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Ethan Blair Miller Parents And Family: Oregon Shooting Update

Authorities have named the shooter Ethan Blair Miller, who opened fire on a Safeway grocery store in Bend, Oregon, on Sunday evening, killing two people.

The insane mass murderer who killed two men in an Oregon grocery store seems to have penned a terrifying internet manifesto boasting about his plans to inflict a “national disaster”; he had initially planned a school massacre “inspired” by Columbine.

Who are Ethan Blair Miller’s Parents And Family?

Ethan Blair was the shooter that took the life of two innocent people in Oregon; his parents are Troy Tucker and Gail Drove, as per the article published by Heavy.

From the images available online, we believe that the family belongs to the white ethnicity and all the members in the family are of American Nationality.

His mother, Gail, is believed to have been working at a Safeway store located in Oregon as a personal Coordinator of the store. At the same time, his father’s profession, Troy Tucker, is unknown at the time of writing this article.

She used to be active on Facebook and had posted, “Sometimes in life; we have to make decisions that don’t seem fair or aren’t the easiest to make,” a day before the shooting.

These choices may be the right ones and ones that make or break a person. She didn’t specify to what she was referring, and the posts are no longer viewable because she has since closed down her Facebook page.

There hasn’t been much information about the shooter’s family so far at the time of writing this article, as Blair, before this shooting, was an unknown figure to everyone.

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Oregon Shooting Update

Mass shooting has been a big problem in the U.S.A. for a long time now, and such tragedy once again reoccurred in Oregon when a man Shot two men dead in cold blood.

Police identified Ethan Blair Miller, who was 20 years of age, as the shooter who opened fire inside the Safeway in Bend late on Sunday, killing an 84-year-old customer and a brave 66-year-old team member in the process.

Miller, who had bombs and weapons in his car, an AR-15 and a shotgun, shot himself before officers could apprehend him, according to the police. Although he had no known criminal history and the police said they had no prior interaction with him, he had previously worked at the store.

However, officials disclosed that they looked into unsettling information “posted on social media or other venues” before the incident.

Ethan Miller rant on his journal posted online
Ethan Miller’s rant in his journal was posted online(Source:

Later, it was discovered that the shooter had spent two months writing “The Downward Spiral Of ‘Ethan Miller,” a manifesto that has since been deleted from his website.

He cited the loneliness of COVID-19 lockdowns, arguments with his family, and his unhappiness at not being able to find a girlfriend in his outbursts.

He has praised previous mass shooters in his journals and called them his inspiration; in his last rant, he wrote, “Yes, Columbine played a role in this. The case has long piqued my curiosity and served as the basis and a large portion of the inspiration for Doomsday.

 He added, “On some level, I identify with Eric and Dylan. They shared my characteristics. Good young guys are “F—ED by Society.”

Nevertheless, he asserted in a later posting that “I’m not like the average mass shooter; I’m different, and I’m not doing this for “Fame” or to “Get Revenge.” On my way out, I simply want to DIE and LEAVE A LASTING IMPACT AND A VIOLENT MARK ON THIS WORLD,” he said.

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He claimed that he had every intention of doing a school shooting on September 8 until he lost patience.

He stated on Saturday that “The Rage has gotten overwhelming, and It can’t wait 2 More Weeks.” Sunday, August 28, 2022, tomorrow. Doomsday.”

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