBO World Championship Boxing.

In 2010 he joined the team of CNN. 

The highlight of his career came when he covered Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao for HBO. 

In 2016 he replaced the host for the show ‘First Take’ on ESPN.

Currently, he is hosting ‘This Just In With Max Kellerman’ on ESPN.

Max also has some acting credit with his role in the movie ‘Rocky Balboa‘ in 2006. Max also made an appearance in the movie ‘Creed‘ in 2015.

He also appeared in the ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood.’

Erin Manning: Net Worth

The exact net worth of Erin Manning is unknown since she does not work in the media industry. 

erin manning and max kellerman have a net worth of 6 million us dollars.

Max has been the face of many sports channels, so he obviously brings in a lot of money home. He has an income of one million dollars in a year.

Whatever is owned by one spouse becomes the property of the other too. So, Erin is also a millionaire. 

But the couple is not about flexing their wealth but rather enjoying a quiet life. 

It can be safely assumed that the couple lives a very comfortable life because of their earnings.

Erin Manning: Physical Appearance 

Erin is five feet and six inches tall when it comes to height. She weighs somewhere around 68 kgs. 

Despite being a mother of three, she has maintained a good figure. This is because of her workout regime and healthy diet. 

Her exact body measurements have not been mentioned. Unfortunately, neither has any information on her shoe size. 

She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She has a fair skin complexion. 

Erin does not have any visible tattoos and has to pierce in her ears.

Erin Manning: Social Media

When it comes to social media, Erin is only active on Twitter. Maybe it is because of the fact she wants to voice out her public opinions. 

Erin’s Twitter account is not verified and has 557 followers. She loves sharing about the political parties and social issues that she follows.

While her husband has a verified account and amassed over 680 thousand followers on Twitter, his Instagram account is also verified with over 236 thousand followers.

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Is Erin Manning related to Peter Manning?

No, Erin Manning is not related to Peter Manning.

Does Erin Manning smoke?

No, Erin Manning does not smoke.

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